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Argentina v Australia II @ 5.10am 14/08

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The Ghost of Raelene

Mark Ella (57)
Uelese would get injured on the flight somehow with his history.

Can’t throw for shit either. We may as well get time in the young fellas. Not idea but both have immense talent.


Jim Clark (26)
The flaw with that analysis is that I doubt that either JOC (James O'Connor) (James O'Connor) or Petaia have been training in the centres. Sure they can play there but JOCs brief will be to manage the game from 10, potentially for the whole 80, and Petaias brief will be to get through the game. I don’t think it’s odd under the circumstances.
Hmmm Petaia could definitely slip into 13 and JOC (James O'Connor) to 12. Who goes to wing when JOC (James O'Connor) comes off, Hodge is at 10 and a winger/15 comes off when we don't have a player who has been training in the back 3? Same scenario as you're proposing. Point is we significantly more cover for the centres than we do for the back 3 and we still put a specialist centre on the bench. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me.


Jim Lenehan (48)
I’m going to watch this one on delay in the morning, i hope that‘s ok with @Marce

For you true fans waking up at 4:45am, ill be thinking of you…

I'm gonna talk with the Association of Diehard Rugby Union supporters of Commonwealth of Nations about your case. We have to wait 72 hours to get an answer, I'm going to let u know. I hope the penalty is not so harsh.

Best wishes
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