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Sydney Subbies 2019

Discussion in 'Subbies Rugby' started by fkj, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. Johnny Drama Sydney Middleton (9)

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  2. HeavyB Alfred Walker (16)

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    Not at all. literally a case of "where the fuck are the colts?" on game day. Very disappointing and didn't see it coming.

    On a more positive note, good win for 1s with a pretty understrength side. Definitely did not have it marked down as a win given our lineup so a nice bonus
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  3. Heavyd Cyril Towers (30)

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    Div 3 Mid season Wrap

    ROBS (1062) Pros: Sitting a top the 1st grade ladder and 3rd in 2s and 3s. Should breeze into finals footy and are a real chance in 1s and 2s for silverware. Playing for a fallen clubman they’ll be motivated.
    Cons: Traditionally solid in Colts it is unusual to seem them struggling.

    Blacktown (1006) Pros: acquitting themselves well in DIV 3 with strong on field discipline seeing them 2nd in 1s and colts in the 4. 2nds still a chase for semis and numbers strong across the grades
    Cons: there aren’t any. Momentum is there’s and I can see them building into the 2nd half of the season.

    Newport (992). Pros: in the Top 4 across the grades with their colts a cut above this years competition.
    Cons: shocking 2nd round draw sees away games to HAC, HV and Blacktown testing the notoriously poor travellers.

    Iggies: (884). Pros: top 4 across the 3 grades and should be every come semis time.
    Cons: have previous Form for mid season fades and the tone will be set starting this weekend away against Newport. A good result there and it’s game on for the rest of the season.

    Beecroft (842). Pros: 1st in 2nds and 3rds and colts look semi finals bound.
    Cons: 1st grade mid table and a few injuries up top could dilute strong 2s and 3s.

    HAC (594). Pros: A physical 2nds outfit.
    Cons: loss of 6 players to two blues and another 6 retirements has decimated their higher grades. Not a patch on the last few year sides and could struggle late for numbers as teams fall out of contention.

    Brothers (378). Pros: 1st grade competitiveness, 4 of last 7 at home.
    Cons: player numbers, last start 98-5 and 45-0 lower grade results (@ home) and a game day colts forefeit tell me it’s going to be tough to hold it together for the rest of the season. Bring it home heavyb.

    HV (278). Pros: surprisingly the disappointment of 2019 after such a strong season last year but always come home strong and 4/7 at home will help.
    Cons: injuries and players drifting away due to losing touch with semis will test their club mettle.

    1st grade: GF. ROBS vs Blacktown. Winner ROBS
    2nd grade GF. Beecroft vs Newport. Winner Beecroft
    Colts GF. Newport vs Blacktown. Winner Newport
    3rd Grade GF. Beecroft vs Newport . Winner Newport
  4. HeavyB Alfred Walker (16)

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    Pretty fair assessment I must say Heavyd. I'd have to say I definitely got the first whiff on the weekend of Beecroft potentially realising they won't be there at the business end in 1's. The best players in their club play 2nd grade and may make cameos in 1sts off the bench. Very strong 2nds side. The 2nds pack dwarfs the 1sts as well.

    However, I often wonder if this is pretty normal at clubs with more depth that if you don't come to training etc, you will play 2nds and the guy that turns up gets the start in 1sts. Obviously we can't afford to do that. Some blokes won't train all year and play 1sts every week.
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  5. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    Another pile of Halligan games this weekend. Menai might win the Halligan Cup without having filled out a single team sheet correctly ;)

    Petersham v King's Old Boys II (Leichhardt Oval #2) 09:50 AM
    Petersham 4ths v King's Old Boys (Leichhardt Oval #2) 10:45 AM
    Lindfield 4ths v Menai (Soldiers Memorial Park #2) 10:25 AM

    Briars v Sydney Harlequins (Rothwell Park) 10:30 AM

    Colleagues 6ths v Sydney Convicts (Woollahra Oval #3) 12:00 PM

    Lindfield v Mosman 7ths (Soldiers Memorial Park #2) 12:30 PM

    Hunters Hill v Forest (Boronia Park) 01:00 PM

    Wakehurst v Lane Cove (Wakehurst Rugby Park) 02:00 PM

    Good to see Wakehurst and Covies getting out 2 teams each.
  6. HeavyB Alfred Walker (16)

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    Mosman 7ths. yuck
  7. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    Yeah its kind of fucked when I'm part of a club that is struggling to put out 1 Grade some weeks .
  8. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    That, and with Round 1 being completed, the stack-back for finals starts to take effect.
  9. getemonsidesir Frank Row (1)

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    What's happened to this forum! real lack of tipping going on here. I've followed it for years so maybe I better let my expert knowledge be known to all

    Div 1
    Balmain v Petersham- not hard here Petersham by plenty! Ill call it now Balmain to do the Beecroft a few years ago and drop down to Div 4
    Knox v Mosman- Mosman just to much class over an improving Knox side
    Waverley v Blue Mountains- Mountain men if they travel well, expect it to be a forward dominated clash given the amount of rain there's been and the state Waverley Oval cricket pitch will be in
    Colleagues v Drummoyne- Drummoyne to good for an indifferent colleagues side who are struggling for consistency

