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  1. Jagman

    Wallabies v Springboks - Adelaide Oval, Sat 27th August, 2022

    I dont disagree but it's weird to have all the captains in positions that generally dont play the last 1/4.
  2. Jagman

    Wallabies v Springboks - Adelaide Oval, Sat 27th August, 2022

    Apparently White and AAA are the vice captains to Slipper. If all of them start you'd expect all of them to be absent for most of the last quarter of the game. I wonder if this means AAA won't be starting.
  3. Jagman

    Having no NRC is better how?

    before the NRC existed the continuing online argument as far as I could tell was that Australia needed a 3rd Tier national comp to develop players or they would never reliably compete with NZ and SA who have one. I bought into this and believed it would eventually make a difference to Aus Super Rugby...
  4. Jagman

    Having no NRC is better how?

    But were they better with the NRC against NZ and SA sides who have always had an equivalent comp. There's always going to be a best Aus side. But even the Brumbies were terrible against NZ with the exception of 2019. The other problem is that it is only this year since 2016 that Aus sides have...
  5. Jagman

    Having no NRC is better how?

    I'm not against the NRC but is there any evidence that the comp did anything for the quality of rugby at the levels above in its 6 seasons? Its hard to think that the Aus Super teams could have been even worse between 2016 and 2020.
  6. Jagman

    Aussie Player Exodus

    I know his father is a Union man, former shute shield player and longsuffering waratahs member, and a great bloke too.
  7. Jagman

    Australia v England: Match II @ Suncorp 7.55pm AEST, 09/07

    Interesting to have an indigenous jersey with Santos written on the back. How many sacred sites have they fracked?
  8. Jagman

    Australia v England Test 1 Sat. July 2 @1955

    Well done Santos Wallabies
  9. Jagman

    Under-20 Competitions including Oceania & World U20s

    4 of the Vic players seem to hail from Wests or UQ so I assume they are Qldrs and 1 of the WA players is from Warringah so I assume from NSW. Just going by the club they've put down representative numbers seem to be: 13 NSW 11 QLD 3 WA 2 ACT 1 VIC
  10. Jagman

    Waratahs v Hurricanes Sat 14th May 7.45pm Sydney

    The late Dan Vickerman was signed to the Waratahs as early as January 2011 and from memory was not allowed to join finals because he only played one match for the Tahs. I don't think signing future contracts counts if they are not current by April. If this is still the case Hanigan is also...
  11. Jagman

    Waratahs 2022

    I don't how it works now but there used to be a rule that if you didn't come under contract for a team by a certain date in the comp (around April I think) then you had to play a certain amount of games or apply for an exemption to be selected for finals. It seems a little strange that a player...
  12. Jagman

    Waratahs 2022

    I think he might have to play 3 games to be eligible for finals though.
  13. Jagman

    Waratahs 2022

    Its hard to argue that the NRC aided player development when the history of the NRC basically aligns with Aus Super Rugby teams being far worse than they've ever been from 2016 onwards. No evidence that the 6 years of NRC had a positive effect on the Super Rugby teams or the Wallabies if you compare it...
  14. Jagman

    Waratahs 2021

    Hugh Bockenham was the schoolboys starting lock last year and might develop well by 2022.
  15. Jagman

    Wallabies 2020

    ^^^ scratch that, he seems to be riding the pine behind Ben Meehan at London Irish.