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QLD GPS Rugby 2019

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by terry from Townsville, Nov 16, 2018.

  1. Garry Owens Alan Cameron (40)

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    Well done to Terrace and Churchie on their wins over the weekend

    Especially pleased for the TGS boys getting up at home

    Good stuff
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  2. Patriot Banned

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    Good theory
    Doesn’t actually happen in reality, leeway and excuses are always allowed and given for the best players. The 23rd player in the squad is always expendable.
  3. Dean Moriarty Sydney Middleton (9)

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    Tell that to the All Blacks. They seem to go alright in applying the theory. Even won a World Cup in 2011 with their 3rd choice Five Eighth, Stephen Donald, kicking the winning penalty shot in the Final.

    Everyone wants to emulate the All Blacks and talk a lot of shit about sweeping the sheds and no dickhead policies as the cornerstones of what they are trying to reproduce. But a lot who try are piss ant pop psychologists who are unqualified and unworthy as they don't have the inner capability to achieve what they are dressed up for in their game of pretence. And they eventually get found out.
  4. Lute Chris McKivat (8)

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    You could say the tone was set at preseason camp,the first squad was invited around to a players house for a BBQ,.the other half dozen of the senior squad were handed $20 and told to go whistle for dinner .
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  5. The Engine Room Allen Oxlade (6)

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    On to more important things...which school is dishing up the best steak/hamburgers this season? I know it's early for this MasterChef round but I thought I would steer the conversations away from the perennial BBC bleating to something of more substance and interest to all.

    For mine, Churchie remains a standout. They have even extended to menu to also having a chicken burger. Service could be a little quicker but I put that down to demand.

    GT are trying hard but their canteen logistics are loose and the end product is only OK.

    TGS is a strong performer but with the drought, this might change, so get in quick while the Wagyu still wags its tail.

    I was hopeful for BGS with their new set up but was sadly disappointed.

    Over to you Judges.
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  6. Les Patterson Allen Oxlade (6)

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    When TGS were up 12-10 and running from the West to the East they had 2 tries scored in the main school corner of Old Boys' Oval, and, unlike BBC's problem with conversions, the TGS kicker nailed both of them from the sideline to add 14 points. Good stuff indeed. Looking forward to the BBC game this weekend on Old Boys'. Will turn up early for the 2nds. TGS have lost once this year 12-7 to Nudgee.
  7. Aussie Luke Chris McKivat (8)

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    Someone needs to get a message to the coach at BBC.no kicker on Ross.no chance of the Premiership. I think BBC have the goods in the forwards and the backs to beat Nudgee. It will be very close. Pasatoa will put on between 9 and 15 on the boot and so the BBC kicker will need to get close to this on the boot. I have no doubt it will be very close on tries, possibly slightly positive for BBC in this area. No kicker = No Premiership. Perhaps print up a bumber sticker and put it on his bumper so he gets the message.
    As for TSS, it is unlikely they will lose to Terrace or Ippy, but it is still possible, particularly with Ippy due to put in one good performance.
  8. Roberts Rugby Dave Cowper (27)

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    Nudgee have found their way. Match up for player verse player, Nudgee come out in front. If we take Gibson out of play then our chances double. Our front row forwards are stronger and our backs are more elusive and don’t make the mistakes that BBC do. Set piece is a no brainer. If Reesjan is on then the backs will follow suit.
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  9. Garry Owens Alan Cameron (40)

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    I put this to the forum after R1 but no real replies other than the Terrace faithful - who claimed best in show

    I agree with them

    But I agree with you too good sir - their logistics / delivery needs work
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  10. Will Jackson Bob McCowan (2)

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    Under 14 comp is going to be a close end on top
    Churchie- 4 win, 1 draw, 0 loss
    Ippy- 5 win, 1 loss
    Nudgee- 4 win, 1 loss
    BBC- 3 win, 1 draw, 1 loss
    will be interesting to see with Nudgee vs Churchie to possibly be grand final as last game of season to basically decide premiers.
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  11. Helix Frank Row (1)

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    The 16A comp will be close too. With Nudgee, TSS and IGS all losing 1 game each. IGS beat NC, NC beat TSS so will be good to see how they go over the next couple of weeks
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  12. The Engine Room Allen Oxlade (6)

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    I should also add that Churchie do the best coffee via their own barista team, not the drive-by divvie vans. The Hot Chips this year were also a special.

