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QLD Premier Rugby 2018

Discussion in 'Club Rugby' started by SouthernX, Dec 13, 2017.

  1. SouthernX Trevor Allan (34)

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    Not long now until the season kicks off.

    Anybody seen a draw floating around? Any idea of player movements ect. Preseason should be in full effect.

    Anybody want to take a crack at the top 4? I won't but I will say that I think the only certainties are going to be GPS & UQ.
  2. Paty305 Bill Watson (15)

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    Good to see Logan given a second shot in Reserve Grade and Prem Colts, and it seems like they've pulled their finger out now. Apparently have 60ish boys down for Colts and sounds like the are aiming for a solid 2 or 3 senior teams with plenty left over reserves rather than the 4 they committed to at the start of last season. I also heard they have Toutai Kefu down helping the coaches and drawing in some players. Great work to whoever got that sorted. I think a couple of the meetings they had at the tailend of this year, has given the club a wake up call. Only way is up now.
  3. SouthernX Trevor Allan (34)

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    That's great to hear Paty305. Thanks for passing that on.

    I wonder what timeline or KPI's the QRU have set the Logan Saints for their eventual inclusion into Premier Rugby?

    Would it be naive for me to think that the incoming crop of Premier Colts out at Saints could eventually translate to the young men stepping straight into Premier Grade in 2 years time? That's probably wishful thinking on my behalf but it's definitely a starting point for the Saints.
  4. Bulldog Jim Clark (26)

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    I am really hoping that Wests can be up there again in 2018 but cognisant that clubs aren't always on a continuous improvement trajectory despite best intentions and they were aided by Easts falling out of finals contention in 2017.
  5. Bulldog Jim Clark (26)

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    The 2018 draw has been released but I haven't been able to get a copy as yet.

    I think there are two rounds before Easter.
  6. Bulldog Jim Clark (26)

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    Will GPS have all those guys from Perth in2018?
  7. SouthernX Trevor Allan (34)

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    I am not ready to put the bulldogs in the top 4 because I do not want to jinx them.

    The dogs did catch some breaks along the way. Brothers and Souths had a tie and I believe Easts has a tie too.

    I wonder if Mark Chisholm will have another run around the kennel?
  8. new recruit_ brisbane Ward Prentice (10)

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    Thought Toutai was assistant prem coach at Souths??????????
  9. Pieman Sydney Middleton (9)

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    As far as I know, Toutai will
    be up at Souths.

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  10. eldiablo Herbert Moran (7)

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    AJ Alatimu and Maalonga Konelio are going around again. Laione Mulikihaamea has gone back home to Auckland for family reasons I believe. Have heard on the grape vine that Albert Nikoro (from the Force and Blues fullback/wing, Samoan capped) has come to Brisbane to play with AJ and Longa at GPS too. Should be an exciting backline should Nick Frisby hang around in Brisbane (probably heading to Europe though)
  11. Paty305 Bill Watson (15)

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    He is. But from what Ive been told he is giving some pointers and advice to those at Logan to improve their coaching development. Which is something that the coaches have been crying out for, and kind of overlooked by the Logan committee for a few years and was one of the sticking points for the QRU when negotiating their continued presense in reserve grade and the Brisbane Premiership.
  12. Crusher Sydney Middleton (9)

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    Bond Uni have announced Adrian Thompson as their Premier Head Coach for 2018 with DOR Sean Hedger to oversee Colts. Word is former NRC and Sunnybank Head Coach Rod Seib will also be at Bond
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  13. Bulldog Jim Clark (26)

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    This is interesting on three fronts:
    1. Seib - great to have him back involved in QPR;
    2. Hedger - has he delivered what the Bond Board wanted - have they got value for money?
    3. Thompson - apart from '99 at Easts when he inherited their '97 side he really hasn't delivered success in any coaching role - Aus U20s, Brothers, etc and when he was an assistant at the Reds they were pretty ordinary.
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  14. Happyman Sydney Middleton (9)

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    I understand that any reference to him has been removed from the post, May have been a bit premature.
  15. Crusher Sydney Middleton (9)

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    1. Seiby’s return will be popular with most, though I wonder how that will work with ex Souths legend and TSS mentor Ray Thomas also at the club

    2. Hedger has managed to hold onto his role as DOR but his last foray into Qld Premier resulted in the wooden spoon. Even in the Breakers most leanest years and when they were a lot less better off resource and finance wise, you would have to go back a very long time to find when they last held the wooden spoon

    3. Thompson I understand is an ally of Hedger’s so was always going to be somewhere in the mix and I believe that the Asst forwards Coach whose name escapes me is also returning.
  16. bloodred Fred Wood (13)

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    Interestingly, I think Bond can be a sleeping giant, but only when they get their full act into gear. Lots of good footballers on the coast, TSS to draw from and a fair next tier competition
  17. Crusher Sydney Middleton (9)

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    They will need to get their coaching ranks sorted as only recently announced Adrian Thompson as their Head Coach but it appears he may have done a backflip and taking a lesser support role sighting work commitments as the reason. I think they will move Rod Seib into the Head Coach role.
  18. amirite Chilla Wilson (44)

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    What does he do? I thought Adrain Thompson was full time.
  19. Crusher Sydney Middleton (9)

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    Thompson I understand is still employed by the ARU or should I say Rugby Australia full time
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  20. The Whisperer Herbert Moran (7)

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    18 Fearless Predictions for 2018:

    *After my poor judgement in 2017, let’s see how my predictions stack up in 2018*

    1. GPS to win the 2018 Hospital Cup
    2. Souths to return to the winners circle and push for a top 4 spot under the return of Brett Picone
    3. Wests to continue their rise in form with 2nd/3rd place finish
    4. Nick Frisby to win Alec Evans Medal
    5. Brothers to win Premier Colts
    6. Wests to bare the fruits of their successful colts side and win Reserve Grade
    7. Norths to go undefeated in first 3 rounds before wheels start falling off
    8. Australian Schoolboy Jordan Petaia to light up Premier grade (if not in 20s)
    9. More Reds contracted players in every round then every before under the influence of Brad Thorn
    10. NRC U/19 to take effect at the end of the year
    11. Bond to move off the bottom of the ladder under the guidance of Adrian Thompson and Rob Seib
    12. Logan to again be denied entry into Premier Grade for 2019
    13. One game a week to be broadcast on free to air TV
    14. Changing of the guard at GPS with Troy Simkin to upset Ryan Freney for the Hooker spot
    15. Paddy James (Brothers) to play at least 1 game of Super Rugby
    16. James Dalgleish (UQ) Leading Point Scorer
    17. Junior Laloifi (Sunnybank) Leading Try scorer
    18. AJ Alatimu to pick up professional Contract (if he hasn’t already)

    Let me know your thoughts. Some predictions not so Fearless, others down right ridiculous. Bring on 2018 QPR

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