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Schools Sevens Competition

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by Rugby Central, Sep 21, 2016.

  1. Rugby Central Charlie Fox (21)

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    Please forgive my ignorance at this point but I can't seem to find any information.

    Are there any moves to bring Sevens Rugby into Schools. I am particularly interested in the idea of GPS/CAS/ISA Schools competing together (I obviously live in NSW)

    Surely creating a Rugby Sevens as a summer sport would develop speed, skills, fitness and 1-on-1 tackling. It may help peak the interest of many an athlete to try 15-a-side the following winter.

    Played as a tournament each Saturday with 3-4 games would be an ideal way to help those playing rugby and create talent recognition for the Olympics

    From an administrative point of view it could be the experiment required to the rumours of cross association competition and would also allow the State schools to potentially compete on an even footing.

    Thoughts or information anybody?
  2. Rich_E Ron Walden (29)

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    Scots College and St Augustines both hosted 7s tournaments in April this year. Both tournaments were attended by teams from schools outside their respective associations. Both events were a big success. From memory it was at least the second time St Augustines had hosted 7s and the fifth tournament held at Scots. Hopefully they will run again next year. Below is a review I wrote of the Scots tournament.

  3. Rachet_84 Ward Prentice (10)

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    To have an opportunity to play and be selected there is a prerequisite that the player attends school. So yes it is schoolboys related.
  4. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    I heard a good rumour recently and i hope it builds to get some good traction.
    On the beaches there are 3 school campuses.
    Northern Beaches.
    Term 1 being 7's, then followed by term 2 being 15's in a tri nation format, each campus playing 2 home games.

    What is also great is that the Northern Beaches Campus is putting a team together for the Central Coast sevens youth tournament.
  5. Rugby Central Charlie Fox (21)

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    That is fantastic news about these championships, but not what I was asking about. Although the beaches seem to be on the right track.

    I was wondering whether there would be a week-in-week-out 7s competition for schools. from u13 - opens. Or even younger if primary schools were to be involved.

    I'm talking about a summer sport. Just like cricket, basketball, rowing etc. While at school level, good athletes tend to excel at all sports, it's been shown by successive failures of 15s stars, 7s is a completely different animal. Unearthing the stars for this Olympic and (to be realistic) very commercially viable sport should be important.

    Australian thinking about one off championships needs to change if we're going to get better. The simple fact is, regardless of what you do in life, but in sport particularly, the more you do something and get experience, the better you become.

    Plus 7s is so much fun
  6. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    My understanding is no at present.
    Believe there are 15 schools within the 3 campuses.
    Whilst geared towards the opens (yr 11, and 12), it is a step in the right direction.
    More people that know about it, the more people talk about it the more traction it gets.

    I believe this is being initiated by the schools and not NSWRugby, hoping a couple of DOs join in and help build.

    With regards to the Primary, that is driven by PSSA. I'm rightly ticked of at our local school, a head mistress that provides choir, band, chess club, dance etc and has blocked any suggestion of various forms of sport. No understanding that boys may be better in the classrooom if they are enjoying school and being active.
  7. Rugby Central Charlie Fox (21)

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    Thanks DB. The cynic in me suggests NSW Rugby's lack of involvement is why it is going forward.

    For the Private Schools it seems a little odd. With a history in Rugby and a mechanisms to establish any competition through Association Committees (so much easier than dealing with so many state schools and the education bureaucracy) surely they could do this fairly quickly.

    Maybe someone is looking into it but keeping it close to the vest for now.
  8. Rachet_84 Ward Prentice (10)

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    Yeah not sure about school v school but there are 5 lead up tournaments prior to NSW 7s champs for schoolboys, the first to be played at Bowral on 1st October, so not just a one off .
  9. Armchair Selector Johnnie Wallace (23)

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    NSW Youth 7s have announced the squads to compete in the Southern Highlands 7s tournament on 1 October.

    Player’s Name and school (where known).

    Team Blue

    Nathan Lawson, Newington

    Julian Heaven, St Josephs College Hunters Hill

    Nick Dolly, Marian Catholic College

    Harry Turner, Epping Boys HS

    Tom Woodcock, Knox

    Ben Duckworth, Kings

    Will Harrison, Marcellin College

    Ryley Angles-Corke, St Josephs College Hunters Hill

    Mike Pavlakis, Knox

    Triston Reilly, St Josephs College Hunters Hill

    Jonny Mitsias, Marcellin College

    Tom Glascott, Riverview

    Team White

    Bailey Lamb, Edmund Rice

    Ollie Schmidt-Uiilie, St Patricks Strathfield

    Alphonso Pyne, Edmund Rice

    Chad Shipton, School ?

    Aaron Cairns, Patrician Brothers Fairfield

    Hugh Roberts, St Pius

    Wyatt Gavin, School ?

    Matt Minogue, Kings

    Tyreese Figota, School? Club Blacktown

    Keiran Mundine, St Augustines

    Isaac?, School ?

    Nathan Prassopolous, School ?

    If anyone can fill in the blanks re a few of the players and their schools, that would be great.

    Best of luck to all participants
  10. Tractor Bob McCowan (2)

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    Oscar Schmidt-Uili goes to St Pat's, Strathfield.
    I note that several squad players are missing from these lists.
    I think they are all in the NSW Schools u16 team which flies out to NZ on 2nd October for an 8-day tour - including Dom Easy, Cooper Chambers, and possibly a couple of others.
  11. nothismum Frank Nicholson (4)

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    There is a trial this morning at Knox for the Waratahs Under 19s. They play a Fijian side at 10am.
  12. Runner Nev Cottrell (35)

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    K. Mundine is at Auggies
  13. Blazing Saddles Sydney Middleton (9)

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    I read the trials for the NSW under 19 selections will be held at Newcastle?
    Newcastle Hunter Rugby Union will join the Hawthorne Club to host the mens and women’s NSW Waratahs Under 19s State Sevens Championships on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th November at Newcastle No.2 Sportsground, Newcastle.

