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ACT Brumbies v NSW Waratahs, GIO Stadium 31 March

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David Codey (61)
Foleys brought his kicking boots those last 2 were shockers

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Nathan Sharpe (72)
Its a bit like watching the Rebels try to tackle Lam last night.

Surprisingly, its fucking hard to tackle some guy who weighs 120 kegs running real fast.

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A mutterer

Chilla Wilson (44)
well that was tough to watch.

the obvious highlight for me is how many times i've sworn at simmons for being useless.

petition to change his name to shovelhands.

he has shirked every bit of contact that could conceivably have involved him - including stepping backwards to avoid making a tackle.


John Eales (66)
I can recall a game or 2 that Izzy has missed through injury but is that the first time he's actually gone off with one?


George Smith (75)
Staff member
Tahs interwove good moments with facepalms with the ledger maybe just to the good. Brumbies were "off" at the parts of the game I thought they'd dominate. Some of the Tahs reserves are accumulating some good highlights, which is good.
Can't see either team staying within cooee of any Kiwi team, save perhaps the Infinity and Beyond Blues.

Brumby Runner

Jason Little (69)
Just too much kicking by the Brumbies. When you're starved of the ball, it doesn't make sense to kick it away on the odd occasions you do have possession. Tahs' set piece was too good for the Brumbies. How can a real strength wither into a deficiency over the course of one season break?


George Smith (75)
Staff member
Some of the Brumbies big guns look just flat at the moment. Arnolds, Kuridrani, Leali'ifano and Speight (with a defence howler on Taqele, and a dumb late tackle on Beale). Powell's box kicking is a bit hit and miss and maybe overplayed. McCaffrey looked pretty good and Banks has some real spark. A Tah side bringing that many errors to Canberra in the past would have been pantsed. I'm still kinda surprised they weren't.
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