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All Sloppy Rig/Dad-Bod XV

Slim 293

Phil Waugh (73)
And a shoe in on the wing.........




John Eales (66)
Piri Weepu takes the halfback position

Piri would go close to captain wouldn't he.
My daughter was laughing, she had Graham Henry talking at a wotk do a couple of years back, when discussion was on 2011 WC, someone asked what happened to the Whitebait that Beaver had caught before coming into camp, Henry's reply,
Weepu ate them all, the fat bastard!


John Thornett (49)
More than any of the other novelty XVs, this one needs a photo allocated to each position.

Rupeni is a god! This may well be a team where the backline tops out at +100kgs per position.


Nev Cottrell (35)
If this does not say daddy then nothing does...

Coincidentally I think Ricky January at least qualifies for a bench spot.



Simon Poidevin (60)
Sitting here reading this on my phone in one hand, slice of pizza in the other.. chuckling at all these sloppy rigged professional athletes.. never said I wasn’t a hypocrite


Nicholas Shehadie (39)
Peter O'Mahony would be a decent bet for #6.

Has captained both Ireland and the British & Irish Lions but to me has always looked like a plumber or someone you'd see down at the pub.


John Thornett (49)
How about Dick Hardwick at openside? Great player but looks like he's a got a bit of a reliance on carbs.


Dismal Pillock

Steve Williams (59)
Team starting to take lose shape.

1.Ben Alexander
3. Ben Tameifuna
6. Owen Finnegan
7. George Smith
8. David Lyons
9. Piri Weepu
10. Andy Goode
11. Rupeni
12. Basteraud
13. Morgan Turinui
14. Norm Berryman
15. Cooper Vuna


Matt Dunning
Frans Steyn


Ben Smith (too fit)
Cullum Retallick (too healthy looking)


Phil Kearns (64)
That's a magnificent backline. They all looked like they spent their time eating pies and punching darts instead of training. Can I submit Serge Blanco as an option for fullback? And Jeremy Thrush for lock.


Ken Catchpole (46)
Nemani Nadolo would pair well with Rupeni. I would nominate Blues rugby legend and undefeated captain Luke Romano, but I see we've just had a judicial ruling on career timings.

EDIT: From watching that one match against the Blues, surely about half the fucken Drua team would also be in consideration? iirc the 10 and/or 15 were t h i c c.

EDIT II: Also Alesana Tuilagi.


Bob Loudon (25)
I reckon Manasa Saulo from the Drua would get a run - I know prop and all but the combo of bod, mullet and dodgy facial hair he had on Saturday was outstanding.


John Solomon (38)
I know it’s club, but Eastwood had a very skilful Polynesian 5/8 with the body of a hooker a couple of years back