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Shute Shield 2015

Discussion in 'Shute Shield' started by Hugh Jarse, Aug 17, 2014.

  1. blindsider Billy Sheehan (19)

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    @dave beat; and that centre didn't mind playing 4s, even tho he was captain of his national side back home?? That shows he was/is a great bloke.
    We've had guys who played that level think they should walk into 1sts, then blow up when selected in 3s!! Lol.
    Manly lower grades are always tough. Good club there mate.

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  2. wamberal David Codey (61)

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    I am beginning to believe that the SS could become the centrepiece of a national club competition.

    If Channel 7 decide to go with it next season my belief will grow stronger.

    There would be winners and losers out of this, but, overall it could be fantastic for the bottom up development of the code.
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  3. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    G&GR Shute Shield 2015 Merit Team

    Nominate your team of the year

    1. Jed Gillespie (Woodies)
    2. Hugh Roach (Woodies)
    3. Matthew Sandell (The Corporation)
    4. Ned Hanigan (Randi-Wix)
    5. Ben Matwijow (Shoremen)
    6. Kieran Black (Hobbits)
    7. Hugh Perrett (Woodies)
    8. Jed Holloway (Hobbits)
    9. Dewet Roos (Hobbits)
    10. Ben Volavola (Hobbits)
    11. Afa Pakalani (Hobbits)
    12. Reece Hodge (MMM)
    13. Jim Stewart (The Corporation)
    14. Alex Northam (MMM)
    15. Ben Batger (Woodies)
  4. qwerty51 Jason Little (69)

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    Sandell didn't play much 1st grade.

    1. Salesi Maumalanga
    2. Hugh Roach
    3. Martin Plokstys
    4. Will Munro
    5. Ben Matwijow
    6. Hugh Perrett
    7. Mark Baldwin
    8. Jed Holloway
    9. Josh Holmes
    10. Jai Ayoub
    11. Alex Northam
    12. Reece Hodge
    13. Dennis Pili-Gaitau
    14. Alex Gibbon
    15. David Feltscheer
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  5. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    I need help with some positions, and some are a tie.

    1. Jed Gillespie (Woodies)
    2. Hugh Roach (Woodies) / David Porecki (MMM)
    4. Ed Gower (MMM) most posters said he carried Manly on his own
    6. Kieran Black (Hobbits)
    7. Kotoni Ale (MMM) - form 7 until injury
    8. Jed Holloway (Hobbits) / Pat Sio (Woods) - Woods lost thrust when Pat left
    9. Matt Lucas (MMM) most people said Manly were only because of Matt.
    11. Afa Pakalani (Hobbits)
    12. Reece Hodge (MMM)
    13. Dennis Pillue Gitu (MMM)
    14. Alex Northam (MMM)
    15. BJ (MMM) / Feltscheers (Rats)

    I reckon the GF could have been even better again if Porecki / Kotoni / Sio were running around. They were through out the year consistently best players in a strong team.
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  6. Dave Beat Paul McLean (56)

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    We need more of this sort of thinking - that would be awesome.
    What is wrong with putting something like that out there, and building on it.

    Yes there would be losers, I.e. -
    I like getting to the oval to hopefully watch 4 grades - that would be hard.
    It is the lower grades that are often the heart and sole of clubs - and make clubs tick because of BBQ, Support etc.
    No doubt more points like this, little / no cost, and on the scale of things so valuable.

    I reckon it'd be great, but there would be importance about retaining the foundations of club rugby - politically there wold be hurdles along the way.
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  7. sidelinesid Jimmy Flynn (14)

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  8. Tah and feathered Watty Friend (18)

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    I have heard that chanel 7 want more content than just a game on saturday afternoon and are now saying they want a 1st colts game to be played and televised before the 1st grade match so that they get roughly a 4 hour package.
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  9. qwerty51 Jason Little (69)

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    I hope that's true. That would be incredible and whilst I'm not interested in u20s playing that would create an enormous amount of interest in the comp by the clubs and players and improve development and pathways. That could stop the drain to league after school too.

