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Reds 2020

Discussion in 'Rugby Discussion' started by RugbyReg, May 9, 2019.

  1. Getwithme Ron Walden (29)

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    We just need a win right now. All well and good to have depth but if you're not winning and there is no momentum, 'rotation' turns to 'dropping'.
  2. dru Andrew Slack (58)

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    Yes we do.

    But hopefully the coaching team has the courage of it’s convictions for the win. Let’s say that the plan may have been to back of Wilson’s game time and perhaps to continue the development of Lucas at 10. Then do it. Don’t be shied of the 0-3.
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  3. The Nomad Alex Ross (28)

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    Fraser has been training the whole time the senior squad has been away with the U20's, think he would be a chance of a bench spot this week.

    Maybe ASY back to 6 with Rodda and LSL as locks , Fraser at 20 and either AB or HH to miss the match day squad?
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  4. Garry Owens Alan Cameron (40)

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    Comments around Wright and lack of size for 6 sort of gets you thinking around a bigger issue about how backward Rugby is in its thinking compared to other contact / collision football codes here in Australia and also overseas.

    The focus should be more orientated toward power to weight rather than just raw mass for raw mass sake because it is aesthetically pleasing in what we imagine the benefits of what it brings.

    I think League has cottoned on to this idea better than Rugby has over the last 10 years and the end result is more power in the collision and pace-speed that comes off the back of that.

    Best performing running backs in the NFL range between 5'10 to 6'1 (lower center of gravity)and come in between 96kg to 102kg. They take an absolute beating as well but are able to make bigger linemen/ defensive backs miss or power through contact with better power/weight efficiency and pick up decent post contact yards- which,irrespective of the football code, is increasingly what its all becoming about for ball carriers. Yeah yeah yeah..Derrick Henry some may say who at 6'3 and 108kg led the NFL in rushing yards this last season. But he is definitely the outlier and an old fashioned running back bully boy.

    Increasingly, in other collision codes , it's about carrying less mass and projecting more power and speed.

    So...I'm not phased in a seemingly more unorthodox line up in the back row , if it were to pass, that ran Wright /McReight/Wilson as our starters.

    You can build your own advantage with that.
  5. dru Andrew Slack (58)

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    Match day thread is up btw.
  6. Bobby Sands Ken Catchpole (46)

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    Don’t tease me. Would be ideal.
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  7. pnut Sydney Middleton (9)

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    Question for all super sides not just reds. When does the pressure heat up in the coach?? 0-4??
  8. Silverado Nev Cottrell (35)

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    No. It's another "rebuilding"rebuildingz year" :)
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  9. Strewthcobber Mark Ella (57)

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    It's 1-9 if you go back to last year.

    Thorn is safe for this year. There's no clear replacement waiting in the wings and they couldn't afford to pay him out.

    He'll be wanting some good performances over the next little bit before contract negotiations in April though
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  10. Hardtackle Billy Sheehan (19)

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    Surely the lessons of the coach revolving door horror show will not have been lost.

    I think there is clear and obvious improvement. I believe he should be safe for as long as that continues to be the case. Wins will flow so long as the improvement continues. The squad is very young. The Reds have invested in a complete rebuild, i'd be very surprised if they don't see it through with Thorn until the end of 2021 at least.

    The price Thorn commands will be effected by the short term results no doubt, but i'd imagine the board would be pretty comfortable with the direction the program is heading.
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  11. Zero_Cool Vay Wilson (31)

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    I think regardless of Thorns efficacy at producing wins they'd see him through to 2021. Thorn has shown he's effective at player development and preparing guys for Test Rugby. If we don't get wins before Thron's contract is up we will likely bring in someone established, likely with a winning track record at Super Level (or Europe). As for Thron I could see us moving him into a player Development role (perhaps something like a 'Director of Rugby Development' role to not move him backwards, or we might just let him go. But I don't see too many scenarios where the Reds sack Thorn early, even if the wins don't come our players are getting better we ought to have a very strong Wallabies contingent (along with a lot of guys in serious contention for spots). Worst case, Thorn as a coach is an awful 'winner' but an excellent developer of talent. Best case he's better than Ewen.
  12. Bobby Sands Ken Catchpole (46)

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    Thorn isn’t going anywhere.
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  13. Brumby Runner John Eales (66)

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    Just like the Tahs. Nah, don't think so. I reckon Liam Wright is next in line to take over from Hooper as Wallaby No 7. He might get found out a bit a No 6 due to his size (98kg iirc). Even though he could one day be the best of them all, Fraser might have to bide his time.
  14. TSR Peter Johnson (47)

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    My criticism of Thorn so far has been that I wasn’t sure there was evidence that he was a good coach from a tactical point of view.

    But I think we are starting to see an emergence of a smarter, more tactical game and some of the things I’ve been frustrated with in the past seem to be getting addressed (although some are still a work in progress).

    We’ll see how things play out over the next few weeks, but I think (or at least am hopeful) we are seeing a more tactical game style emerge.

    Better clearance kicking would help - but Thorn has clearly put emphasis on that, the players need to execute better.
  15. TSR Peter Johnson (47)

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    To be fair our game plan isn’t anything like the Tahs. Adding McReight to the back row won’t materially change that.
  16. Zero_Cool Vay Wilson (31)

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    Isn't our gameplan just knock the ball on, win the scrum penalty (against the feed), kick down field, and if the other team have the ball put on big hit's till they knock it on, oh and also try for pilfers. /s
  17. dru Andrew Slack (58)

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    I see a pack focused on hit ups just a little wide of the ruck, making busts for go forward. Not entirely unlike Cheika attempted with the WBs. Backs also focused on 10-13 with outside picking up more or less on opportunity.

    Similarly there is effort in D on the ruck and reclaiming possession - though the penalty count suggests it needs plenty of tidying up.

    There is effort in our set piece, especially the scrum. Line out has plenty of room to improve.

    Exit and territory strategy seems a little nascent but I get the feeling that it is actually a work in progress.

    Looking forward to seeing a game live to get a better feel for defensive positioning and thinking - though on (lost ball) turnover there have been a couple of occasions with players caught out of position and having to work hard at the change.

    We play more risk than previously.

    There are some real fundamentals building which seem like improvements through changes in the broader coaching team as well as Thorn developing as HC. It is looking pretty good so far, irrespective on the W/L account.
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  18. PhilClinton Billy Sheehan (19)

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    Yeh I think we've seen Thorn develop some actual gameplans this year.

    Last season there were moments of brilliance (Brumbies game at Suncorp) but it was too easy to fall back on the standard, win/dominate set piece, crash ball Kerevi, forwards reset, crash ball Kerevi, yada yada yada.

    New combinations in key positions have changed that and I think the Reds actually look better with ball in hand this year.
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  19. Bobby Sands Ken Catchpole (46)

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    Kerevi hampered the development of the side as he refused to adapt his game.
  20. Wilson Bob Davidson (42)

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