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Sydney Subbies 2019

Discussion in 'Subbies Rugby' started by fkj, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. Rugby Central Charlie Fox (21)

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    I like the thinking. However, promotion needs to be voluntary between Div 2 and localized comp(s). No point forcing a club up that won't be competitive on numbers or results.

    And; while I'm unsure of how to make it work logistically, if we are looking at the benefit of rugby more generally, Western Sydney needs to be treated separately from North/South. When you live west of Parramatta (west of the Pacific Highway in Rugby circles) you don't see yourself as "North or South". Whether through necessity, political expediency or rejectionist pride; the parochialism and belief in a "Greater Western Sydney" is too big to ignore. For the good of the game and development of a future for Rugby, Sydney's West needs to be given something of it's own.
  2. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    A little shitty at the mo, because Hills Council failed to get one of their new facilities ready in time for Season 2019.

    This means the soccer clubs are NOT moving out of Kellyville Park, which means the Renegades stay where they are (no change sheds or showers, no ground watering, sharing with fucking soccer) for all of next season. Soccer are unlikely to move mid-season so that's about it. Fucking bullshit IMHO but not unexpected because Council.

    Western Sydney is at the point of taking something of its own because it isn't being given anything - not that I think many clubs are.

    In any case, we're talking to Western Sydney Two Blues about some new concepts for Juniors and Senior rugby across the broader Western Sydney area. Because that's now our jam.

    Who knows? It could grow into its own competition using a similar structure to rural unions where graded clubs go up against each other at different levels.
  3. Lindommer Steve Williams (59)

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    Don't forget Eastwood's future endeavours in greater western Sydney. That's if they can find pegs to fit...;)
  4. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    Bastards are already trying to expand into Box Hill via Dural Juniors I understand.

    Anyway, in terms of our senior rugby we've got a couple of good blokes for coaches and will look to build on the 2 years of my Presidency by fielding 2 Grades every week.
  5. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    Not sharing with soccer. No shared ground markings and I finally get to tell the guy driving the mower to lift the fucking thing up a bit!
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  6. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    With the top three divisions decided, I'm now thinking about Divs 4-6 and TBH I can't see a lot moving around from last year.

    Division 4
    With Div 3 locked in, though you'd really have to question how long Brothers can keep going the way they are, Div 4 is likely to have the same clubs running around as last year, and it would be a big ask for clubs in 5th Division to join them with the possible exception of Lane Cove. That sucks, as bye weekends are no fun for anyone except Halligan Cup sides looking for a gig.

    Macquarie Uni
    Sydney Harlequins
    Sydney Irish

    What would be good for these sides is to start building Colts teams for Radford Cup, as despite the inconvenience, it will provide the base for taking over a Division 3 spot when the time arises.

    Division 5 & 6
    The big question for the bottom 2 divisions: how many clubs can get 2 teams on the park regularly? In order of probability

    Lane Cove will do it without doubt, if they're not moving up to 4th Division, not wishing to squander their hard work in rebuilding toward three Grades + Colts, but they'll be gnashing their teeth at a lack of regular opponents if they stay in 5th Division.

    Merrylands might, but they seem to have almost imploded at the back end of last season, going from front runners to getting dished up in the finals without some of their first-line players (league commitments got in the way? The rumour mill is sluggish on this one). They won the Noice Cup last year so they should, but speaking to some of their people last year, everything is a year-by-year prospect with their playing group.

    Convicts have a non-Bingham year, which puts a big question mark over their numbers.

    Renegades Rugby are keen, but ambition and reality don't always align ;)

    Menai bloody well should, having won nearly every trophy up for grabs in their recent existence, but probably won't on a fulltime basis as they seem to struggle for numbers away from home.

    Maccabi probably won't. Not sure on their status as they seem to lull a bit in the years outside Maccabiah Games.

    Alexandria Dukes struggled with numbers and might opt for 6th Division, though the opponents will be no easier.

    Savers are unlikely, having a fairly transient roster and massive recruitment pressures from higher divisions in the area - hell at one point they were saying Marlins asked them to send over a couple of props for lower grades! Get stuffed!

    Of those in Div 6 this year, you wouldn't bet on Dundas even being around, or many of the other clubs seriously considering a move to 5th Division.

