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AIC Rugby 2019



I just want to address something that has been bugging me all throughout the AIC season, and hopefully true rugby lovers out there too, and that is the issue of uncontested scrums. It's actually becoming something of a joke. Time and again watching B teams (and some A teams) who went uncontested from the start, so clearly not having done any preparation at all and just deciding it was all too hard and nup, we'll take that out of the equation. Because we can. Or even seeing teams who were just being clearly dominated in the scrum, and not in a buckled over dangerous type of a way but more being pushed off the ball on their own feed type of way, then just going uncontested and negating the other teams hard trained advantage. I think we can all agree the rugby scrum is an integral part of the game, and one of the mains things that sets it apart from the other code, (hell, any other sport full stop) but what I have seen this year borders on the farcical.

One B team, and not in a young age group, won a premiership this year without packing a scrum in anger. Seriously? It's no wonder the GPS comp scoffs at AIC rugby. I don't blame the boys though. This is just simply lazy coaching. And don't dare use weak arguments like money and resources, the help is out there. I accept all school coaches are not going to be scrum experts, but that is no excuse. Go to the local rugby club, old boys, QRU, C2K (look them up). There is nothing a cauliflowered-eared wizened old hard nut front rower loves more than passing on the dark arts of Scrummaging to a young eager disciple willing to learn, I guarantee it. Ask him, you all know one (or are one).

Without contested scrums it's not really rugby is it? Or am I missing something?

Totally agree mate

It is definitely a tactic used by coaches when their scrum is on skates.
It happens in GPS as well.
It happened in my young blokes club grand final last year.
His team had the dominant pack in the division everybody new it, they made the GF, the opposition called ‘no contest’ and his side lost on the bell.

I reckon it’s cheating


Frank Row (1)


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Gold Coast Bronco

Frank Row (1)
Long time reader, first time writer (be gentle.!)
I know this is predominately a rugby union forum but I just wanted to acknowledge the selection of Christian Welch (Villa 2010 undefeated premiers grade 11 and 2011 AIC Rep grade 12), in the QLD State of Origin team for Game 3. Great reward for a hardworking player.

D'Lite Full

Bill Watson (15)
Interesting that union centres become league forwards. I think Angus Crichton and Cameron Murray were both 12s at Scots and Newington in Sydney respectively.

Noticed that Marist Ashgrove were playing their union #12 Josh Radford and crash ball exponent at lock in the Confraternity. His centre partner played left centre and both boys trained at the Reds Academy camp last week.

What other union backs became league forwards ? Is that common?

Garry Owens

Alan Cameron (40)
It can work the other way too . 4 years ago Lachie Foulds was moulded into a Tight Head Prop for BBC ( and performed incredibly well ) despite most of his junior league development being as a 4 . He was connected to the Storm but haven't heard much about him since leaving


Darby Loudon (17)
Any use starting a league chat on here for the start of the new comp people?

Serious question, but does anyone really care about the league comp?

I’m happy enough for the boys to have a season of league post-rugby, but at the moment it’s of no great interest to me.


Herbert Moran (7)
Is there league being played? Is that why the GPS thread is so dead?
Yeah first time in a while that league is being played in the AIC for a while. Only one team per grade level and all games are being played at the same school venue. Every week a different school will host the day.