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QLD Colts 2021

Discussion in 'Club Rugby' started by RugbyReg, Dec 30, 2020.

  1. Graham Welsh Frank Row (1)

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    Bond University v Norths (Bond Uni)
    Easts v Sunnybank (Wilson Field)
    GPS v Souths (Ashgrove)
    University v Brothers (Uni)

    I have the following tips for round 1, no knowledge of current teams but am sure there will be a lot of player movement in each club as teams are selected.

    Bond will be too strong at home against Norths, but this will not be an easy match. Great to hear Norths have a competitive team but will need depth to last the whole season.
    Easts over Sunnybank by 15+, Easts are strong and fit in the back row and will play the full 70 minutes
    First upset of the year- GPS to start the 2021 season with a win over Souths
    Grand Final rematch- Brothers in trials have looked strong and may get the win over UQ who are building a strong Colts team but need more games.
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  2. Sage Too Ted Fahey (11)

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    Yeah have to agree with the jeeps side comments; very competitive against a mistake ridden performance by brothers.

    So Bond, Easts (at home advantage), GPS & Brothers (hold the ball n win!).
  3. Lion Ted Fahey (11)

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    Does any one have any knowledge of the Souths squad. I havent heard much except they have Andrew Romano.
    I doubt UQ will be as competitive as they have been for the last few years. Like Brothers a large portion of boys have moved up to grades.

    I beleive the squads that have a large contingent of 3rd year Colts will be more succesful through the season.
    U20s is a much bigger step up than the U19 colts comp of previous years. The Physical differnce of a 19/20 year old to a 17/18 year old can be significant. It is also the ability to play and train at a high level of intensity that 3rd years players bring to the squad. I would also suggest that last year teams played more of a strategic game, with more emphasis on set piece than the previous years, perhaps a sign of maturity.
  4. The Nomad Trevor Allan (34)

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    Wouldn’t place too much emphasis on who played where for UQ during trials. Quite a few of their regular Prems weren’t available during trials and as a result quite a few Colts players were up in Reggies/Prems.

    Similarly with the emphasis on how many 20 year olds you have in Colts , the better ones will be pressing to play grades .
  5. D'Lite Full Chris McKivat (8)

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    Refer to the QLD Premier Rugby thread for info on Colts. Courier Mail article says leading lights are Andrew Romano, Mone Ma'afu, John Bryant and Eamon McCoola.

    They might not challenge for the premiership but sounds like they've got some of the best surnames running around.
  6. Dean Moriarty Larry Dwyer (12)

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    Souths figure to be pretty good and might have one of the best set pieces with Angus Sawtell at the centre of it at 2. Saipele (IGS 2019) will add some muscle upfront along with a kid from Rockhampton Grammar (name ?)

    The real exciting news I am hearing is Keegan Cobb at 7. I think if memory serves he was at Downlands a few years ago . He will partner Rookie John Bryant at 8 and another 20 year old , Tau Tuisamoa at 6.

    There are big wraps on the Canberra kid Macool who is a bigger more powerful type 9 and after missing most of last year with injury TGS’s Baxter Franey (2019) figures to man the 10 spot with Mone Maafu (GT 2018 via BBC ) the focal point of strike in their backline at 13

    On paper they have enough to be in the Final 4 - and I believe mainly driven by their set piece which will be up there as one of the better ones going around
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  7. drewprint Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    Bryant was SLC First XV captain last year and was phenomenal. Always a big jump up from schoolboys though.
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  8. Lion Ted Fahey (11)

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    Tau Tuisamoa - Thats a name i havent heard for a while, he can be devastating either side of the ball.
    What happened to his brother Grant?
  9. Ruck n Maul Stan Wickham (3)

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    Some exciting match ups for round 1. The Torkington/Daley Cup is always a good day. I'm unashamedly tipping our boys to pip the magpies in colts 1. Torko is doing a great job back at Yoku. Some really promising signs against Brothers, who I'm tipping will struggle against UQ in a tight contest.

    I'm bravely tipping Norths to upset Bond, I'm told they put Souths to the sword, especially at set piece time albeit in a trial game. Some may laugh, but I'm now hearing some Brothers and Easts players are jumping ship there as they've heard the set up is quite good.

    Easts should be right over Sunnybank, they've got a group that's mostly 20 year olds as do Wests, who look like they'll challenge for one of the bigger packs in the competition.

