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US College Rugby Player Paralyzed in national title

Discussion in 'Rugby Discussion' started by RugbyFuture, May 11, 2017.

  1. RugbyFuture Lord Logo

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    Every rugby player, family and team's nightmare has come true in america for this family, thought I would post for awareness.


  2. The Honey Badger Ken Catchpole (46)

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    Sorry to hear this, and comes after a serious injury to a Newington boy 2 weeks ago in a trial game,

    Well here is the challenge for our administrators. The Holy Grail must be to eliminate these life changing (and sometimes life ending) injuries from the game.

    If they could manage that, then we would not have enough parks to play the games because of the demand. Dont underestimate how many kids want to play but are stopped by parents.

    I believe it is an achievable goal, but would require some considerable changes to the game. I for one would support anything that made the game safer, I have my own ideas which I wont post now.

    The game has evolved so much from when Bill Ellis picked up a soccer ball and started running. It was still then a derivation of Soccer and was a kicking game, which is why we have field goals.

    The game has become far more physical and all about the contact and played more and more by very big men.

    One thing I do agree with Alan Jones is that we should be running at the holes not abscessed with winning the contact.
  3. wamberal David Codey (61)

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    Unfortunately the possibility of serious injury will always exist in a contact sport.

    Of course a lot more could be done to minimise the risks.

    But the risk will always be there. Even just jumping in a lineout can cause serious injury, if the lifters do not do their job properly, or if the lifted player overbalances.

    Some years ago I was asked to visit a young man who had been rendered a quadriplegic after an accident at training, just a park footballer, he had been practising lineouts, and had been dropped on his head.
  4. Inside Shoulder Nathan Sharpe (72)

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    There's more chance of being rendered a quadriplegic driving to the game than during the game.
    I think there's a name for our human inability to recognise the reality of stats like that.
    None of which changes the tragedy in this case.
    Kick & Chase ran a story about this fellow from Quins in Melbourne: https://www.youcaring.com/medical-fundraiser/maciu-matthew-vosa-needs-your-help-/353837
    Do what you can
  5. The Honey Badger Ken Catchpole (46)

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    Thanks IS, wasn't aware of that one. I put in $50, be nice if everyone on G&G did the same. Think most in this place wouldn't notice that amount.
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  6. lou75 Ron Walden (29)

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    great idea and a good reminder to do it now

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