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Rebels 2017

Discussion in 'Rugby Discussion' started by Highlander35, May 10, 2016.

  1. Highlander35 Paul McLean (56)

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    Contracted for 2017 and Beyond

    Cruze Ah-Nau (2017)
    Toby Smith (2017)
    Laurie Weeks (2019)
    Tyrel Lomax (2018) (New - Brumbies/Australia U20s)
    Tim Metcher (???)
    Tom Moloney (???)

    James Hanson (2017)
    Pat Leafa (2017)
    Siliva Siliva (2017)
    Jordan Uelese (2017) (New- Melbourne Uni/Rebels U20s/Aus U20s)

    Steve Cummins (2017)
    Sam Jeffries (2018)
    Culum Retallick** (2017)
    Lopeti Timani (2019) (Re-signed 11/01/17)
    Alex Toolis (2018) (New- Edinburgh)
    Dominic Day (2017) (New)

    Colby Fainga’a (2018)
    Rob Leota (2019)
    Sean McMahon (2017)
    Jordy Reid (2017)
    Amanaki Mafi* (2017) (New- NTT/Bath/Japan)
    Harley Fox (???)
    Jake Schatz (2017) (New - Reds)

    Scrum Halves
    Ben Meehan (2017)
    Nic Stirzaker (2017)
    Mick Snowden (???)

    Fly Halves
    Jack Debreczeni (2017)
    Jack McGregor (2018) (New- NSW Schoolboys 2015)
    Jackson Garden-Bachop (2018) (New - Wellington Lions)

    Mitch Inman (2017)
    Sione Tuipulotu (2019)
    Dennis Pili-Gaitau (2017) (New - North Harbour Rays/Manly)

    Back Three
    Tom English (2018)
    Marika Koroibete (2018) (New- Melbourne Storm)
    Sefanaia Naivalu (2019)
    Jonah Placid (2017)
    Jack Maddocks (2018 - New- NSW Gen Blue/Eastern Suburbs)
    Pama Fou – (2017) (New - Souths (QLD)/Australia Sevens)
    Dom Shipperley (2017)
    Kentaro Kodama (2017) (New - Panasonic Wild Knights)

    Utility Backs
    Reece Hodge (2020)
    Ben Volavola (2017)*


    Ryan Cocker** (Returned to Taranaki)
    Jamie Hagan* (2017) (???)
    Luke Jones (Bordeaux)
    Scott Fuglistaller (Toyota Industries)
    Adam Thomson* (Returned to Canon Eagles)
    Dan Hawkins **** (Returned to Northland)
    Dallan Murphy ***** (Returned to Brothers (QLD))
    Tamati Ellison* (Returned to Rico Black Rams)
    Back 3
    Cam Crawford
    Kotaro Matsushima ***** (Returned to Suntory)
    Utility Backs
    Paul Asquith **** (Returned to Rams/Southern Districts (QLD))
    Mike Harris (Lyon)

    *- Foreign International
    **- Foreign Development
    ***- Supplementary or Development Contract
    ****- EPS Contract
    *****- Short term contract

    Update 1, 18/05/16: Sione and Rob sign extensions to 2019
    Update 2, 19/05/16: Koroibete departure from Storm announced
    Update 3, 27/06/16: Jack Maddocks rejects cricket and signs a 2 year deal
    Update 4, 19/07/16: Tyrel Lomax signs a 2 year deal
    Update 5, 22/07/16, Alex Toolis signs a 2 year deal
    Update 6, 23/07/16 Fox Sports confirm Pama Fou signing
    Update 7, 2/08/16 Jordan Uelese signs a 1 year deal
    Update 8, 4/08/16 Amanaki Mafi signs a 1 year Japanese marquee deal
    Update 9, 24/08/16 Missed Dominic Day on a 1 year contract, also Dom resigns for 2017
    Update 10, 4/11/16: Rebels "Finalise" 2017 Squad with signing of Bishop-Gardner, Fox, Metcher, Moloney & Snowden also appear to have been granted contracts, Hagan is nowhere to be found despite having another year on his
    Update 11, 6/01/17: Volavola joins the Rebels for 2017
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  2. KevinO Peter Johnson (47)