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  10. AussieDominance Trevor Allan (34)

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    Would make more sense to play 2 first grade games at the one venue?
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  11. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    2015 Awards
    Best & Fairest 1st Grade- Apo Latunipulu
    Best & Fairest 2nd Grade- Oleriti Samuelu
    Best & Fairest 3rd Grade- Mitch Haworth
    Best & Fairest 4th Grade- Rob Smith
    Best & Fairest 1st Grade Colts - Rahboni Vosayaco
    Best & Fairest 2nd Grade Colts - Callum Quinn
    Best & Fairest 3rd Grade Colts - Benet James
    Highest Representative Honour Grade - Ben Volavola Fiji, Jed Holloway Waratahs
    Highest Representative Honour Colts- William Latu- Aust Schools
    Highest Point Scorer Grade - Ben Volavola 136 points
    Highest Point Scorer Colts - Nathan McIvleen- 117 points
    Leading Try Scorer Grade - Matt Teki-12 tries
    Leading Try Scorer Colts - Gordon Enari & Grant Isles- 8
    Most Improved PlayerGrade- Salesi Maulamalanga
    Most Improved PlayerColts- Kurt Rumsey
    Under 18 Best & Fairest Juniors - Shaun Thornton
    Bleeding Heart Award- Fili Tufui
    100 Grade Games
    Michael Mcleod
    Rob James
    200 Grade Games
    Brendan Tynan-Davey
    Presidents Trophy - Apo Latunipulu
    Club Person of the year - Colts - Lachlan Walsh
    Club Person of the year - Grade - Jed Holloway
  12. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Colts Awards
    3rd Colts Best & Fairest - Matt Anderson
    2nd Colts Best & Fairest - Matt Psaltis
    1st Colts Best & Fairest - Leon Akopian
    Peter Simpson Award - Overall Best & Fairest Colt - Harvey Duncan
    Cameron Shepherd Award - Leading Points Scorer - Will Fell
    Adam Ashley-Cooper Award - Leading Try Scorer - Tom Gilbert
    Bill Stevenson Award - Most Improved Colt - Tom Booth
    Spirit Of Norths Colts Award - Harry Lind & Ed Pollitt
    Bon Andrews Colt Of The Year- Leon Akopian

    Grade Awards
    4th Grade Best & Fairest - Joe Jenkins
    3rd Grade Best & Fairest - Ben Molloy
    2nd Grade Best & Fairest - Kurt Penney, Lewis Dwyer & Taylor Francis
    1st Grade Best & Fairest - Will Miller
    Peter Hill Trophy - Overall Best & Fairest - Will Miller
    Ron Alywin Award - Leading Goal Kick - Josh Kay
    Dennis Hughes Award - Leading Try Scorer - Kurt Penney
    John Suhan Award - Top Point Scorer - Josh Kay
    Cecil Hill Trophy - Most Improved Grade - Nick Palmer

    Milestone Awards
    50 Colts Games - George Donnelly
    50 Grade Games - Lewis Dwyer, Al Hall, Dom Longhurst, Will Miller, Dan Murray, Michael O'Hea, Lachlan Porteous, Ben Murray
    100 Grade Games & 100 First Grade Games - Ben Matwijow
    200 Grade Games - David Bond

    Norths 2015 Super Team Of The Year
    1. Dan Murray
    2. Chris Goldie
    3. Tom Booth
    4. Ben Molloy
    5. Lewis Dwyer
    6. Taylor Francis
    7. Will Miller
    8. Leon Akopian
    9. Andrew Woods
    10. Jack Clancy
    11. Lincoln Sparkes
    12. Harvey Duncan
    13. Will Fell
    14. Tom Gilbert
    15. Kurt Penney
    Coaches - Wade Gudgeon, Geoff Benstead, David Goulter & Will Eggleston
    Managers - Laurie Townsend, Tim Frost & Michael Green

    Bill Debney Award - Clubman Of The Year - Pat Nakkan
  13. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Colts Awards
    U19's Best Forward: Jordan Small
    U19's Best Back: Timothy Taylor

