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2017 Under-20 Competitions including Oceania & World U20s

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Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)

Georgia has been named as the venue for the 2017 Under-20 Rugby World Championships (formerly known as the IRB Junior World Cup).

Pools are likely to be something like these:
Pool A
England (1)
Australia (6)
France (9)
Samoa (12) (Qualifier from Junior World Trophy)

Pool B
Ireland (2)
New Zealand (5)
Scotland (8)
Italy (11)

Pool C
Argentina (3)
South Africa (4)
Wales (7)
Georgia (10)

To do better than our usual 5th or 6th position, we need to make it to the Semi-Finals and this is achieved by winning the two games against lower seeded teams with a 4 try bonus point, and secure one or more bonus points in a loss to the top seeded team in the pool or simply beat them. It also helps if we score a truckload of points against the lowest ranked team in our pool.

Maybe we need to examine out coaching and selection arrangements at state and National level.

Use this thread to track the selection trial process for the Australian State teams who should participate in the 2017 Curtain Raiser Cup, Oceania Championships as well as the build up for the World Championships.

Also discuss similar for the NZL, SAF or 6N U20 teams, and any snippets of information from the 6N U20 tournament.

Aspiring piggies need to start eating meat, and hitting not the gym, otherwise we will see more of this next year.

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Who are the 2016 "Incumbents" for 2017?
Based on the AUS U20 v NZL U20 Squad for Bond, these athletes should be back for action in 2017.
4. Harry Hockings
5. Ryan McCauley
6. Angus Scott-Young
15. Jack Maddocks
16. Jordan Uelese
19. Rob Leota
23. Sione Tuipolotu

Announced in the 2016 Squad but joined Team Rehab before playing
Max Girdler

Joined the Squad later (there may be others):
Simon Kennewell, Izack Rodda, Nick Jooste, Harry Chapman

Bear in mind that the 2017 Under 20's covers the Born in 1997 (mostly) and some from the Born in 1998 cohort. This would typically be Class of 2014 (Qld only) , mostly Class of 2015 and some Class of 2016.

We also had a pretty nasty Team Rehab running this season.
From NSW, this included Jack McGregor (with Rebels in 2017) and Guy Porter who will be 2017 U20 eligible.
From North, Reece Hewat has a good pedigree and should be one of the first picked in the State U20.
Not to forget Henry Hutchison from the 7's program. There will be no Olympics to rest him for in 2017.

Brumby Runner

Jason Little (69)
Jamie Kotz will be a contender from the ACT. Playing premier grade in JID and amongst the top try scorers, with pace to burn. Fullback or wing.

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
The State and National selectors tend to prefer players playing in Super Rugby squads (EPS or Supplementary), NRC, or regular Premier Grade rugby, over those who are just playing Colts footy this year.

Over the next week or so, I'll have a pass through this seasons 5 X U20 squads to see who the incumbents may be for 2017, as well as trying to ID any Aus qualified boys that played U20 Rugby World Trophy for Fiji, Samoa, or Tonga as 18 turning 19 years. There are usually about 3 or 5 of these.

NSW had a fair stack of Class of 2015 playing for them this year in the 2016 Gen Blue squad, and the Vics were also quite a young team, so there will be a fair few returning for Curtain Raiser Cup 2.0 in 2017.

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
^^^From memory, 2016 Gen Bloo played:
V QLD in the Moore Park Car Park
V ACT at an actual stadium, the Canberra Concrete Esky, as a curtain raiser!
V Vic on St Johns College Cow Pasture
V WA at Cottesloe Club Oval.

They were kicked off the main oval in all but the ACT due to concerns with them churning up the main oval, and the Vic and WA games were independent of their respective grown up teams playing each other, so no actual Curtain Raiser.

Maybe future Gen Bloo games should be scheduled to be played in draught affected parts of the country. At least the irrigators will be happy when the inevitable rains happen.


Steve Williams (59)
Funny thing is, the Brumbies super dooper quarterfinal next weekend has been shunted at the actual Canberra Chillybin stadium,

… so that the U20 mungoes can have their on-ground advertising painted.

Curtain Raiser Cup = Super Rugby :)


Andrew Slack (58)
Brumbies have signed 2 boys straight out from school, or something, one of their natives, and our Bopper, Valenti. Also think Trevor Hosea (not so little brother of last years captain Ta, 203cm lock, ) has signed some sort of Partnership contract with the Rebels.

I don't normally track current schoolboys before they go out and play NZ, but would that sort of give an indication as to who's been looked at there as well?

EDIT: https://www.brumbies.com.au/2016/05/brumbies-sign-young-guns-future/ scrummie Ryan Lonergan and Bob, who is your 4/6/8 type.

Happy to Chat

Nev Cottrell (35)
Liam McNAMARA, Gavin LUKA, Jayden NGAMANU, Dylan RILEY, Sam EDWARDS, Tuaina TUALIMA, Harry NUCIFORA and Alex HORAN for Qld.
Add Harry HOCKINGS, Isaia PERESE, Harry HOOPERT, Recce HEWAT and Angus SCOTT YOUNG and Qld have a pretty good team going into the Curtain Raiser Cup 2017.
Edit: Liam WRIGHT may be eligible too.

