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The Poster who you would most want to have a beer with

Discussion in 'G&GR Scarf Awards 2011' started by barbarian, Jan 23, 2012.


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    Dan54 i seem to agree and disagree so often. Would have a good Rugby convo methink. No Homo.
  2. Empire Syd Malcolm (24)

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    Yourmatesam - Easts old boy, volunteer and the like. Would make for an interesting evening!
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  3. spectator Bob Davidson (42)

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    I'd reckon an ale or two with Ruggo, Mr Timms and Gagger would be enjoyable.my three nominees.
  4. lincoln Bob Loudon (25)

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    Inside Shoulder and G_78_XV_V on March 10
  5. barbarian Nick Farr-Jones (63)

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    Please explain?
  6. Swat Chilla Wilson (44)

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    Looks like Lincoln has already have a few beers with himself
  7. mjw Larry Dwyer (12)

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    Mr Timms, Gagger, Moses
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  8. spooony Ron Walden (29)

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  9. daz Guest

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    The fact that cyclo is a past champion of this award just shows how deeply flawed this process is.


    TBH for mine.
  10. cyclopath Phil Waugh (73)

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    Or how deeply flawed our members are!
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  11. yourmatesam Bob Davidson (42)

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    Back at you Empire - Might be able to make this happen. I'll be in Canberra on the 18th and 19th Feb for the Level 2 Referee Course.
  12. Inside Shoulder Nathan Sharpe (72)

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    I actually did have a beer with him in December.and he has no idea its me that is Inside Shoulder..he also wasnt sure that he was 5 (hence, V).he thought he may have been 4! But IV was there and set him straight - I think.
  13. Empire Syd Malcolm (24)

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    Queanbeyan 7's on the sat, will probably be wrecked afterwards (!). Other wise, a beer after a comp match if you manage t get up this way. Or a trial match somewhere.

    It will happen. Be good to have a few blokes around for it too.

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