    Colts 3 Best Forward: Patrick Hutton
    Colts 3 Best Back: David Balcomb

    Colts 2 Best Forward: Sam Hutton
    Colts 2 Best Back: Kirt Anthony

    Colts 1 Best Forward: Nic Burkett
    Colts 1 Best Back: Alex Barker

    Colts Highest Points Scorer: Kirt Anthony, (200 Points: 18 Tries, 52 Conversions, 2 Penalties)

    Grade Awards

    4th Grade Best & Fairest: James White
    4th Grade Sportsman Award: Thomas Buchanan

    3rd Grade Best & Fairest: Lachlan Camp
    3rd Grade Sportsman Award: Scott Pursell

    2nd Grade Best & Fairest: Rohan Pixley
    2nd Grade Sportsman Award: Mark Williams

    1st Grade Best & Fairest: Jack Dempsey
    1st Grade Sportsman Award: Terry Preston

    Grade Highest Points Scorer: William Shirvington, (129 Points: 5 Tries, 40 Conversions, 8 Penalties)

    Perpetual Awards

    Willoughby Cup for Greatest Contribution to the Club (player and non-player)
    Justin Rodgie (3rd Grade Second Rower)

    Volunteer of the Year for outstanding services by volunteers (not in a Coaching Position)
    Michael Antico (U19's Coach, although Coaches don't normally get this award, Michaels contribution to the club this year was second to none and was a thoroughly deserving of this award)

    Pat Serisier Colts Rookie of the Year - James Lough (Colts 1's Number 8)
    Most Improved Colts Player - Sam Mete
    Charles Blunt (Snr) Colt of the Year - Josh Mitchell (Colts 1 Winger)

    Dan Robinson Memorial Award - Grade Rookie of the Year - James Wilkinson (Hooker)
    Most Improved Grade Player - Harrison Rorke
    Rob Allen Sportsman of the Year - Erik Moss

    Honour Awards
    100 First Grade Games - Matthew McDougall

    100 Gordon Club Games - Andrew Chapman, Hugh Cropley, Osaiasi Naati, Erik Moss, Mark Johnson, Michael Manners, Henry Carmichael, Rohan Pixley, Chris Hipsley, Neil Smail

    200 Gordon Club Games - Terry Preston

  14. Knuckles Billy Sheehan (19)

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    The snouts are saying that Channel 7 were very happy with the ratings on 7TWO and are considering moving all games to the main channel for live broadcast in NSW for 2016.

    The 10 clubs who were on tv this year would be delighted with that.
  15. Aussie D Dick Tooth (41)

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    Excellent news if true Knuckles. I was hoping with all the in-game promotion of the NRC that they would be showing that as well. Hopefully they will do so next year.
  16. blindsider Billy Sheehan (19)

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    Yeh my brother works for channel 7 & repeats the sentiment about the ratings.

    He hadn't heard about the two games on the main channel when I spoke to him last night tho. But agrees it's great for the sport and that 7 are taking the club rugby a lot more serious than ABC did.

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  17. Knuckles Billy Sheehan (19)

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    I must confess there was no mention of two matches. But there was mention of moving it to the main 7 station. Also, the GF won it's timeslot so there's another reason Channel 7 are happy.

    Now if we can just get Mr Stokes to commit millions.......
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  18. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    ^^^ Article in Fin Review yesterday says that Club Rugby TV had to stump up with ~$750k to pay Ch 7 get on FTA TV. Even with good ratings, it may take some time before the tables are turned and Ch 7 start paying Club Rugby TV (or others) for the coverage.
  19. Whale berry Larry Dwyer (12)

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    I thought Colts 3 was U/19's and the "4th" level was U/18's.
    Curious how this fits with the award descriptions above?
  20. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Colts 3's use Under 19 Law Variations but they can be 19 turning 20 and still play in Colts 3's.

    I suspect the reference to U19's is either a typo by me or the Highlanders on their web site. There was a "Colts 4ths" sort of Under 18 competition this year that was run under SJRU auspices but played before Colts 3's on Saturdays. Not all clubs participated in the inaugural year of this competition, and some clubs only played a couple of games depending on the numbers in Team Rehab in the other 3 Colts teams.

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