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Arch Winning (36)
Against all odds and logic, Michael Lipman, the Melbourne Rebels flanker, former England International, and Social Pages regular, is going to write for us. We've named his post #askLIPDOGG and this thread is where you can post any questions for him. We'll take them to him and he'll answer what he can. What a champ!!

(And a big thank you to the Melbourne Rebels for saying yes to this! You're my 2nd favourite team :) )

So if you could ask anything of a current Super 15 player who has also played in the Heineken Cup, for England, and before that, the Waratahs (although not capped) what would it be?

You can ask it in this thread, in the comments of his blog post, or on twitter using the #askLIPDOGG hashtag - no need to address it to him, just post it to @gagr, or use #askLIPDOGG and we'll see it.

Blog post is here: http://www.greenandgoldrugby.com/asklipdogg/


John Thornett (49)
What a champion. Good onya Michael.

I'll get started: Are you pleased with your form since begining with Melbourne? Has Australia seen the best of you?

Do you cop alot of flak for being a pommy from the Australians in the Rebels?


Peter Fenwicke (45)
How does the end of season in Super XV compare to the English Premiership? Is the motivation the same without the need to qualify for European comps (HEC or Amlin) or possibility of relegation?

Have you noticed an increased profile for Rugby Union in Melbourne in the 2 seasons you've been there?

When you were at Bath you were known for your community work, do you still engage in similar work in Melbourne?


Desmond Connor (43)
When is Ricky Dumigan going to get a run for the Rebels? The Rebels have good support from the regional areas of NSW (and obviously VIC) any plans for a pre-season match somewhere like Albury v the Brumbies?


Phil Kearns (64)
Staff member
It is always said that NH rugby is 'more physical' than SH rugby. Certainly the style of playing is different/ Has his preparation and game style changed because of this?

What are the differences in strength and conditioning programs in the NH as opposed to the SH, or is it all the same stuff?

And the great dividing question of our time... footy food: sausage roll or pie?
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