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Super Rugby Rnd 3 2020 Brumbies v Highlanders @ Canberra - Saturday February 15th 7:15pm AEDT

Discussion in 'Rugby Matches' started by RoffsChoice, Feb 12, 2020.

  1. RoffsChoice Jim Lenehan (48)

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    Brumbies with the chance to set get closer to a new record for wins in a row at home, and could snap a four game losing streak against the Highlanders to make it a 4-4 split in the Super Rugby era.
  2. Brumby Runner Rod McCall (65)

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    Apparently, chances are that Swain will be fit to return. Via the bench? I thought the combo of Douglas and Neville went good enough that they might be retained for this game.

    Anyone know how Cusack and Sio are progressing. Assuming both out, then team could be something like :

    1 Slipper
    2 Fainga'a
    3 Ala'alatoa
    4 Douglas
    5 Neville
    6 Valetini
    7 Samu
    8 McCaffrey
    9 Powell
    10 Lolesio
    11 Kata
    12 Simone
    13 Kuridrani
    14 Wright
    15 Banks

    16 McInerney
    17 Lloyd
    18 Ross
    19 Swain
    20 Miller
    21 Lonergan
    22 Keunzle
    23 Muirhead
  3. Brumby Jack Steve Williams (59)

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    ^ reckon you'd see Miller ahead of McCaffrey in the starting 15 if Cusack is ruled out.

    And if they win it's 11 home games in a row, 13 is the record from 96-98.
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  4. Brumby Runner Rod McCall (65)

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    Probably right BJ but McCaffrey was very impressive against the Rebels A side, and I presume he was only in that game to prove his fitness which he did with a non-stop exhibition.

    Also wondering where Vui is in all this? Didn't get time in the game against Rebels A last week. Is he injured or out of favour? For the record, Bo Abra looked an excellent prospect again last week as did McDonald (?) in the second row and Porter on the wing. Actually, quite a few very good performances I thought.
  5. Brumby Jack Steve Williams (59)

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    Highlanders: 1-Ayden Johnstone, 2-Liam Coltman, 3-Siate Tokolahi, 4-Jesse Parete, 5-Josh Dixon, 6-Shannon Frizell, 7-James Lentjes (c), 8-Marino Mikaele Tu'u, 9-Aaron Smith, 10-Mitch Hunt, 11-Jona Nareki, 12-Josh Ioane, 13-Ron Thompson, 14-Patelesio Tomkinson, 15-Josh McKay

    Reserves: 16-Ash Dixon, 17-Daniel Lienert-Brown, 18-Conan O'Donnell 19-Jack Whetton, 20-Dillon Hunt, 21-Kayne Hamington, 22-Michael Collins, 23-Teariki Ben-Nicholas
  6. Dan54 Paul McLean (56)

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    Clan have lost Pari Pari Parkinson through injury.
    Highlanders: Josh McKay, Sio Tomkinson, Rob Thompson, Josh Ioane, Jona Nareki, Mitch Hunt, Aaron Smith, Marino Mikaele-Tu'u, James Lentjes (c), Shannon Frizell, Jesse Parete, Josh Dickson, Siate Tokolahi, Liam Coltman, Ayden Johnstone.
    Replacements: Ash Dixon, Daniel Lienert-Brown, Conan O'Donnell, Jack Whetton, Dillon Hunt, Kayne Hammington, Michael Collins, Teariki Ben-Nicholas
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  7. KiwiM Watty Friend (18)

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    Well at least Highlanders have a proper 6 at 6 this week. That's progress.

    I have uneasy feeling Highlanders feel obligated to give Hunt starts at 10 given they recruited him from Crusaders. If that's the case they'd be better off running Ioane at 15 in my opinion - McKay is fast but very hot/cold at fullback.
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  8. Brumby Jack Steve Williams (59)

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    1. James Slipper
    2. Folau Fainga'a
    3. Allan Alaalatoa (c)
    4. Darcy Swain
    5. Murray Douglas
    6. Rob Valetini
    7. Will Miller
    8. Pete Samu
    9. Joe Powell
    10. Noah Lolesio
    11. Tom Wright
    12. Irae Simone
    13. Tevita Kuridrani
    14. Solomone Kata
    15. Tom Banks

    16. Connal McInerney
    17. Scott Sio
    18. Tom Ross
    19. Cadeyrn Neville
    20. Lachlan McCaffrey
    21. Ryan Lonergan
    22. Len Ikitau
    23. Andy Muirhead
  9. Brumbieman Nicholas Shehadie (39)

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    Interesting - banking on Lolesio to play the full 80? Who covers 10?
  10. Slim 293 George Gregan (70)

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    Simone I guess...
  11. RoffsChoice Jim Lenehan (48)

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    Ikitau is a 13 through-and-through. Those of you who are keen to see Kuridrani at 12, it could happen if Ikitau comes off the bench.
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  12. Brumby Jack Steve Williams (59)

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    Maybe Tom Wright?
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  13. Clawhammer Allen Oxlade (6)

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    It's been raining heavily all day, hopefully it clears up by kick off.
  14. Brumby Runner Rod McCall (65)

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    A real cloud burst half an hour ago, but seems to be fining up from the South right now.
  15. MarkJ Tom Lawton (22)

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    Even if the rain clears by game time, it will already have discouraged people from going. Might be a record low crowd coming up
  16. Brumby Jack Steve Williams (59)

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    Darcy Swain and Irae Simone out with illness.

    Cadeyrn Neville into lock and Len Ikitau into 12.

    Nick Frost and Reesjan Pasitoa onto the bench.
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  17. Bobby Sands Ken Catchpole (46)

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    Not good, but exciting to see Len and Reesjan.
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  18. Tomikin Mark Loane (55)

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    Bugger Simone is a big lost but I think we are good enough to still win, got quaility across the park and expecting some big games from Ikitau and hopefully Pasitoa. Is Barley Kruzel injured or out of favor ?
  19. dru Mark Ella (57)

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    I like the look of this Brumby 15. Kick their kiwi arse boys.
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  20. molman Phil Hardcastle (33)

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    Not a great start
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