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Which Clubs are the Class of 2014 going to?

Discussion in 'Schoolboy Rugby' started by Hugh Jarse, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. Dctarget Geoff Shaw (53)

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    Sione (12 for the Aus school boys) is going to Melbourne Uni.
  2. Highlander35 Paul McLean (56)

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    Imagine that. Deciding to play for the club that will pay for both of your degrees.
  3. Dctarget Geoff Shaw (53)

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    Yeah he's on a scholarship there, probably helps the choice.
  4. Tah and feathered Watty Friend (18)

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    Ned Yeomans to Easts in Sydney?
    Good addition.
  5. pablo Darby Loudon (17)

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    Highlander, you would have to imagine that he'll be back at Souths not long after.
  6. Brian Westlake Arch Winning (36)

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    Yes, if it comes to fruition. I heard he was headed your way with a job and car @sths
  7. Tah and feathered Watty Friend (18)

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    I had heard they were talking to Ned but heard he was joining Easts with a number of mates who went to Stannies.
  8. rugby@2014 Stan Wickham (3)

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    whose going to norths?
  9. HJ Nelson Vay Wilson (31)

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  10. Tah and feathered Watty Friend (18)

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    Henry Hutchinson to Randwick
  11. Brainstrust Watty Friend (18)

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    heard that also..You would assume that the boys from that strong Norths age group that haven't been mentioned elsewhere will play at Norths. Emery, Summerhayes and Freeman would most likely find their way to Norths. But it is one club that not much is being said about. Also sounds like Gordon have apparently picked up a pretty good roster this year. That will be great for them after struggling for numbers in colts over the last few years.
  12. rugby@2014 Stan Wickham (3)

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    some scots boys to norths
  13. AussieDominance Trevor Allan (34)

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    Evan Pritchard to Manly (Was a Norths Junior).
  14. Done that Ron Walden (29)

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    Yeomans to Easts.
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  15. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Hugh Summerhayes (Norths Junior and Cranbrook) seems to have hitched his wagon to the Corporation, along with Banjo Travers (Norths Junior, and Joeys) and James Kane (Kings, and Eastwood Junior) according to the Sydney University Report on the Crescent Head 7's.

  16. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    Henry Hutchison is with the Brumbies. Not what sure what John 1 Dent Cup Club he will be assigned to.

    Confirmed by @Lee Grant's Match Report between NSW Gen Blue and ACT Brumbies A team at TG Milner.
  17. Tah and feathered Watty Friend (18)

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    Ned has done a knee and out for 8 months. Terrible news and rugby can be a real bitch sometimes
  18. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    This from the Wicks website confirms that Hutchison will be running around in Myrtle Green when not needed for U20 rep duties.
  19. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    QPR kicked off last weekend.

    Anyone done the analysis on the Colts teamlists posted on Rugbylink?

    Here are the young men from QLD that are of interest:

    Combined States 2014
    4. James GALL Anglican Church Grammar School (QLD)
    7. Martin KOORTZ Brisbane State High School (QLD)
    9. Max DEMPSEY Brisbane Boys College (QLD)
    11. Hugo DOESSEL Anglican Church Grammar School (QLD)
    13. Regan GLYNN St Patrick’s College Shorncliffe (QLD)
    16. Brad UNDI The Southport School (QLD)
    18. Thomas O’TOOLE Padua College (QLD)
    19. Jeremey GIMPEL Anglican Church Grammar School (QLD)
    20. Matt FEAUAI-SAUTIA Brisbane State High School (QLD)
    22. Hamish STEWART Toowoomba Grammar School (QLD)
    23. Samuel HICKS St. Columban’s College (QLD)

    Queensland Schools Red
    1. Gavin LUKA, St Joseph’s Nudgee College
    2. Alex MAFI, St Joseph’s Nudgee College
    3. Shambeckler VUI, Ipswich Grammar School
    4. Darcy TAIMUA-SWAIN, Brisbane Boys College
    5. Reece HEWAT, St Joseph’s Nudgee College
    6. Tuaina TUALIMA, Brisbane State High School
    7. Connor MORONEY, St Joseph’s College Gregory Terrace, QLD UNI
    8. Harley FOX, Anglican Church Grammar School
    9. Harry NUCIFORA, Anglican Church Grammar School, BOND UNI
    10. Alex HORAN, St Joseph’s College Gregory Terrace, QLD UNI
    11. Joey FITTOCK, The Southport School
    12. Calvin PRITCHARD, St Joseph’s Nudgee College
    13. Dean BENDER, Toowoomba Grammar School
    14. Sam EDWARDS, Brisbane Boys College
    15. Clifton SETU, St Edmund’s College, QLD UNI