    Div 2
    UNSW v Epping- this will be interesting. UNSW have lost their last 3 games by 2 points against the current Top 3. Epping much the same but were belted last week by Hunters. Expect this to be a close one that Epping should sneak home in with their season depending on it
    Lindfield v Barker- Think this will be slaughter. Lindfield to be dominant at Scrum and lineout time over a Barker side that appears to be only be able to play in broken play. A slippery Old Soldiers Memorial on Ladies Day isn't the place to be this weekend. Lindfield by plenty
    Hills v St Pats- This looks like it could be a cracker. Top of the Table clash with not much appearing to separate both sides based off the early season clash. To close to call this one but will say Hills based off Home Ground advantage
    HH v Forest- Interesting match up this one after being spanked earlier in the season Hunters have shown vast improvement and Forest have lost 2 and been pushed to the limits in their last outing. Ladies Day at Boronia should make for some interesting viewing. Hunters maybe just based off momentum from last up win

    Div 3
    Valley v HAC- How many cards in this one lads? Valley pushed Iggies all the way last week and HAC were well short on Numbers last week at porters. This will be a dog fight but will go with HAC to get up at McQuade
    Newport v Iggies- This looks like a decent clash. 2 Sides in the Top 4 Iggies will want to grab the win to give themselves some breathing space, where Newport if they win could potentially overtake them. Reckon the Home side to sneak home in this one based off recent form
    Redfield v Beecroft- Beecroft to be pumped here. They've already got their sights on lower grades finals series and even if they do select their teams correctly its hard to see them matching it with a very strong Redfield side
    Brothers v Blacktown- All depends what Brothers side shows up on the day. Another ground would hate to be playing at after last weekends weather especially If they had kids playing on it on Sunday. Ill go with Blacktown as they are continuing to be the surprise packets of 2019
  10. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    Bugger. Dee Why forfeited. Anyone want to come to Kellyville Park #3 for a game? Block of beer in it ;)
  11. Rumour Ronald Herbert Moran (7)

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    Rheumatoid Rhonald. Like a Greek with a crook back, Arthur Itis, I crack you up with the banter and leave you in awe with my tipping.

    Shammies, Dirty Red Bastards, Whalers, Goats

    Old Soldier by loads, Pats by loads, Epping by loads and Hunters Hill loading up the paper bags of old (they are sniffing Balmain's blood in the water and have "acquired" some new cattle. they are making moves right now to play for div2 glory and hope for div1 reinstatement. After getting news from the spies, I'm re-evaluating my GF tip to be Pats vs HH.

    Brothers, Breakers, Agriculturals, God Squad

    Berries, Briars, Irish, Merrylands

    Lice, Lions, Burra

    Cove, Raptors and Pfitzy's mob by default. Congrats on shaking off the nudie run.
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  12. Heavyd Cyril Towers (30)

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    Are you saying HH has recruited from Balmain or just picked up other players mid season?
  13. Seagull Butler Herbert Moran (7)

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    Sorry to disappoint but tomorrow is our Back to Boronia Day rather than Ladies Day. The sideline view is expected to be substantially different.
  14. The Burke Stan Wickham (3)

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    Div 1 - dirty reds, Petersham, Mosman, Mountains
    Div 2 - St Pats, Lindfield, HH, Epping
    Div 3 - Redfield, HAC, Old Iggies, Blacktown
    Div 4 - Berries, Quinn's, Briars, Irish
    Div 5 - Lice, Lions, Burra
    Div 6 - Raptors, Covies, Renegades

    As a tipster, it would be nice if we knew teamlists before hand. There doesn't seem to be any consistent performances across Div 3 and Div2 as well. Div 4 is probably the most predictable. As teams start stacking lower grades for end of season glory, things in each Div might change fast.
  15. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    Thanks. Not the way we wanted to do it, as Dee Why / Terrey Hills / Warringah are significantly less threatening without the Warringah bit.

    But I'll take it
  16. Rumour Ronald Herbert Moran (7)

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    Team lists look pretty different to a few weeks back
  17. Heavyd Cyril Towers (30)

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    Where are they coming from mid season?
  18. Heavyd Cyril Towers (30)

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    Good subbies rugby at Porters today. Not a bad crowd considering Rats at home and how friggin cold it was.

    Competitive footy all day and 1sts came back from 19-12 to score 19 unanswered points, with two yellow cards to boot. Breakers are Only a small side but super fit and super quick. Best defensive unit in the comp.

    Twos a real arm wrestle and undefeated colts came back to salvage a draw against a very solid Iggies colts outfit.

    Ref in 3s was comical but Iggies deserved the win running around a very young and large 3rd grade side that will be hard to beat come finals time.
  19. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    Balmain beat Petersham??
  20. Heavyd Cyril Towers (30)

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    And Blue Mountains appear to have fallen of a cliff.

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