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  1. gel

    Japanese Top League - Now showing on Stan!

    Great footballer. In both codes. Clearly several orders of magnitude better than most of the players running around on the field in today's game.
  2. gel

    Wales v Australia, Sunday 21st 4.30 am ADST.

    This here is right on the money (emphasis added). The wallabies are their own worst enemies at the moment.
  3. gel

    Scotland vs Australia - Murrayfield, 8 Nov 1:15AM AEDT

    Well, what a game that... *Pweeeeep*. Sorry. As I was saying, an intere... *Pweeeeep*. Ahem, the wallab.... *Pweeeeep* maybe if I'm allowed to just fini.... *Pweeeeep* Has there ever been a match refereed by polite where he doesn't interfere with every little thing? Constant interference...
  4. gel

    Wallabies v Japan, Oita - 23 October, 3:45pm AEDT

    Vintage Cooper for much of that match. Just not the right vintage. A rather bizarre performance tbh; I would have thought the wallabies would take the opportunity to continue with the more disciplined approach. I guess not.
  5. gel

    Wallabies 2021

    Teams removed entire facets of their game to try to nullify Voldemort's impact on the game.
  6. gel

    Wallabies v Argentina Sat 2 October CBus Stadium

    Don't bring me into it. I wasn't even there OT:. Good result, a bit scrappy at the end though.
  7. gel

    Wallabies v Argentina Sat 2 October CBus Stadium

    Stfu White. Has literally never worked in Australia's favour. If it's ever had an effect it's to royally piss off the referee
  8. gel

    TRC2021 - Wallabies v Pumas @ Townsville 25/09

    Great match wallabies. Composed. Controlled. A real pleasure to watch.
  9. gel

    TRC2021 - Wallabies v Pumas @ Townsville 25/09

    Wallabies very much in control in that first half. A little surprised that the score isn't more in our favour tbh. Hope we keep it up in the second half.
  10. gel

    TRC2021 - Wallabies v Boks @ Suncorp 18/09

    Wallabies looked to have taken the game up a gear from last week, while the boks just stayed in 1st like last week. Some really solid tries too, great to see.
  11. gel

    RC - Wallabies vs Springboks, Gold Coast Sunday 12 September 8:05 PM

    A measured game by the wallabies. Great finish.
  12. gel

    RC - Wallabies vs Springboks, Gold Coast Sunday 12 September 8:05 PM

    Unless we have been playing possum all year it would be a miracle if we win against the boks tbh. The Boks just too physical and too complete compared to what has been an extremely poor wallaby outfit this year.
  13. gel

    Bledisloe #1 New Zealand vs Australia, August 7 2021

    All blacks didn't extend when they could have. The started to move into 4th gear early in the second half and then dropped back to 1st for some reason. Wallabies just lack a lot of skills in execution. The challenging conditions weren't the problem. The control group handled the conditions fine.