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Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Here is the list of those I think are 2017 eligible from the 2016 NSW U20 Wider Training Group:

Harry CHAPMAN (Prop)* (Call up from Shadows for Aus U20 in Manchester but DNP)
Sama MALOLO (Prop)
Tom HORTON (Hooker)*
Will McRAE (THP)
Cody WALKER (Prop)
Nathaniel GITTOES (4/5)
Jack MARGIN (4/5) (not sure if U20 in 2017)
Ryan McCAULEY (4/5)* (2016 Aus U20 Incumbent)
Tom PIRODDI (5/6)* (Aus U20 shadow called up for warm up fixture vs Barbarians)
Lachlan SWINTON (4/5)*
Lachlan ANDERSON (7)
Charlie SMITH (7)*
Max GIRDLER (6/8)* (Aus U20 but DNP due Injury)
Harrison GODDARD (9)*
Theo STRANG (9)*
Dan ENGLAND (Centre)
Simon KENNIWELL (Centre/wing)# (Released from 7's for Aus U20 in Manchester)
Will LATU (Centre/wing)
Sepesa LOGA-TAROGI (Wing)*
Guy PORTER (Wing/FB)* (Injured in Gen Blue trial)

Henry HUTCHISON (Aust 7's)#^
Jack MADDOCKS (10, Rebels) * (2016 Aus U20\)
Jack McGREGOR (10/15, Rebels) (Injured in Gen Blue trial)

Not all of the above made the cut for the 2016 Gen Bloos, but they are at least on the clipboards. They will be joined by the NSW lads selected for the 2016 ASRU rep teams this year if the selectors are true to form, as well as those previously overlooked bolters from 2016 Colts and Grade that have shown some form in Clubland this year and may have caught up to or bypassed some of yesteryears Rock Stars. There are always a few in this category.

*2016 Gen Blue U20
# AUS 7's program
^ AUS U20 2015

Of the above, in 2017:
Harry JOHNSON - HOLMES has had a cameo off the bench in First Grade for Sydney University.
Cody WALKER has played regular 2nd Grade for Eastern Suburbs, with a game or two off the bench for First Grade.
Lachlan SWINTON has played regular First Grade (Run on 15) for Sydney University.
Harrison GODDARD has played regular 2nd Grade for Randwick, and may have had a cameo off the bench in First Grade.

Theo STRANG was selected for Sydney Stars in the 2015 NRC but DNP.


Arch Winning (36)

Harrison Goddard has definitely played some first garde for the Wicks - he's even started a game I think with Pat Phibbs coming off the bench while Mitch Short was injured.

Is Lachlan Anderson the FB who played Aussie Schoolboys in 2015? I've seen him play for Randwick on 7Two this year and he can seriously play...

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
^^^ The Lachlan Anderson (7) in the list above is the Oakhill College graduate, brother of former ASRU rep Joshua, and plays OSF for Eastwood Colts 1 this season.

The Randwick FB version of LA is from Newington, class of 2013 I think, and DNP for ASRU.


Tony Shaw (54)
Don't worry about our U20 players for 2017.

Nothing fundamental will change in the results or our annual post-U20s season bemoaning and regretting until Thompson goes as HC for the national U20s.

He's been a clear failure in this program and it's only classic ARU cronyism and its typical analytical backwardness that have kept him there after a string of mediocre or worse results that - if we were a genuine proud rugby nation - would be totally unacceptable.

If people can't see that Thompson's teams - come the crunch moments - are poorly prepared and coached, then god help us.

Meanwhile, in typical fashion, we'll probably just go back to blaming individual players and obsessing over who's gonna play 10 and how big or otherwise our outside backs are.

Happy to Chat

Nev Cottrell (35)
Agree with cronyism. Why would you pick a player in a position over another player that plays that position in super rugby?

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Arch Winning (36)
^^^ The Lachlan Anderson (7) in the list above is the Oakhill College graduate, brother of former ASRU rep Joshua, and plays OSF for Eastwood Colts 1 this season.

The Randwick FB version of LA is from Newington, class of 2013 I think, and DNP for ASRU.

Ah ok, thanks for clarifying - much appreciated

Lee Grant

John Eales (66)
Aggressive recruitment by Rebels, picking up Jack Madocks and Tyrel Lomax on contracts for 2017. https://melbournerebels.com/2016/07/19/rebels-sign-son-of-a-gun-tyrel-lomax/

They are good acquisitions although there is a bit of sameness about Jack Debreczeni, a big flyhalf who can play fullback, and Jack Maddocks, a big fullback who can play flyhalf. (And not to the point but there is another Jack Deb type - going to the Brumbies - Nick Jooste)

Lomax was a nice U20 surprise for me this year. Hitherto I thought him to be a too-tall, too-young, clumsy THP, but after watching the U20s at Bond, the Sydney warm-ups and the World U20s in 2016 I realised that my opinion was bunk.

And can he scrummage against his age group !!!

He looks promising and the NRC will prove its worth by putting such able youngsters against older players, if it hasn't already.

That was a good crop of front-rowers this year and it was the best unit in the Aussie U20 team in my opinion.


Andrew Slack (58)
I'm gonna post this here.


This is not about Scotland, the only reason it is Scotland is because it's the first Nation I've personally seen drop a list of fixtures like this. This is to continually highlight that we/you guys are at a somewhat significant disadvantage in the Rugby Calendar. More than 9 months out from the next tournament, Scotland will have finished the equivalent of the Curtain Raiser Cup, leaving 5 months to play for clubs, professional or otherwise prior to the Junior 6 Nations in February.

10 months of prep is a big advantage over 4. Does an NRC U19s need to be considered?
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