    16. Josvyn SOKIMI, Ipswich Grammar School, SUNNYBANK
    17. Joshua TAYLOR, The Southport School
    18. Peter FLITCROFT, Pacific Lutheran College
    19. Daniel BYRNE, Marist College Ashgrove
    20. Jack FARRELL, Brisbane Boys College
    21. Harry PARCELL, Ipswich Grammar School
    22. Fred DORROUGH, The Southport School
    23. Tyrone SOUTHORN, Brisbane State High School

    Queensland Schools White
    1. Richie ASIATA, Anglican Church Grammar School
    2. Josh WEBB, Anglican Church Grammar School
    3. James McCOLL, Toowoomba Grammar School, QLD UNI
    4. Dylan LEYLAND, Brisbane Boys College
    5. Jacob ELORDI, St Joseph’s Nudgee College
    6. Angus SCOTT- YOUNG, Anglican Church Grammar School
    7. PJ VAN DEN BERG, The Southport School
    8. Agassi STOWERS, St Joseph’s Nudgee College
    9. Eli PILZ, St Joseph’s Nudgee College
    10. Liam McNAMARA, Brisbane State High School
    11. Tyrone HUSSEY, St Joseph’s Nudgee College
    12. Matthew SMIT, Brisbane State High School
    13. Jim HENJAK, Brisbane State High School
    14. Christopher AFAMASAGA, St Francis College
    15. Geoffrey ROBERTSON, Ipswich Grammar School

    16. Jordan TUPAI - UI, St Columban’s College, NORTHS
    17. Johann KOORTS, Brisbane State High School
    18. Luke PETERSON, Brisbane Boys College
    19. Masi GANITA, Sunnybank State High School
    20. Liam WRIGHT, Anglican Church Grammar School
    21. Reuben WALL, St Joseph’s College Gregory Terrace
    22. Brock McNULTY, St Edmund’s College
    23. Kailab COVENTRY, Kirwan State High School

    Plus a few young men called up to National Championships for injuries.
    Izack RHODDA, Ipswich Grammar, Injured for National Championships but selected for Schoolboys.

    I see a few of these young men are in serious consideration for Qld U20 team.
  20. Hugh Jarse Rocky Elsom (76)

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    The destination of all the NSW Class of 2014 should be known in about 3 weeks (round 2 of Colts).

    Here is my first attempt to cobble the list:

    NSW 1
    Position, Name, School/Association
    1. LHP Phil BRADFORD, Hunter Sports High/CHS, The Wanderers (NSW Country: Newcastle) - Aust Barbarian U20 Duty/Premier 1
    2. H Ed CRAIG, Epping Boys High/CHS, EASTWOOD - NSW U20 Duty/Colts 1
    3. THP Vunipola FIFITA, Newington/GPS, RANDWICK - NSW U20 Duty/Colts1/Grade 2
    4. RL Tobias RUDOLF, The Scots College/GPS, LOIG - Bunnies U20
    5. LL Tom PIRODDI, Newington/GPS, SCHOOL
    6. BSF John WALKER, St Augustines/ISA, LOIG - Manly- Team Rehab 2015
    7. OSF Lachlan ANDERSON, Oakhill College/ISA, SCHOOL
    8. No 8 Angus CRICHTON, The Scots College/GPS, LOIG - Bunnies U20
    9. Half Harrison GODDARD, Oakhill/ISA, SCHOOL
    10. Fly half Connor O’SHEA, St Josephs College/GPS, UNIVERSITY- Team Rehab?
    11. Wing Sepsa TAROGI, Newington/GPS, SCHOOL
    12. IC Luke LOUGH, St Augustines/ISA, SCHOOL
    13. OC Henry HUTCHISON, St Ignatius/GPS, RANDWICK - NSW U20 Duty/2nd Grade
    14. Wing Connor WATSON, Knox Grammar/CAS, LOIG - Chooks U20
    15. FB Guy PORTER, The Scots College/GPS, UNIVERSITY- Team Rehab?
    16. H James WIDDERS-LEECE, Knox Grammar/CAS, LOIG - Bunnies U20
    17. LHP Hosea FOTUKAVA, St Ignatius/GPS, GORDON - Team Rehab?
    18. THP Will McRAE, St Augustines/ISA, SCHOOL
    19. L Andrew VATUVEI, Sarah Redfern High School/CHS, PARRAMATTA- Colts 1
    20. BR Hugh SUMMERHAYES, Cranbrook/CAS, UNIVERSITY - Colts 1
    21. Half Stephen KIRBY, Barker/CAS, GORDON - Team Rehab?
    22. IB David SMERDON, Barker/CAS, GORDON - Colts 1
    23. OB Sione AFU, St Augustines/ISA, MANLY - Colts 1

