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AIC Rugby 2021


Sydney Middleton (9)
Wow, what a round! Egg on my face big time regarding the no blowouts call. All results are from the Inside the Huddle page so guessing they are correct.

SLC 51- Iona 17
MCA 50 - Villa 15
SPC 36 - Padua 8 (close on the 30 MA, just the wrong team)
SEC 14 - SPLC 7

Good to see Eddies back in the winning circle, got that one right. Would never have thought SLC and MCA would put 50 on their opposition today. Marist were clinical at Villa Park, the forwards dominated the Villa pack at scrum time and all over the field, things are finally clicking into gear. Dwayne Ludwick (11) looked dangerous all day.

What happened at Iona? SLC certainly crashed the old boys day party.

My Arsenal

Peter Burge (5)
SLC thumped IONA 51-10 Lauries were too well drilled and the #10 controlled things nicely. Iona a big side but disorganised and little communication in defence. Few standouts from either side today - SLC 4 and 10 the pick for me.


Herbert Moran (7)
Pats proving me wrong this season! It's between them and Lauries for the premiership. Didn't think they would of beat Padua by that much. Always very hard to win at Curlew in front of the pats crowd. Still think Padua can beat Marist at home this week. Still early on but I'm tipping Pats to upset Lauries at home in round 6 for an outright premiership which would be their first ever in their history.

Shaw Road

Herbert Moran (7)
Whats Happening with Villa this year?,there was talks this was there year,led by a couple of rugby league super stars?


Herbert Moran (7)
Predictions for round 4:

Villanova vs St Patrick's at Tingalpa: St Patrick's.
St Edmund's vs Iona at Ipswich: Iona.
Padua vs Marist at Banyo (Old boys round): Marist.
St Laurence's vs St Peter's at Runcorn: St Laurence's.

Enjoy your round 4 footy!

Dan Stavens

Bob McCowan (2)
Predictions for the weekend:

VNC v SPC tough match up for SPC I can see VNC riding over SPC, VNC 5+
Padua v ASH Dwayne will be too hard for Padua to handle ASH 30+


Sydney Middleton (9)
Any team lists for those us following at home??

Couple of MCA positions will depend on injuries. Henry Thomasson copped a head knock on the weekend so not sure if he will be playing this week.

1.Harry Gould
2.Alec Wilson-Hodge
3.Nick Harper
4.Pat Gavin
5.Henry Thommason / Matt Osbourne
6.Will Andreas / Toby Anderson
7.Jack Condon
8.Will Valentine
9.Harry Condon
10.Tate Cole
11.Dwayne Ludwick
12.Ky Rashleigh
13.Lochie Dudgeon
14.Tasman Barry
15.Pat Tierney


Ward Prentice (10)
Congrats must go out to Padua 8As and 9As for great wins. Too much league style play from MCA rather than focussing on being a team. Solo running and forwards not getting in there. Too many flash plays from the MCA inside backs in the 9s game...trust your in-centre, run straoght and get it wide. Way too many forwards in the backline from MCA in all grades today.
Yelling cheats is never a good look so hope that settles down in the future....from poo and wee parents.

Will Rogers

Bob McCowan (2)
VNC vs SPC was a great game to watch and there were a couple of key moments which changed the game for both teams. St Pats will be disappointed they let this one slip but it will be a great confidence booster for villa heading into their Round 5 clash against long standing rivals Lauries.

Best on ground for Villa: 3, 6, 10, 15