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    Wallabies squad for Ireland series

    Wallabies won't have a decent back row until this pooper nonsense is done with. Making Hooper captain was a terribly short sighted. Coleman should be the Wallaby captain. Pocock is truly world class and we have this nonsense where we have to retain the captain who shouldn't be in the starting...
  2. Ruggo

    Wallabies squad for Ireland series

    You've got to start Thor. Kepu on the bench but Thor needs to start.
  3. Ruggo

    Wallabies squad for Ireland series

    He has that real grass-roots club rugby about him. You know, the bloke that is there for the first game of the day and watches through to the last, week in week out. The bloke that makes sure the drink fridge in the clubhouse is always stocked and always rocks up for working bees. The bloke...
  4. Ruggo

    Round 16 - Reds vs Waratahs - Saturday 2 June - 7:45pm @ Suncorp

    Don't forget the temptation to escape the smashed avo munchers that take a holier than thou view on his beliefs.
  5. Ruggo

    Round 16 - Reds vs Waratahs - Saturday 2 June - 7:45pm @ Suncorp

    Facinating game to watch. Reds pack are brutal and strong. They took ground at ease. Tahs pack hold their own, play above their weight do do their damage around the fringes. Reds D is really not up to scratch. Shame because it was pretty good at the beginning of the year. Tahs are a very...
  6. Ruggo

    The Wallabies Thread

    I take it you are your typical conservative obscurantist. A conversation about something positive with vision and talk of dynamics is met with three simplistic sentences of negativity. Derpus, from the depths of my heart, I would like to thank and congratulate you on the fabulous contribution...
  7. Ruggo

    The Wallabies Thread

    Things are positive ATM for the Wallabies. I hope they don't stuff it by being conservative in selections. A TPN return for the Tests should see him only make the bench. We have some quality young hookers ready to be given a shot. Thor is ready at THP for a shot at test rugby and he is a...
  8. Ruggo

    Hurricanes v Reds

    No shame in losing games like that. Halves are a problem but it was a fantastic effort from the boys.
  9. Ruggo

    Rnd 13: Sunwolves v Reds

    Thorn has to open his mind a bit. He has built a no nonsense culture amongst young men and the Reds are the fittest they have been for some years. He deserves credit for that. It's not all shit but the parts where his Reds don't pass muster is very frustrating. The whole Quade thing is plain...
  10. Ruggo

    Worst Commentator Pole Action

    Justin Marshall's man love for Folau must surely mean he is going to hell.
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    Reds 2018

    Why is it so hard for people to keep their views to themselves? Far left and far right have this compulsion to tell the whole bloody world about them. We can all hold our beliefs in our hearts and nobody can ever take that away, but this self righteous bullshit compulsion to tell the world...
  12. Ruggo

    Rd 12 2018 NSFW Waratahs vs Auckland Blues. 36 and 1.

    I thought it was a good game to watch. You could get the vibe of the crowd through the TV with it being played at a smaller suburban ground. Game had some real vibe about it whereas Super Rugby normally comes across as dull on TV with games played in empty stadiums. Watching on TV felt like...
  13. Ruggo

    Round 10 - Reds v Chiefs, Saturday 21st April 2018 7:45pm @ Lang Park

    Thorn needs to be objective as a coach. He has created a very childish situation with the likes of discarding players like Cooper without attempting to work with them and it has been of no value to the Reds at all. That's not good enough as a coach. He has some good strengths but he comes...
  14. Ruggo

    Worst Commentator Pole Action

    Mitchell can also be chucked on the shit heap that is Australian Rugby commentary.
  15. Ruggo

    Super Rugby Round 9, 2018 - Waratahs vs Reds - Saturday 14 April @ SCG

    Thorn is too pig-headed to bring Cooper back. As I said, the rest of the season is likely to be very ugly. Reds are playing the most un-intelligent rugby in the com.