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Argentina v Australia Sun, 7/8/2022, 5:10 am

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Stirling Mortlock (74)
Also, did anyone notice when White did the incredibly dumb move of coming around the side of the ruck early in the 2H (when he backchatted), he kicked the ball absolutely perfectly to Swain in a spiral? You couldn't do that in another hundred attempts.


Arch Winning (36)
Bit of the old Quade in this match, a lot of unnecessary offloads putting teammates under pressure.

Still, miles better than Lolesio running a backline however. Big loss.
He's still the best flyhalf we have by a decent margin, and arguably our most important player.

Hodge came on and 'did a job' but again it was more about effort than actually enhancing the team.


Ron Walden (29)
Paisami was excellent. Got over the gain line all game and had some good touches. Very sad for Quade. I wonder if JOC (James O'Connor) (James O'Connor) comes into contention for next week?
The Wallabies second half was dominant and hopefully will come out firing next week from the kick off.
FF (Folau Fainga'a) (Folau Fainga'a) man of the match for mine.
FF (Folau Fainga'a) was great but hard to beat Darcy Swain for impact and effort today, amazingly effective and influential both off the ball and on
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Joe Blow

Peter Sullivan (51)
If it is a ruptured achilles then we may not see him for quite some time. Great win despite the injuries and disrupted prep.


Arch Winning (36)
He's still the best flyhalf we have by a decent margin, and arguably our most important player.

Hodge came on and 'did a job' but again it was more about effort than actually enhancing the team.
Yes. Will be interesting how Lolesio, O'Connor or Hodge handle the All Blacks and Boks....Poor old Rennie has had an unlucky run of injuries to say the least!


Ken Catchpole (46)
Tell you what, Quade's lucky it's going to take him 24 hours to get back to Australia. All the Foot and Ankle Orthpods have been in Cairns since Wednesday at a conference that finishes today.

Even getting on a Tuesday list would have some sore heads stitching him back up.
He was on his phone immediately on the sideline - probably flicking a quick text to his usual doc to give them a heads up


Steve Williams (59)
What a great win but Quade was reminding me of Quade years ago before he got injured. Such a shame

As usualy Hodge did his job. Kicked his points but can't start at 10.

Discipline still should be the biggest thing to concentrate on.


Tim Horan (67)
I tell you what, how good is having a functioning lineout. One of the biggest difference makers compared to recent years

It's huge. Holloway definitely a key ingredient. Couple of issues on the lift bringing the jumper down over the line. Though mostly that was entanglement between opposing jumpers.

The line out improvement is immense. Let's see how we go against the Springboks though.


John Thornett (49)
Why does it matter if people didn't wake up for the match? I stayed up for SA v NZ. It was either or.


Bob Davidson (42)
personally i think it makes me a smarter fan..
Haha. Work smarter, not harder. I don’t have the discipline to watch a game on repeat without knowing the result. Yes, I peaked at my Christmas presents as a kid.
EDIT: I actually deleted the original post as I was mucking about and wasn’t sure I got that across
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John Solomon (38)
I watched the Oz game live but didn’t come here in case some plonker revealed the results of the NZ v SAF game. Skipped the half time commentary for the same reason and got away with it - great morning of rugby .
That first half was textbook wallabies - so often we end up well behind despite same or more tries due to repeated infringements in kicking range. I thought the ref was pretty pedantic in the 1st half and a few calls were 50/50 but it seems to be a consistent problem with different refs and different opposition so the issue lies squarely with us. Needs to be fixed.
I thought mcreight grabbed his opportunity pretty well.
Swain was immense - shows what we missed against England.
Scrum improved with Tupou on but I still think he’s better off the bench.
Koro surprisingly quiet by his standards - didn’t offer much.
Gutted for Quade. Hodge’s boot and the Brumbies rolling maul is a good combo - we know what we’ve got with Lolesio. I’d be tempted to keep Hodge as the run on 10.
All up that was pretty much as expected for a world ranking of 6.
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