    Is this information incorrect as a selection tournament for the Waratahs 19's given your post that the Waratahs 19s are already trialling?
  14. Dingasden Ward Prentice (10)

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    Does anyone know how and when these players were selected for these squads. My understanding is they were selected a few weeks ago prior to any trials (including the Waratahs 7s Discovery days) which seems to defeat the purpose of having trials and Discovery days
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  15. Armchair Selector Johnnie Wallace (23)

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    My understanding is that these are players that were talent identified from various championships such as NSWJRU State Champs, NSW Invitational and NSW Schools Champs.

    It is a talent development program managed by NSW Waratahs 7s. I believe it is not the only pathway into the NSW 7s team. For example, the Waratah 7s Discovery Days and the NSW Sevens Championships in Coffs Harbour 29 - 30 October are also part of determining who represents NSW at the National Championships in Perth in December.

    Note it has now been changed to 3 squads for Bowral not 2 and doesn't include boys on tour in NZ or out injured.

    Given that there would be at least 40 players involved, there will be a number of players in the programme who are learning to play the game and may be part of the programme in the hope of gaining higher honours in the years ahead.
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  16. Rachet_84 Ward Prentice (10)

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    The below boys were team NSWRU WHITE u17's that took out the Southern Highlands ú18 7s winning the final 36-0 .

    Nathan Lawson, Newington
    Julian Heaven, St Josephs College Hunters Hill
    Nick Dolly, Marian Catholic College
    Harry Turner, Epping Boys HS
    Tom Woodcock, Knox
    Ben Duckworth, Kings
    Will Harrison, Marcellin College
    Ryley Angles-Corke, St Josephs College Hunters Hill
    Mike Pavlakis, Knox
    Triston Reilly, St Josephs College Hunters Hill
    Jonny Mitsias, Marcellin College
    Tom Glascott, Riverview

  17. Rachet_84 Ward Prentice (10)

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    Next 7s tournament for u17's - Central Coast 7s 9:00am Friday 21 October 2016 at Wyong Rugby League Fields, Kanwal -

  18. Rachet_84 Ward Prentice (10)

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  19. Armchair Selector Johnnie Wallace (23)

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    Congratulations to the following boys selected to represent NSW Schoolboys 7s at Central Coast 7s from Friday

    Matt Stead Trinity
    Harry Turner Epping Boys H/S
    Max Swanenberg St Josephs College
    Ben Duckworth Kings
    Tom Woodcock Knox
    Mike Pavlakis Knox
    Dom Easy Riverview
    Jake Styles trinity
    Matt Dutallis Riverview
    Thomas Yasmin Scots
    Harry O'leary school?
    James Westbury St Aloysius
  20. Rachet_84 Ward Prentice (10)

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    Queensland Youth Boys Sevens preliminary squad named ahead of National Championships

    A preliminary Queensland Youth Boys Sevens squad has been named, from which two Queensland sides will be picked to compete at this year’s National Championships.

    The National Championships will take place in Perth the weekend of the 10th and 11th of December, and will see four teams from Queensland compete across the Youth Boys and Youth Girls divisions.

    The final two teams, Queensland Red and Queensland White, will be selected following these two sessions and the culmination of the Townsville Teenage Sevens carnival.


    Alexander Moses - NoosaSt. Andrews Anglican College
    Alexander Gow -Sunshine Coast Grammar School
    Anrich Briel - Scots PGC, Warwick
    Ashley Marsh - Helensvale SHS
    Brandt Quinn -Iona college
    Bryce Catchpole -St Michaels College
    ByronRalston - St Joseph's College Gregroy Terrace
    CameronHoward - St Joseph's College Gregory Terrace
    Cedric Paniani -Beenleigh high
    CooperWhiteside -Ipswich Grammar School
    ElijahAnderson -St Brendans College
    Finn Mounsey - Brisbane Boys College
    Isaac Henry -Brisbane Boys' College
    Isaiah Naawi -St Joseph's Nudgee College
    Israel Fanene- Springwood SHS
    Jake Mason -Anglican Church Grammar School
    JaredChambers -Brisbane SHS
    JeralSkelton -St Patrick's College
    Jordan Petaia -Brisbane SHS
    Joseph Small - St Joseph's Nudgee College
    LachlanScarpelli -Rockhampton Grammar School
    LiamPrendergast -St Patrick's College
    MaheTaipaleti -Rochedale SHS
    NathanMarshall - Iona College
    NathanielTafola -St Francis College
    NealMcNamara -Brisbane SHS
    QuintonMahina -Brisbane SHS
    RuanPeter -Brisbane Boys College
    SamKirk -St Joseph's College Gregory Terrace
    SheaLalagavesi -Brisbane SHS
    SolomonStone -Brisbane Boys College
    TaineBrown -Proserpine SHS
    ThomasGilbert -Brisbane Grammar School
    Tigger Sykes - St Joseph's Nudgee College
    Tyrone Metusela -St Joesphs College, Gregory Terrace
    JayKeenan -Iona College
    WillFeeney -Iona College
    WilliamRutherford - St Laurence's College
    William Howlett - Flagstone Community College
    Xavier Toia - Kings Christian College
    Xavier Soli - St Joseph's Nudgee College
    ZacSteer -St Laurence's College

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