    NSW 2
    Position, Name, School/Association
    1. LHP Melie LAIMANI, Newington/GPS, ??
    2. H Evan PRITCHARD, St Ignatius/GPS, NORTHS- Colts 1
    3. THP Jacob SEDGMAN, The Scots College/GPS, NORTHS- Colts 1
    4. RL Nathaniel GITTOES, St Josephs College/GPS, SCHOOL
    5. LL Will FINLEY, Lisarow High School/CHS, NORTHS- Colts 1
    6. BSF Nick BURKETT, Barker/CAS, GORDON - Colts 1
    7. OSF Declan MOORE, St Andrews Cathedral School/ISA, UNIVERSITY- Colts 1
    8. No 8 James LOUGH, St Augustines/ISA, GORDON - Colts 1
    9. Half Nick DUFFY, St Josephs College/GPS, UNIVERSITY- Colts 1
    10. Fly half James DAY, Oakhill/ISA, EASTWOOD- Colts 1
    11. Wing Billy FREEMAN, St Ignatius/GPS, NORTHS - Colts 3
    13. OC Simon KENNEWELL, Newington/GPS, SCHOOL
    14. Wing Tom WRIGHT, St Josephs College/GPS, SCHOOL
    15. FB Jack McGREGOR, St Ignatius/GPS, SCHOOL
    16. H Matt SERHON, Newington/GPS, RANDWICK- Colts 2
    17. LHP Harry JOHNSTON-HOLMES, Merewether High School/CHS, SCHOOL
    18. THP Francis BROWN, MacKillop/CCC, UNIVERSITY - NSW U20 Duty/Grade 2
    19. L Beau PETTERSON, St Ignatius/GPS, RANDWICK - Colts 1
    20. BR Jun WOODHILL, Shore/GPS, RANDWICK - Colts 1
    21. Half Harry EMERY, Shore/GPS, NORTHS - Team Rehab?
    22. IB Will McDONALD, St Josephs College/GPS, UNIVERSITY (Team list for Uni shows McDonnell)- Colts 1
    23. OB Jayden WRIGHT, Hunter Sports High/CHS, SCHOOL

    Combined States 2014
    1. Peter IVIC Belmont High School (NSW) ??
    2. James WILKINSON St Edward’s College, Gosford (NSW), GORDON - Colts 1
    3. Jack BOWDITCH St. Ignatius’ College (NSW), GORDON - Team Rehab?
    5. Kieran BONIN South Hills High School (NSW), RANDWICK- Colts 2
    6. George LEHMANN The King’s School (NSW), UNIVERSITY - Colts 3
    8. Koim WINGTI St Joseph's Hunters Hill (NSW), DRUMMOYNE - NSW Suburban RU Colta
    10. Joshua THORNDYKE Gosford High School (NSW), GORDON - Colts 2
    12. Ned YEOMANS Kinross Wolaroi School (NSW), EASTS - Team Rehab
    14. Ben FONTAINE St Augustine's College (NSW), ??
    15. Kirt ANTHONY St Edward’s College Gosford (NSW), GORDON- Colts 2
    17. Jack NETTLETON St Augustine’s College (NSW), SCHOOL
    21. Joshua OXLEY St Stanislaus’ College (NSW), SCHOOL

    From memory there were a few extras from Shadow Squads called up:
    Sam RENTON, Cranbrook, UNIVERSITY - Colts 2
    Alex MASSIMO, St Gregorys, UNIVERSITY - Colts 1
    Jack HAYSON, St Ignatius, RANDWICK- Team Rehab?
    Lucas PRICE, Knox Grammar, LOIG - Manly U20
    Lukhan LEALAIAULOTO-TUI, John Edmondson HS, RANDWICK - NSW U20 Duty
    Harry ROWE, Hills SHS, EASTWOOD - Team Rehab?

    This list will be updated as more information comes to hand.

    64 NSW Players at National Championships
    Sydney University: 10
    Gordon: 9
    Randwick: 8
    Northern Suburbs: 5
    Eastwood: 3
    Eastern Suburbs:1
    Manly: 1
    Parramatta: 1
    Drummoyne (Suburban RU): 1
    The Wanderers RUFC (Newcastle): 1

    Loig: 5
    School: 15
    TBC: 3

    The TBC's:
    Ben FONTAINE St Augustine's College, ??
    Peter IVIC Belmont High School ??
    Melie LAIMANI, Newington/GPS, ??

    What Grade:
    NSW U20 Duty - 3
    Barbarian U20 Duty - 1 (Newcastle Premier 1)
    Grade 2 - 2
    Colts 1 - 18
    Colts 2 - 5
    Colts 3 - 2
    NSW Suburban RU Colts - 1

    Team Rehab? - 11
    School - 15
    TBC - 3
    Loig U20 - 5

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