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    Marika Koroibete would be eligible straight away. Been in Australia over 4 years so don't see any delays.
  3. Mr Wobbly Trevor Allan (34)

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    Has it been confirmed that Mikey Mike is off next year?
  4. Highlander35 Paul McLean (56)

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  5. Brumby Runner David Codey (61)

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    That's a lot of players off contract at the end of next year. Whoever is responsible for recruitment/retention is going to be a very busy person.
  6. Highlander35 Paul McLean (56)

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    You're not wrong BR, but I'd expect once the first dominoes start to fall, the decision on the rest of the players will start to click into place, with the EPS probably not finalised till the NRC has at least started. My guess as to the big ones would be:

    Thomson to retire or not
    Ellison being granted ARU permission for a 4th Season
    Koroibete choosing his code
    Fox pushing for a full contract with U20 performances
    Metcher vs Cocker for the 3rd tighthead spot (assuming Tom gets his deserved contract)

    Once 2 or 3 of those fall into place, I think final decisions fall into place, and a good 8 or so of those uncontracted boys would have their futures decided one way or another.
  7. Jagman Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    I don't think a player (specifically Naivalu) is considered a foreign development player in their 3rd year in the county, i.e the year they become eligible. I say that because the Tahs, Brums and Reds are only allowed one and in the past they have only had to wait 2 years to get another one, not three. Trying to think of an example but it's not coming to me.

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  8. RebelYell Tom Lawton (22)

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    Fuglistaller, Ellison, Cocker, Thomson, Matsushima, Harris, Jones, Asquith will all be gone at end of season.

    Dom was on the verge of an extension prior to the ACL, still suspect he will stay for 1 more.

    99% sure that Fox & Snowden are there next year.

    I'm hopeful that Metcher, Crawford get new deals.

    Murphy you would think unlikely due to today's announcement.

    Hawkins is 50/50 but he is very popular within the group. he was slated to play a key role for the Rising until he needed surgery on his back.
  9. Highlander35 Paul McLean (56)

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    What of Tom Moloney RebelYell? I've been impressed by him both for the Rising and his limited gametime, and the fact that he's moved down seemingly without a professional deal is all the more noteworthy.
  10. RebelYell Tom Lawton (22)

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    Tom, Fereti & Metch are, in all probability, fighting for 1 or max 2 spots I suppose. Zane Hilton has a bit of a propping academy in place down there, looking to avoid the hit they took during the NRC last year when the likes of Mike Tyler & Duncan Chubb were playing hurt
  11. GoMelbRebels Trevor Allan (34)

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    Oh, I've just realised - next year we'll have a pair of Jacks - SNAP!
  12. oztimmay Greg Davis (50)

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    Going to move the Koroibete update here:

    From Fairfax:

    Source: http://www.smh.com.au/rugby-union/u...rm-star-marika-koroibete-20160512-gotb1i.html
  13. KevinO Peter Johnson (47)

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  14. Highlander35 Paul McLean (56)

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    When the Club makes the announcement, I'll update the OP :p
  15. Mr Wobbly Trevor Allan (34)

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    It was also mentioned on 360 last night that Koroibete has completed (and passed) all his medical checks and so forth.
  16. Brumby Runner David Codey (61)

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    Why would the ARU be contributing towards his contract? Is he in the class of Izzy?
  17. Braveheart81 Rocky Elsom (76)

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    He's pretty good. As a West Tigers fan I was dumbfounded when they let him go to the Storm.

    Genuine pace, skill and physicality.

    Not in the same class as Folau but I'd say a substantially better league player than Cooper Vuna or Joe Tomane (although 2 years older than Tomane when leaving NRL).

    Definitely will be a shot at making the Wallabies in a short space of time.
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  18. Brumby Runner David Codey (61)

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    Thanks BH but good enough to warrant ARU funds? What has he achieved in League?
  19. Braveheart81 Rocky Elsom (76)

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    It depends how much the ARU has had to put in. You'd hope and assume not much but you'd guess it is on the basis that they think he will be a Wallaby before long.
  20. Highlander35 Paul McLean (56)

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    Rebels had stayed on the Storm's good side, specifically stating they weren't gonna pursue any players.

    I'd almost argue that the ARU contribution could be reasonably substantial as a consequence.

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