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2022 Bledisloe Cup. Wallabies vs All Blacks

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John Solomon (38)
LOL@the conga line forming of members with OP on Ignore.


The thickness and comprehension chasms combined with the arrogance to call other people "idiots" is a giant WiFiWFT elixir of yeah I'm giving that impenetrably prolix syntactical fail a wide motherfucking berth.
I just learnt a new trick.
If you un-ignore the OP and post something, and someone likes that post you can re-ignore the OP and still read the whole thread by clicking on the link to your post in alerts

Dismal Pillock

Simon Poidevin (60)
Dopey Wobs outfit made Jordie B look like Satan on stilts at 2nd 5.

Finally, BB doesnt overplay his hand by shunting Mounga out of the way at 1st receiver every 2nd phase. Stay at the fucken back and let the lad get some confidence ffs

Tough to gauge where NZ are on the back of what was obviously an absolute chundershart of a performance by Aus. The fuck were Petaia and Tom Wright even doing? Were they stoned? I'm pretty sure they were stoned.
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