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AIC 2023

Richard Bennett

Frank Row (1)
Villa are an unpredictable side this year. Will a returning strong backline will be interested to see how the forward pack will shape up. With a few returning piggies with disappointing seasons last year such as Daniel Taylor, Ben Addley and James Sullivan, I am sure the coaches will be eager to have those boys perform come round 1 tomorrow.


Frank Row (1)
All the talk is on villa in this section making me think the villa boys are back up to some fun on the lunchtime personally after getting lucky in many trial games I personally think they might be all talk and premiership hopes going to go out the window with a close loss to Ashgrove, my prediction is a strong well drilled Padua side to take out the title this year.


Ward Prentice (10)
FT at Villa park Villa beat Ash 19-15
Ash came back when the yr 11s came on. Strange composition favouring yr 12s in this team when the yr 11 cohort is far more talented. Young Xavier Howard (yr 10) is also the best inside centre at the school.
Kicking penalties is part of the game. Need to take them and kick em.
Not surprised by the result at all.


Chris McKivat (8)
What are everyone’s thoughts on the results of game week 1
Well here are my thoughts - i think a lot of us had said in the last few weeks it would be a pretty open comp. I still think any of Laurie’s, Villa, Padua or Marist can top the table, maybe Eddie’s as well? - it will likely be a shared premiership i reckon. The only surprising result was Iona falling away and being put to the sword. But then they had a couple of significant injuries in the trials. Pats , based on the drubbing they copped look like they are in for a tough year unless they can get up next week. But they play away against Villa.

Next week will be telling to see if Marist can turn things around against Padua. pretty sure they play Padua.
I think
Villa should beat Pats
Padua for a close win against Marist at Banyo (could go either way)
Laurie’s to smack Peters at home
Eddie’s will beat Iona at Tivoli

match of the round is Pad V Marist

John cotz

Pats to beat villa in a very close game
padua to thrash Marist
peters to upset lauries by 5+
hot take possible draw between eddies and iona
that's a very hot take in your opinion on Villa and the Pats. I struggle to believe it will be that close. Peters vs Laurie is a game on the round for me. A team coming from back-to-back premierships against a team that has nothing left to lose. if Peters brings on energy from their returning from injury 10 Wallace charlie the game is sent in another direction. I believe it will be a forwards-dominated game and the backline will rarely see the ball as that's been lauries play style for the past few years. If peters utilise their backline accordingly edge lauries will be in for a shocker

roberto lemonski

Frank Row (1)
As an expert on sports commentary, the predictions for the AIC rugby union 2023 round 2 matches are certainly interesting. The first prediction of Pats beating Villa in a close game is a highly anticipated match, as both teams have a strong history in the competition. Pats will need to be at their best to secure a win, and Villa will be looking to upset their rivals. The second prediction of Padua dominating Marist is a bold one, as Marist has shown that they can hold their own against top teams. However, if Padua plays to their potential, they could certainly win by a large margin. The third prediction of Peters upsetting Lauries by 5+ points is a big ask, but not impossible. Lauries is a formidable team, but Peters has shown they can pull off upsets when they are underestimated. Finally, the possibility of a draw between Eddies and Iona is a hot take, but not out of the question. The two teams are evenly matched and have both shown the ability to play at a high level. Overall, these predictions add an extra layer of excitement to the AIC rugby union 2023 round 2 matches, and I look forward to seeing how they will play out on the field
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Frank Row (1)
I looked at the courier mail team of the week, does anyone know if it's an accurate list or did some boys miss out who should have been on there?

Reds Brad

Peter Burge (5)
Great observation Brad, but unfortunately, only the first teams really count, and in this case, Villanova got over the top pretty well against Ashgrove.

The A sides or the First XV?

The point being there was much positivity around the new rugby coordinator at the school so given the results against a traditional easy beat- how was the feeling in the Ashgrove rugby community now?


Frank Nicholson (4)
Apart from the 1st XV, the results in the Opens and 10's were very good. The focus was on these age groups in the pre season. It's good to see Villa rugby getting stronger across all age groups. This wasn't the case a few years ago.

Reds Brad

Peter Burge (5)
Apart from the 1st XV, the results in the Opens and 10's were very good. The focus was on these age groups in the pre season. It's good to see Villa rugby getting stronger across all age groups. This wasn't the case a few years ago.
So pretty much nothing has changed at Marist.