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  13. Roberts Rugby Dave Cowper (27)

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    Follow the Australian Schoolboys / U18 2019 thread for input.

    Suggestions for the Australian Under 18 2019 team?
    1. Zane Nongor
    3. Harry Vella*
    7. William Roach* (selected but didn’t play due to injury)
    8. George Gibson
    10. Carter Gordon*
    12. Reesjan Pasitoa*
    13. JoJo Fifita / Mayson Hill
    14. Josh Flook
    15. John Connolly*

  14. D'Lite Full Herbert Moran (7)

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    RR, I would think the following will be in contention :

    3 - TSS prop (out scrummaged and outplayed the Nudgee boy in R1 GPS game)
    8 - Brial from Scots (NSW) or Bokenham (NSW)
    10 - Jude Gibbs (NSW)
    12 & 13 - Chan and O'Brien (NSW)

    Flook, Pasitoa and Roach all shoe ins for squad. Gordon will be there too of course but plenty of 10 competition.
    JoJo and Gibson next year.
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  15. Roberts Rugby Dave Cowper (27)

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    Agree. Nongor was the opposing 3 prop. I have slotted him in 1. Brial is a shoe in at 8. Gordon is playing for QLD Country in NRC so not sure if Australian honours take precedent. Jude Gibson was unlucky not to make a team last year and will be included in the team. 10 if Gordon plays out the NRC season. I don’t know a lot about Chan and O’Brien. Is Chan contracted to Waratahs?
    Gibson would be unlucky to miss out, and JoJo will be better equipped for next year.
    John Connolly played outstanding last year and I believe he is still eligible.
    9 is the tricky one. There is a kid from Victoria but his name escapes me.
  16. The Nomad Ron Walden (29)

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    Agree also , Blake the #1 from TSS has been in outstanding form, in saying that though both Vella and big Zane have had injury issues this season and probably haven't been at their best. One thing you need to consider with Vella is the amount of work he does around the field , may not have quite the same impact , but his work in general play is outstanding. Can't see Vella or Zane missing out if fit after being there last year ( Zane was in Baa-baas ).

    John Downs would be the other prop in consideration. He made the squad last year , didn't play because of injury. Has been playing Colts1 and 2nd grade at GPS and would IMO be the strongest scrumager out of all of them.

    Zac Crothers would be a chance at #2, has had a great club season and played Baa-Baas last year.

    Would doubt if Carter would be considered , the NRC runs well past the NZ tour dates, Qld Country have a game on the same day as scheduled U18 test NZ v Aust. Guess that would mean Pasitoa at 10, if Carter plays then Pasitoa to 12.

    9 will be between Kalani Thomas and the 9 from NSW who's name escapes me , he was the reserve 9 for NSW1 last year and the starting 9 for NSW1 U16's the year before, pretty sure he was the starting 9 for NSW 1 this year at Riverview as well.

    EDIT : his name is Lachlan Albert

    John Connolly a shoe in at 15.

    Will need to see what NSW bring to the table come Sept 22nd
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  17. RugbyReg George Smith (75)

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    Don't forget Mac Grealy from Downlands. A sensational player
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  18. Patriot Banned

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    The All Blacks are guilty of it to mate e.g. Aaron Smith’s disabled toilet romp,had it been a player on the fringe, he would have been banished forever.
  19. Roberts Rugby Dave Cowper (27)

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    We certainly have good stock here in Queensland with all names worthy of selection. It is always contentious if the selection criteria needs to be ratio inclusive of states. Looking at the strength in players I’d say we will be a good chance against NZ.
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  20. Roberts Rugby Dave Cowper (27)

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    What about Jake Pappin? Possibility if Gordon is out.

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