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Write for us!

Discussion in 'Rugby Discussion' started by RugbyReg, Jan 14, 2019.

  1. RugbyReg George Smith (75)

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    With 2019 set to be a huge year we’re doing a call out for people who want to write for our site. We’ve always been a fan driven labour of love and are looking for more of you to keep the love going.
    RWC, Wallaroos, 7s, Super Rugby, Super W, GRR, NRC, club, school etc. whatever your passion - drop us a private message with your interest.
    Got friends who want to get their hand into 'journalism'? Have some strong opinions yourself? Theories you want to test with a wider audience? Fancy yourself an armchair analyst? We want you. Get in touch with your ideas.

    We're looking for Rugby interested writers to provide reports, previews, round ups and features about any of the womens rugby, 7s rugby, first grade club rugby or schoolboy competitions in Australia. Show ability and application over time, and you well move into covering the Super Rugby and/or International game, should that be your desire.

    What's in it for you?As you've probably guessed, this isn't a paid position (although there is a potential for a bit of old fashioned 'boot money' over time if things work out). What you will most definitely get however is
    1. Experience - we'll share with you all our knowhow on the cutting edge of sports blogging and writing
    2. Exposure - while G&GR gets literally millions of hits, what always impresses us are who some of those people are: international and Super players, coaches and staff, journalists, editors, sponsors.
    3. Identity - we'll also help you build your online identity through our social media channels as well as what you develop on the site through your body of work
    4. Mateship - we all have a ball doing this both offline and online. If you enjoy the people you meet through rugby, you'll love it here
    What are our requirements?
    • A deep love and knowledge of rugby
    • Writing proficiency - you don't have to be Dostoevsky, but a decent standard is important
    • Style - if you've read G&GR you'll see we're pretty open stylistically. What we do try and do though is always represent a balanced view, even if delivered with passion or humour. Please don't apply to pump up your club, school or favourite players
    • Commitment - it may only be one 500 word article a week, but we need it consistently - no 'fly by nights'
    • Accuracy - we need the facts, figures, scores and names right, otherwise it's egg on face and a reaming in the comments
    If you're up for it then get in touch through our CONTACT US PAGE and denote that you're looking to write with us, or send me a private message through the forum.
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  2. Dismal Pillock Tony Shaw (54)

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    I have followed the official channels to formally volunteer the following forum members as Tenured Volunteer GAGR Contributors For Life:
    • Cyclopath.
    That is all.

    As a bonus, cyclo's entire vocabulary is right around the 500-word mark so the bastard should be able to "empty the tank" each and every week.

    You're welcome.

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