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Sport (schoolboy) experts help?

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by PaarlBok, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. PaarlBok Rod McCall (65)

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    So they start this year and as a real U11 , he made the A team after they had their trials. Opening bat and a off spin bowler. They played on monday their first match against Bridge House. Bridge House is a private school and just to paint the picture you had to pay R70,000 per year school fees there , while we pay R7000 per year at KleinGim. So you get all the souties going there these days. Anyway they field first and he was 5th bowler. When he got the ball they were 2 down and he end up with figures of 3/12 after 5 overs. Also made a run out in his spell and Bridge House ended with 90 after 25 overs. Mine only got 4 runs but he lost his wicket only after 10 overs, so he did his part as a opener and they won comfortable by 8 wickets.

    In this part we have a lot of politics involve in schools sport. Boland (thats where we play cricket) Ussasa boycotting the Paarl Big Schools because of the rugby teams (Gim, Boishaai, Landbou & Paul Roos) playing for WeePee. Altho I think it maybe fair to feel this area belongs to Boland , it do make me feel sick when adults teachers using kids to get what they want in politics. The under privelidge lotte just dont pitch up for matches against the bigger lot. Wish they can see the eyes of 11 year olds when they want to play a game of rugby and cricket and are told they can go home.

    Anyway thats what we had to deal with here and the answer is that our kids will play the northern suburbs of Cape Town schools. They invited us in their leagae which will start in a few weeks time and mean the kids will play 2 matches per week meaning myself just have to drive there with the Ox Wagon or my school taxi.
  2. PaarlBok Rod McCall (65)

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    Kid had his second match yesterday. Fails with the bat but OK with ball in hand. Heard the good news yesterday he'd been picked for the Boland U11 practising sqaud starting today. He is pretty exciting about this and myself have my hands full trying to keep his feet on the ground because I,ve been through this with my older son. This is only the start of a years journey to make the final provincial sqaud and they'll cut the size as the year goes on. The higher the expectation, the bigger the disappointment if he loses out. Nothing stop him from doing the hard work. pretty glad I teach him the art of spin bowling, now I'll give it over to the experts and doing the support side.
  3. PaarlBok Rod McCall (65)

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    Havent post in ages here. So the kid was invited to the U13 hockey trials but after talking to their coach decide against it. They had U12s & U14s in the past and change it back to U11 & U13s. A lot of Boer boys now playing both sports, rugby and hockey, so they had 40 boys at the u13s for the trials and the U11s have 4 teams. Playing half a field with 8 team members. Our astro has been opened official opened and some really exciting time for hockey. Boland Hockey head quaters also shifted here as the only astro within the Boland region.

    Rugbywise the kid played flank last year but they got two big boys new at their age group, so last year lock will shift to flank in his place. Myself not worried at all because the kid is one of the smallest in that age group. He do got good hands and is quite nippy with good feet, so backline it will be. His option is scrummy for the seccies and just maybe fullback for the A team. We'll see next week the way it goes and will giive him some up and unders to field over the long weekend.

    A hectic schedule for him and will be practise 4 days in a week and play their hockey matches on friday and rugby on saterdays.

    Looking forward to it.
  4. PaarlBok Rod McCall (65)

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    So a year has moved on and the kid now U12 and just been picked for Paarl Gym Prymarys U13A hockey team as a striker. Pretty much the baby in the team and only him and another U12ie making the A side. He missed out just on the U13A cricket team but doing quite well with his cricket in the B team.

    Now he have been invited for both sports (hockey & cricket) to our provincial (Boland)trials. Will be tough for him to get there but with hard work he just may get bigger rewards.

    Pretty glad about the hockey because the A team will play all their home matches plus practising once a week on Paarl Gym High School's hockey astro and may develope his game immense.

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