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Australia v England: Match II @ Suncorp 7.55pm AEST, 09/07

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Chilla Wilson (44)
No-one could ever be concerned with Hoopers size or that he is included in any pack.
JB - Let's see how it pans out, I watched about 20 mins of the spidercam last week, it was an eye opener seeing what he does.
Any old how - opinions etc....I think McCright brings more to a very similar role.


John Eales (66)
England desperate attempt to copy Australia:
Jack Willis pulls out less than an hour before the game. He is replaced on by the bench by debutant Will Joseph.

England have already lost flanker Curry. Interestingly Joseph is actually a centre so they go from originally having a 6/2 bench to a 5/3 split. Joseph is also younger brother of international Jordan Joseph.


Michael Lynagh (62)

Some one tell them to sing all the verses of the national anthems
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