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QLD GPS Rugby 2017

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by Hilltop View, Sep 11, 2016.

  1. The Queen ;) Stan Wickham (3)

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    Can someone please reply to these categories?
    Highest try scorer:
    Highest points by a player:
    Most turnovers:
    Best attack player:
    Best defensive player:
    Most underrated player:
    Single biggest hit:
    Single biggest run:
    Overall best back for 2017:
    Overall best forward for 2017:
  2. SOSJBW Peter Burge (5)

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    most turnovers is hayden moseley with 28 i think? and I'd also give him most underrated
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  3. Garry Owens Alan Cameron (40)

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    That's very gracious of you Bluey

    Beyond just an A's love fest I would like to point out :

    1. An undefeated season for the 15D's
    2. 2nd place for 15C
    3. 3rd place for 15B
    4. An F team in the age group ...probably the first time in the history of BBC Rugby where an F team was formed.

    There are at least half the B's team that are more than capable of playing A Rugby and same down the line re C to B and D to C

    This didn't just miraculously happen in 1 x season ....the seeds of this , in not only this age group , but others were planted 2 to 3 years ago. It takes a lot of work from a lot of good people

    Top line talent is awesome to have, and we all know you don't win without it , but you also don't win without depth and participation - from which comes culture (which Nudgee knows well)
  4. Will Smith Peter Burge (5)

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    Where's that IGS 11?
  5. Gungenia Watty Friend (18)

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    -Highest Try scorer -Jack Bowyer got 11
    -Biggest hit-Rhys V on Wilson on weekend but was penalised as "over vigorous".
    -Sorest losers-GT 14 A parents(even when it is 30 point loss and other team has 14 boys for a half) .
    - Gracious losers=NC
    -Best back BSHS 15
    -Best Forward=BBC 2
  6. Gregory Den Bob McCowan (2)

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    Rhys V hit was on GT hooker and was penalised for a high tackle.
  7. Gungenia Watty Friend (18)

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    Not that tackle - the later one / " no effort to use the arms ". Said Ref
  8. SOSJBW Peter Burge (5)

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    Bennet started on the wing and only moved to fullback because of injury so you could put him on the wing
  9. TheRugbyGod Stan Wickham (3)

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    1. Egan Siggs (TGS)
    2. Rhys Van Nek (BBC)
    3. Emile Tuimavave (BGS)
    4. Harry Wilson (GT)
    5. Trevor Hosea (BBC)
    6. Cam Howard (GT)
    7. Thomas Kibble (BBC)
    8. TGS Number 8 (headgear)
    9. Phoenix Hunt (NC)
    10. Campbell Parata (TSS)
    11. Villiami Lea (IGS)
    12. Noah Lolesio (TSS)
    13. ??
    14. Hamiso Tabuai (BGS)
    15. Jordan Petaia (BSHS)
  10. Taipan Chris McKivat (8)

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    #8 Joseph Faulalo(IGS)
    #6 Hayden Moseley(NC)
    #13 Tristan Stanghon(ACGS)

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  11. Taipan168 Syd Malcolm (24)

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    Sorry, changed my mind #8 Reno Gerrard(TSS)
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  12. Countryjack Jimmy Flynn (14)

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  13. Nightstalker Bob McCowan (2)

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    Didnt they just send 2 number 13s to the Australian team?
  14. TheKing Colin Windon (37)

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    I've got my team finished, just constructing a little video to showcase it.

    It was a tough year to select. Some positions, like wing, hooker and #13, had very little depth despite those being among the most well-stocked in previous seasons.

    Though I hate to do it, I've picked a few guys out of position to make sure the Team of the Season rewards the most excellent players as possible.
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  15. Dark Shark Alex Ross (28)

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    After seeing every team play at least once this season and most teams another four or five times on the DoubleTake televised games (except BGS and TGS), the following is, in my opinion, the form team of the season.

    I thought that some of the big names lost form, made too many mistakes and or were not consistent enough across the whole season to make my selection. Players like Small (NC) and Ngamanu (BBC) were not playing in their usual positions and while playing very well probably struggled to have the same impact in their new positions as they would have in their regular position. Soli (NC) played about five minutes of the season.

    Some players from TSS were unlucky not to be picked as I did not want the team to be too TSS centric. In other cases, when I thought it was close between two players, I relied on my thoughts of the head to head battle between the contesting players. As one or two have mentioned, I probably struggled the most with selecting an Out Centre. In my mind, there were no absolute stand outs this year in that position.

    So here goes my GPS TEAM OF THE SEASON.

    1 Egan Siggs (TSS)
    2 Tyrell Kopua (TSS)
    3 Rhys Van Nek (BBC)
    4 Tom Van Der Schyff (TSS)
    5 Trevor Hosea (BBC)
    6 Ethan Bullemor (NC)
    7 Cam Howard (GT)
    8 Joe Faulalo (IGS)
    9 Will Kirk (GT)
    10 Campbell Parata (TSS)
    11 Villami Lea (IGS)
    12 Noah Lolesio (TSS)
    13 Dennis Waight (BGS)
    14 Jangala Bennett (NC)
    15 Jordan Petaia (BSHS)
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  16. Garry Owens Alan Cameron (40)

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    1. Siggs
    2. Van Nek
    3. Tuimavave
    4. Wilson
    5. Hosea
    6. Kibble
    7. Moseley
    8. Gerard

    9. Hunt
    10. Parata
    11. Lea
    12. Loleiso
    13. Petaia
    14. Bennett
    15. Hamiso
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  17. MrFootyLegend123 Stan Wickham (3)

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    1. Siggs (TSS)
    2. Van Nek (BBC)
    3. Tuimavave (BGS)
    4. Van Der Schyff (TSS)
    5. Horsea (BBC)
    6. Bullemor (NC)
    7. Kibble (BBC)
    8. Gerard (TSS)
    9. Hunt (NC)
    10. Parata (TSS)
    11. Lea (IGS)
    12. Loleiso (TSS)
    13. Waight (BGS)
    14. Bennett (NC)
    15. Tabui (BGS)
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  18. Gungenia Watty Friend (18)

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    Congrats to Tom Banks BBC 2013 on being named a Wallaby
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  19. Dark Shark Alex Ross (28)

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    It might just be age or too many head knocks and a little bit pedantic but didn't Banks do Senior 2012?
  20. Gungenia Watty Friend (18)

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    You are correct.That was the the year Banks (Qld 1) Fakolosila (Aussie Schools) and Quick (Qld1 ) played a total of 3- 1st xv matches between them.
    Good to see things have improved (not):(
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