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Scholarships Shared

Discussion in 'Club Rugby' started by Rugby Central, Sep 17, 2013.

  1. Rugby Central Charlie Fox (21)

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    Rather than continue the fine tradition of Sydney Uni baiting on the SS threads I thought it best to examine one of their advantages and see how it could be utilised for the development of rugby more broadly.

    As a start, in Sydney (and this could go for Brisbane but a I am not familiar with it) there a significant number of universities. If all of them supported rugby scholarships we could educate a huge number of players and provide opportunities within Club rugby. Not to mention increase the depth of Australian rugby stocks.

    For example, each SS Club gets 3 Scholarships. UWS could support Penrith and Parramatta. Sydney Uni could look after itself and possibly provide something to Easts or Wests (or everyone with their money). UTS could sort out Gordon and Norths, not forgetting the Australian Catholic Uni in North Sydney and Wollongong could look after Southern Districts. Macquarie can assist Eastwood and UNSW can support Randwick. The limit of 3 scholarships per Club would help to even the player distribution and minimise the financial burden on the institutions.

    Geographically speaking Wests, Manly and Warringah might seem to miss out but Scholarships do not need to be set by geography and from a marketing perspective universities may see an advantage to pushing outside their geographical constraints. There would also be opportunities for TAFE's to be involved for those players that are more suited to the trades.

    With most courses taking 3 to 4 years, Clubs can hold on to their players and develop squads committed to the Club from Colts through to grade. Like any subsidised education, if they leave before the employer (Club and Uni) has recieved the benefit, the player pays.

    This would allow for talented players from all areas to recieve the advantages of a tertiary education while adding to the Club talent pool. Some kids may be reluctant to relocate for the sake of a Club, but free education is another matter. If it worked think how country rugby development could occur through the various regional universities.

    Australia has a strong university sector and rugby's traditions are based in the university culture (like it or not). So why not utilise those advantages for the benefit of everyone.
  2. Jets Tony Shaw (54)

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    While it is a nice theory I think that scholarships will only happen if clubs develop relationships with universities on there own for a mutual benefit.

    Why would Sydney Uni go outside their own club and help the opposition. They are in it for their good not anyone else's.

    In Brisbane I know that players can receive a scholarship to UQ without playing for UQ Rugby Club, they do have to represent the Uni at the Uni Games though.

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