    Can't wait to have multiple screens going on the Stan app at Yoku tomorrow.
  10. Dean Moriarty Larry Dwyer (12)

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    Am hearing that Meli Dreu (IGS 18 ) is at Easts (was at Souths) and if correct this will help bolster the inside backs with Connor Claridge supposedly back with League.

    This gives Easts guys like James Durheim ( BBC 19) upfront with Sam Finnochiarro (Iona 18) Jacob Blyton (BBC 19) making his long awaited debut at lock having missed all of last season with injury ) and James Livingstone (Villanova 19) heading up the back row at 8

    Dreu will have support from BSHS S Francis Pona (18) in the midfield

    When looking at Easts ...I hope for their sake that Villanova’s Hamish Muir (19) has decided to play Rugby and not League. Obviously a kid like Marist / Jeeps Floyd Aubrey dominated the AIC discussion last year as backs in the up to watch - but Hamish Muir is there or thereabouts in that Mac Grealy mould .
  11. Dean Moriarty Larry Dwyer (12)

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    I agree with you R and M. Take Norths casually at your peril. I really like their Coaching personnel in particular and think that they have the right track record to be dealing (developmentally) with young players. Good luck to Norths this season.
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  12. D'Lite Full Chris McKivat (8)

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    R&M, There seems to be a lot of good halves in the competition. Any half backs jumping ship to get a Colts 1 start?
  13. The Whisperer Chris McKivat (8)

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    I for one would love to see the return of the Super Rugby U20s. I think Queensland would again have a very impressive side if it were selected today. This is who I would have. Would love to see who else is out there that I am missing, especially in the fly half department.

    1. George Blake (Bond)
    2. Zac Crothers (Easts)
    3. Zane Nongoor (Bond)
    4. Wilson Blyth (Bond)
    5. Lopeti Faifua (Wests)
    6. Keynan Tauakipulu (Wests)
    7. Will Roach (University)
    8. Titi Nofoagatotoa (Brothers)
    9. Kalani Thomas (University)
    11. Hamish Roberts (Bond)
    12. Lukas Ripley (University)
    13. Josh Flook (Brothers)
    14. Dion Samuela (Bond)
    15. Mac Grealy (University)
    16. Jake Tierney (University)
    17. Harry Vella (Brothers)
    18. Brad Kuhn (Norths)
    19. George Gibson (University)
    20. John Bryant (Souths)
    21. Cullin Cooper-Jones (GPS)
    22. Jasper Mellish (University)
    23. Floyd Aubrey (GPS)
    Andrew Romano (Souths)
    Angus Sawtell (Souths)
    Tim Fainga'anuku (Brothers)
    Finn Hearn (University)
    Michael Van Der Schyff (University)
    Francis Pona (Easts)
    Taine Riori (Wests)
    Christian Krause (Wests)
    Okaw Obonno (Norths)
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  14. D'Lite Full Chris McKivat (8)

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    There will be some under 20 matches in 2021.
    Meli Dreu from Easts might be a chance at 10. Jake Pappin is playing 2nd grade for Brothers and would also be in that squad.
    Not sure if I would have 4 fullbacks in my squad even though they're all great players.
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  15. The Nomad Trevor Allan (34)

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    Jake Pappin for the 10 spot .

    He carved up playing there in the Colts 1 GF last year and was starting 10 for the Reds’ U18 Academy side in 2019 in both games they played.
  16. Lion Ted Fahey (11)

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  17. Dean Moriarty Larry Dwyer (12)

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    ^Geez Luke Romano has had a fall from grace from an All Black to a Black and White Colts 1 player and getting towelled up to boot (apparently)
  18. Oldschool Johnnie Wallace (23)

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  19. Tbone Herbert Moran (7)

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    Thought the prop against Romano would have been Darcy Hammond, MCA 1st XV last year, as he is at least 194cm but the lineups have them both at LHP. Kicking myself I got there too late to see the colts 1 game so could have clarified this, plus to have the pleasure of watching Floyd run around again. Program has the GPS THP as "name witheld". Anyone know who the GPS THP was?

    Darcy would be around 100Kg anyway. Impressive specimen, will be a weapon once he gets up in the 110kg+ range.
  20. Galloper Darby Loudon (17)

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    Darcy Hammond, who might not be 18 yet, has the ability to develop into an Andrew Sheridan type LHP. He’s unusually tall but strong and aggressive and an awkward match up for most young THP’s.

    Hopefully the performance last week v Souths is a sign of a renaissance for the GPS Colts program, won’t take long to find out.

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