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The Mighty Two Blues

Discussion in 'Parramatta' started by blues recovery, Apr 25, 2011.

  1. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    How did the games against Uni-Norths in Canberra go?

    @Wazza2013, any BBQ report?
  2. 2bluesfan Nev Cottrell (35)

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    Scores from their Twitter feed:
    1st Grade defeat Uni-Norths 41-7
    Two Blues Reserve Grade defeat Uni-Norths 50-12

    No further details.
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  3. Wazza2013 Fred Wood (13)

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    I didn't make the trip to Canberra. Was toiling away with the working bee.

    It was good to fire up the Two BLues BBQ again.

    Happy with the results listed above by 2bluesfan
  4. BellyTwoBlues Guest

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    2016 Season Memberships are now open!
    Renew or become a member in 2016 and receive great discounts on entry to matches and be present when you hear our song ring out:

    For more information, watch the video, and go to http://twobluesrugby.com.au/ for more information
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  5. Wazza2013 Fred Wood (13)

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    All ready for round 1 Saturday.

    Will be there nice and early for a great day of
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  6. BellyTwoBlues Guest

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    Well we're off and running. The weather gods looked after us all yesterday, was a sensational day, sunny, cool breeze, hopefully autumn is now upon us. This ludicrous draw has us playing the first 4 rounds at home, a 'punishment' for not having a cricket pitch in the middle of the field with a run from round 11 to 15 all away including Randwick, Manly, Warringah and Eastwood.

    Randwick set the bar high early at Merrylands RSL Club Rugby Park also, in Two Blues Burger sales. Can the 3 people from MMM who'll turn up on Friday do the same? And yes, we'll be doing fish burgers.
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  7. 2bluesfan Nev Cottrell (35)

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    I am extremely happy to be able read match reports for the Grade matches on the weekend. Tulls and Thommo are good writers, and Brett K (and sometimes Rachel C) are doing a great job with the photos! I know it's a tough job, but this overseas supporter appreciates it! Thanks to all at Parra who make this happen.
    2016 The Year of the West. We can do this.
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  8. Wazza2013 Fred Wood (13)

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    I too have missed the match reports.

    Whenever I can't make a game. The combo of match report and photos on the website,make me feel like I haven't missed out completely.

    Though whenever I don't make a game, and read thommos match report. Mrs Wazza cannot understand why I am yelling at my laptop... It's obvious , After reading Thommos report , I realise that we did no wrong and the ref was obviously against us. ( win or lose )

    Hey, it's on the net it must be true ..
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  9. Wazza2013 Fred Wood (13)

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    Well done to 2nds , 3rds 4ths and 5ths for their strong wins yesterday.
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  10. BellyTwoBlues Guest

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    For the first time in a loooooooooonnnnnnnnnngggggggggg time I felt the volunteer staff and I had a relatively stress free day. Too hot for football no doubt, would much have preferred to be sunning myself on Elizabeth Beach, Forster with the bride but nonetheless all seemed to go ok. Wonder why it felt different?

    Perhaps it was the assistance of the lower grade players who rolled their sleeves up and helped out in the canteen when it was needed the most. Thanks to Pimple and Jono.

    As for the footy, 1st Grade didn't go according to plan, but we still showed some strong moments. As the team learns to gel with other we'll get stronger and stronger each week. There's plenty to work with and importantly plenty to work on. Knowing our Coaches like I do, I think they wouldn't have it any other way. They are about teaching the players the art of game management. We knew we had a lot of work to do, and we have made some great progress, but we also knew there'd be some hiccups along the way. Well done to Wests for seizing the day and best of luck for the rest of the season.

    As for lower grades, it was a great day. You know when it's great when a chirpy coach has penned his match report with some poetic creativity. I loved it.

    Here it is for everyone else's enjoyment.

    Go Parra!


    ‘Are they gunna win today’, he said?
    I said, ‘well I dunno’
    The boys trained well all through the week
    But they’ve still all got to show

    I was standing at the gate way to
    The Rugby field at home
    With this thin, scant haired gentleman
    Who keeps asking for a poem

    ‘We’ve got three teams to play today
    ‘In the lower grades’, said I
    ‘Surely we’ll snag one’ he said
    ‘Hope so’ was my reply.

    I looked around the park once or twice
    The players all filed in
    The captains got them all prepared
    For the intended historic win.

    Fifths played the first game of the day
    Against a local team
    We scored real quick, then went to sleep
    It’s enough to make you scream

    Finally the penny dropped
    That it’s more fun with the ball
    Score and score again we did
    We kept possession – that’s all

    Fours decided to be fair again
    And let the others in
    Despite being the team on top
    It looked like we’d not win

    A few well chosen words were said
    Not fit to be in ink
    From our captain coach, Lui
    The players finally made to think

    It’s really not all that hard
    To hold onto the pill
    To play a game well organised
    And not look like a dill

    The whistle finally blew full time
    Parra’s five points in the lead
    We’d done our best to lose it
    Lui’s words they at last did heed

    ‘Two from three the gent’ exclaimed
    ‘That result was good to hear’
    ‘Yep’ said I with some relief
    As the second game caused much fear

    Thirds ran onto the home ground turf
    Expectations they were high
    The first half was explosive
    As we ran in many a try.

    The opposition had no answer
    To the onslaught that we heaped
    Until the second half came ‘round
    And we went to bloody sleep

    We need to learn that games are won
    And lost in final plays
    We need to keep the pedal down
    To ensure our winning ways

    There was no scare in this event
    Too far in front were we
    But in a closer contest
    Unhappy we might be

    ‘How good d’ya feel’ the gent inquired
    Not talking ‘bout my health
    ‘Three from three’ he said with glee
    The smile all ‘bout his mouth

    Christini’s, the one I’d like to tell,
    That in third grade did arrive
    Finally a thing called structure
    And that I’m still alive
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  11. JimmyLan Allen Oxlade (6)

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    Is that the poetic genius Mark Tully? Brilliant!
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  12. Wazza2013 Fred Wood (13)

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    A thanks to BellyTwoBlues for last weekend.

    I was down the coast with no internet or TV access.

    To keep me informed ,BellyTwoBlues txt me a try by try update.

    The work of a GM is never done. Thanks again Belly.
  13. Blackers13 Syd Malcolm (24)

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  14. wamberal Simon Poidevin (60)

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    I saw an obituary in the SMH today for the passing of Graham Galloway, a former Parramatta fullback. He was safe and solid, and a very good goal kicker.

    I gather that he attended Kings. Those were the days, when Kings old boys played for a western Sydney club!
  15. Blackers13 Syd Malcolm (24)

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  16. Blackers13 Syd Malcolm (24)

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  17. Eyes and Ears Arch Winning (36)

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    Well done, Blackers!
  18. GunnerDownUnder Jim Clark (26)

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    Great news, well done the MTBs!
  19. Blackers13 Syd Malcolm (24)

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    Lidcombe Oval looking good to host Colts V Uni round 1

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