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RWC 2019 1/4 Final New Zealand vs Ireland

Discussion in 'Rugby Matches' started by Dismal Pillock, Oct 14, 2019.

  1. waiopehu oldboy Tim Horan (67)

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    Other than Lurch for ScoBar I can't see the XV differing from SA match & other than ScoBar for PT it's hard to see the subs being any different either.
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  2. zer0 Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    Team named.

    1. Joe Moody
    2. Codie Taylor
    3. Nepo Laulala
    4. Brodie Retallick
    5. Sam Whitelock
    6. Ardie Savea
    7. Sam Cane
    8. Kieran Read (C)
    9. Aaron Smith
    10. Richie Mo'unga
    11. George Bridge
    12. Anton Lienert-Brown
    13. Jack Goodhue
    14. Sevu Reece
    15. Beauden Barrett

    16. Dane Coles
    17. Ofa Tuungafasi
    18. Angus Ta'avao
    19. Scott Barrett
    20. Matt Todd
    21. TJ Perenara
    22. Sonny Bill Williams
    23. Jordie Barrett

    Happy to see ALB at second-five. I think he was under-used against the Boks when he was at centre. The more involvements he has the better IMO. Surprised that they went with Goodhue ahead of Crotty at centre, so he'll have to step up following his return from injury. ALB/Goodhue does look like the next long-term midfield though.

    Taylor ahead of Coles is a mild surprise, although they're pretty interchangeable these days. Todd is a pleasant unexpected surprise. Though they might've gone for S.Barrett as the reserve loosie (Tuipulotu covering lock), or Frizzel. Still uncomfortable with J.Barrett being on hand to, potentially, do something stupid in a close match...
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  3. waiopehu oldboy Tim Horan (67)

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    Unless of course they swap Taylor for Coles, biff Goodhue in at 13, shift ALB to 12 & put JBar on the bench instead of Bender :).
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  4. KiwiM Alfred Walker (16)

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    I would have selected ALB at 13 and have Crotty in the 23. Also would have Ben Smith ahead of Jordie.

    Can't help but think a bit more bulk (Tuipulotu/Frizell) would be more useful than Todd against the Irish too.
  5. Dan54 Paul McLean (56)

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    Likie you I happy with ALB/Goodhue pairing although I did think if Crotty started it would be 12 and ALB at 13. I alway thought of ALB as a 12, but by geez he has gone well at 13 too!

    Can I say one thing ,with this lineup, Todd and Jordie on bench, it's time to put your running shoes on Ireland, I suspect the ABs intend a fairly quickish game plan!!!
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  6. Dan54 Paul McLean (56)

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    You almost nailed it mate!!!!!!, geez you must have inside knowledge!!!:p
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  7. Braveheart81 Rocky Elsom (76)

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  8. aeneas Charlie Fox (21)

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    I'm not sure that this will go well for NZ. Aside from the SA game NZ have looked patchy throughout the tournament to date. That back line looks very inexperienced when compared to their Irish counterparts. Brodie can't possibly last 60 minutes either.
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  9. John S Tom Lawton (22)

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    Yeah, I'm not sure. I'm trying to pick a winner for my tipping comps, and I'm torn. Both teams have not been brilliant this world cup, seems to be an even match.
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  10. Tex Peter Fenwicke (45)

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    All the ABs have to do is keep it tight and pounce on the Irish errors. It's the most frustrating thing about playing them - you're right in the match for 60 minutes then one lazy kick chaser or tired forward and Barrett and Reece and Mounga have blown through for a 7 pointer.

    Ireland will need a miracle.
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  11. Dismal Pillock Greg Davis (50)

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    yeah me too. suddenly that Irish side have a bit of an experienced professional assassin look compared to our slightly motley ragtag lot. NZ tight 5 look a bit iffy, whether they can answer the bell will settle it. wouldnt be overly surprised to see NZ dumped out. they look short of 3 or so experienced heads to adapt if the match gets dragged into The Irish Way.
  12. Strewthcobber Paul McLean (56)

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    So just aside from when they demolished the second best team in the comp!

    This won't be close. Kiwis in a canter.
    DPs desperate attempt to gain underdog status is a typically hilarious satire
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  13. aeneas Charlie Fox (21)

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    I see that that NZ tab has AB +12.5. So maybe my pessimism is misplaced.
  14. ACR Dick Tooth (41)

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    No, you are just a NZ rugby fan with an awareness of World Cup history. ANYTHING can happen once you reach a knockout game.

    These finals have a new legitimate variable too, send-offs. Anyone copping a red card in the first half is done for.
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  15. aeneas Charlie Fox (21)

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    I actually assume red cards are why SBW is not starting.
  16. Ulrich Bill McLean (32)

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    NZ looked patchy during 2015 pool stage as well and then turned up the heat come K/O games.

    They will be fine.

    Ireland have a huge monkey on their back and I don't imagine they will shake it against the reigning champs, especially not after their indifferent form this year and the knock their confidence would have taken with the loss to Japan.

    NZ will have a bit of a score to settle as well.
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  17. Derpus Mark Ella (57)

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    100% Ireland are in for it.
  18. cyclopath Phil Waugh (73)

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    Only concern for NZ is that Ireland have looked better as things go along, after their somewhat arrogant play against Japan that brought them undone.
    That said, I think the ABs have not yet really gotten into their stride.
    I think Ireland will push them but the ABs will be too strong.
  19. waiopehu oldboy Tim Horan (67)

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    I was worried that maybe we were going to try beating Ireland at their own game but looking at the AB 23 I think it's obvious we intend playing with far more width. Negating the rush D obviously key but provided the tight-5 can win even 40% possession & the handling accuracy is good I'm thinking AB by 12-18.
  20. JRoss Stan Wickham (3)

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    Taylor as the starter is the right call. He'll take the hard punishment early on then bring the quicker slippery coles on as fresh legs.

    Brodie will be interesting and while lacking gameplay, he has the biggest engine in WR. Scott B is more than an adequate replacement when needed.

    SBW off the bench is another 'later in the game' asset, as is Todd, and his experience (Todd) in the final quarter could well be paramount.

    ALB and JG should go well and don't underestimate the training boot-camp these fellows have endured the last 2 weeks. Had JG looked anything less than 100%, he'd be a bencher.

    The AB's bench is strong, imposing and very experienced. AB's just have to absorb the early Irish charge then they 'should outgun them in all facets in the second half. Discipline will be the most essential aspect of both teams. Any reds for the AB's and all bets are off and I'm sure the wise men have hammered that idea in hard.

    Lastly, the AB's are, in all fairness, a far more dangerous proposition than the Irish, ask any other team who'd they prefer to play against. What a weekend ahead!

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