    My concern is that we'll end up with a couple of clubs pulling the pin, and a big fat 5th Division with no home & away.
  7. BJT Frank Row (1)

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    How is everyone looking for the season, numbers wise? Heard barker have already committed to not fielding a 4th grade in Div 2, not a great sign..
  8. southsider Arch Winning (36)

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    I think north cronulla will be a team in the near future who will be able to field two teams. Given their year of success, association with the surf club and southern districts as well giving guys a rugby playing option that doesn’t mean training 2-3 times a week like southern do
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  9. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    It is a good option but you need to keep an eye on your momentum. Winning the comp with what I'm told is a relatively young batch of guys is great. Is it true a lot of them were Burraneer juniors? I hear that's a strong junior club so that would sting a bit. We played Burraneer years ago in a 2-team comp and they were pretty good.

    If the divisions combine, the travel for us would be murder if we draw three clubs down south. Almost worth having a 5th Division on the north side and 6th on the south with

    Dee Why

    Sea Lice

    I'm assuming Dundas Valley are goneskis at this point, so hoping another club can jump in and fill the void.
  10. southsider Arch Winning (36)

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    From what I've heard they are mainly local ex-southern districts players (so yes majority would've either come from Burraneer or Sylvania junior clubs) and a few leaguies thrown in. I'm not sure it would sting Burra too much, back when these guys were juniors Burra wasn't near as big a club as it is now. There also doesn't seem to be alot of unison between junior and senior club unlike say, Oatley or Canterbury down south.

    i would be 10000% behind a north and south harbor split, i think most of those teams would be able to field 2 sides if travel is reduced
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  11. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    I forgot Kings OB who only played Halligan last year. Wonder if they're any chance of going into regular competition?
  12. Danny Dribbler Frank Row (1)

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    Welcome back to 2019. Looks like some things don't change in subbies rugby.

    - Who is the all too familiar coach on G&G who got the boot after 1 too many indiscretions with the board in the off season?
    - Who is the big name player moving clubs in Div 1 to chase a Premiership before time runs out?
    - Who is the main player on G&G who hasn't stopped whinging since 1973, even though he has paid for a couple of new coaches to sort the club out? We do love your passion Putzy so hopefully you will be happy all of 2019. Fingers crossed you can win 2 games this year.
    - Which club in Div 2 is already contemplating not putting in a 4th grade team due to budget restraints?
  13. Danny Dribbler Frank Row (1)

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    Just a side note, with all of the player & coaching movements in the off season, who are we tipping as the major forces this year? Here are my early 1st grade tips. Shammies to make it a 3peat, Snicks is the best coach not coaching a Shute Shield team. HH to dominate 2nd Div, closely followed by a rejuvenated Lindfield. Ag to destroy 3rd Div in a no contest but then cry about getting promoted in 2020. Oatley to win Div 4 now that Junior Paulo is back in Sydney so expect a few new recruits for them. Merrylands to surprise Div 5.
  14. Heavyd Cyril Towers (30)

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    Still can not comprehend how you win 1st and 2nd grade with plenty of 100-0 results and you don’t go up. Expect 200-0 results this year and hopefully not serious injury.
  15. Ozzie Bob Ted Thorn (20)

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    Do we not think the likes of Beecroft and Redfield will keep HAC honest this year?

  16. The Year Of Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Hearing it here 1st folks. HAC's coach has move to the next level (Parramatta).

    Rebuilding year for HAC (lots of colts, also plenty of retirements or having a go at the next level).

    HAC should still be ok but not going to win games 100-0
  17. Prodigy Syd Malcolm (24)

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    That makes two coaches from Subbies last year in the grade ranks at Parramatta.
  18. HeavyB Alfred Walker (16)

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    HAC should have gone up before Barker. Give me a game against Barker over HAC any day..

    The physicality HAC bring is on another level for div 3. As quick as teams like Redfield and Beecroft are, they're just going to get bashed plain and simple.

    I can't believe they haven't gone up.
  19. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    Just when you thought the discussion about fences was going to be the low point of this thread in 2019, some mental midget comes along and trumps them before they even get going.
  20. Pfitzy Tim Horan (67)

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    The system continues to eat itself, west of the M3.

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