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  1. Dave Beat

    GAGR Wallaby POTY 3-2-1s v SAF (2)

    3 Hooper 2 Ikitau 1 Tupou
  2. Dave Beat

    GAGR Wallaby POTY 3-2-1s v SAF (1)

    3 Hooper 2 Cooper 1 Len Ikitau
  3. Dave Beat

    Bledisloe #4 New Zealand vs Australia Nov 7 2020

    Yep he is. Was hooping the Woods got up with the GF this year.
  4. Dave Beat

    Bledisloe #4 New Zealand vs Australia Nov 7 2020

    Hmmm - First try he was first receiver, and saw him playing alot of 5/8. Did he top the tackle count - or second most. We also just beat the AB's I thought our forwards did well, yes, the AB's did apply some presure at counter ruck at times. All I'm saying - imagine if he spent more time there -...
  5. Dave Beat

    Bledisloe #4 New Zealand vs Australia Nov 7 2020

    So good having a 10 defend in the 10 channel. And that was against the ABs, imagine if we let him develop, and evolve there. Noting he played all his junior rugby @ 10, all the way through to Aus 20s.
  6. Dave Beat

    Shute Shield 2020

    TV Rights. First grade is on delay. Great we have this option now see other grades, Firsts on the box, not going to complain about the delay.
  7. Dave Beat

    Shute Shield 2020

    Laney wrecked his shoulderlast week. BJ played 2s and 70minutes of ones - both at 10. He got my MOM in both games.
  8. Dave Beat

    Shute Shield 2020

    Was at Manly Oval - was very well handled. Having a number of vantage spots enabled it to be possible. Was a good day.
  9. Dave Beat

    Rugby business plan

    100% right with the club rugby tradition - could that be built? NRL started from scratch when it became professional - if the NRL does go broke as the press talks (not always right) - is there a chance we e could be on level playing fields if the ARU invested from grass roots. WCR made a good...
  10. Dave Beat

    Rugby business plan

    This maybe a wild wild thought. Whats your preference. Club rugby - mine. Soup. Test matches. With all codes taking a huge hit with Covid-19. Gee the press (not always right) has clubs becoming part of history. So have they come back to the pack and if so - how close. So could all levels of...
  11. Dave Beat

    Australian Rugby / RA

    I'm interested if Izzy is going to donate his GoFundMeMoney to a great cause? Have some good come out of this for a needy cause!!!
  12. Dave Beat

    Wallabies v Samoa, Sat 7th September, 7.30pm, Bankwest (Parra) Stadium

    Hard to judge 1 game back - i was expecting more
  13. Dave Beat

    GAGR Wallaby 3-2-1s v New Zealand (Perth)

    3. White 2. Hooper 1. Hodge
  14. Dave Beat

    Wallabies vs All Blacks 10th August @Optus Stadium Perth

    When all players belted out the anthem - i thought yeah this could be good. They then played with that confidence and enjoyment.
  15. Dave Beat


    Would Hunter Ward, and Yool Yool also make that country list.