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Aussie Player Exodus


Mark Ella (57)
BR - and that is all well and good. And I do largely agree with your confidence in Naisarani - however equally Froggy’s point is a fair one too. He was down on form early and, at present, he is not a proven world class backrower, merely a very promising prospect.

Much like Banks or my personal favourite Petaia I think we have plenty to look forward to - but we do also need to be conscious we are picking on potential, not evidence.

It wasn’t that long ago Godwin was our next big thing at 12.


Tim Horan (67)
Staff member
Very good yes, world class..I dunno? Depends what you consider world class, I’d say you’d have to be top 5 in the world or thereabouts, are either of these guys in the top 5 lineout jumpers in the world?
Top five backrowers jumping in the lineout? Probably.


Rod McCall (65)
First up, it is Isi, not Isa. Isi had a quiet start to 2018 but once the decision to move to Melbourne in 2019 was announced, he showed the sort of form we mostly think will see him start for the Wallabies. I fully expect with a full pre-season at the Rebels, he will be a standout next year. Just on his ball carrying and line bending ability alone, he is so far superior a player to Hanigan that it's just not funny. Then, he is a much stronger defender (as in he makes his tackles count) and almost as good in the lineout.

I really would like to see Dempsey get back to his earlier form and for both Cottrell and Valetini to continue to improve to put pressure on the backrow selections in 2019.

Possibly but it's all just speculation at this stage as others have alluded to. From my limited association with former test players I'm told it's the speed of the game where many fail to make the step up, not the physicality or ball carrying / line bending ability they show at super level. I have Ned in the grouping at present not because I rate his current form or even his potential, but because he is one of the incumbents. Similar Dempsey, he has the potential as we all know, hasn't quite (but close) lived up to it since his return. It's up to ISI and/or Cottrell to earn their stripes and unseat them.


Steve Williams (59)
join french club Toulon
What's the story with the January 15 date?

But the comic book president had promised: "There will still be a surprise recruit." Indeed, Boudjellal was not able to reveal his name Thursday night but, according to our information, it is Australian center Duncan Paia'aua (23 years) of Queensland Reds, with whom he made his first appearance in Super Rugby in February 2015.​
Since then, Paia'aua has thirty-five games in the competition, for six tries scored. Boudjellal did not reveal his identity because the rules are strict on the other side of the hemisphere and prevent all communication before January 15.​


Phil Kearns (64)
Or, on the other hand, like good builders we will make sure that we have good foundations. Forever improving.


Rod McCall (65)
He's a good player but we are going to lose players of that age/experience in between RWC cycles. I'd rather we didn't but his earnings potential is diminishing the older he gets and he's been on the fringes this year so he wants to cash in, can't blame him. We just can't match the dollars up north.

Coleman is only a year younger but Rodda is only 22, don't think he'll be leaving as long as he's close to first choice.

Slim 293

Stirling Mortlock (74)
It’s not really an Aussie exodus, but we could’ve had one of them playing Super Rugby if it weren’t for Cheika (allegedly).........

Drua stars Tuisue and Veikotani have joined London Irish effective immediately.


Steve Williams (59)
It’s not really an Aussie exodus, but we could’ve had one of them playing Super Rugby if it weren’t for Cheika (allegedly)...

Drua stars Tuisue and Veikotani have joined London Irish effective immediately.

Veikotani is a good player, but was Australia going to poach him? If they were, then that's one thing. I'm sure some folks at the Reds (and elsewhere) would've liked that too. They would've offered him a low-ish contract (the union is broke) to maybe start out playing at 15 for a while and pretend he wasn't hired as a 10. :)

Five years is a long wait for a poach playing pro as a resident, tho.

As an aside, what are Cheika's options from the available flyhalves in super rugby:
  • Tahs: Foley … incumbent with 60+ caps; if the Wallabies were strong he'd have never got near that tally
  • Brums: Hawera - what's his status - poach? Not that great anyway.
  • Rebs: Quade … 'nuff said.
  • Reds: Stewart … a developing guy, some way off test level.
How many of those guys can play test rugby at 10 in 2019 ... One? Fewer than one?

I suppose they bring To'omua along as a backup for the jaunt to Japan at the end of the season. Maybe the new joker overseeing the wallabies will instruct the old joker coaching the side to give To'omua a few games at 10.

<edit> Seeing Bernard has 60 caps, they'll head him off O/S next and get a new poach in at the tahs. :p


Arch Winning (36)
Theoretically if the Giteau law wasn’t in affect who would people like to see considered/trialled for the World Cup?

If it were possible, not sure about time constraints etc I’d get the following people in for a training camp

M. Ala'alatoa (there’s one prop spot up for grabs, slipper may take it but just in case he doesn’t regain his mojo in time)