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Australian Schoolboys & National Championships 2015

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Nev Cottrell (35)
They all played well especially in the second half, tries by 2, 14 and I think 5 for Qld.

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Bob Davidson (42)
Having a punt on selection for the Aust schoolboys without seeing a announcement.
1 Harry Hoopert Qld
2 Tom Horton NSW
3 Gavin Luka Qld
4 Tom Pirrodi NSW
5 Ryan Mccauley NSW
6 Max Girdler NSW
7 Angus Allen Qld
8 Reec Hewat Qld
9 Harrison Goddard NSW
10 Jack McGregor NSW
11 Dylan Riley Qld
12 Daniel England NSW
13 Simon Kennewell NSW
14 Sepesa Loga-tarogi NSW
15 Jayden Ngamanu Qld

number 6

Allen Oxlade (6)
Great game to finish the day: NSW dominated the first half and QLD the second. Standouts from both sides (from my perspective) were NSW 5, 9, 10, 13, 15; QLD 8, 14, 15. It was hard to define who gained dominance in the front row, yet in saying that, NSW won most lineouts and scrums.
I enjoyed the day and watched all games. It will be interesting to see the Aussie side as there were some great players spread across the teams. Some players of note (once again, from my observations)
CS: 12 (strong carries) & 15 (great athlete)
WA: 10 (he was very strong)
Vic: 2 (beast of a lad who kicks goals as well) & 14 (lightning)
ACT: 10 (great service & strong runner) 23 (solid runner & kicker)
NSW2: 1 (busy and strong) 2 (tenacious on ball) 9 (all class)
QLD2: 7 (3 turnovers)

Looking forward to seeing who is selected and always great to see a NSW win


Jimmy Flynn (14)
Lachlan ANDERSON Oakhill College
Harrison CHAPMAN The King’s school
Daniel ENGLAND The Scots College
Jack FARRELL Brisbane Boys’ College
Max GIRDLER The Scots College
Nathaniel GITTOES St Joseph’s College
Harrison GODDARD Oakhill College
Reece HEWAT St Joseph’s College Nudgee
Harry HOCKINGS Anglican Church Grammar School
Tom HORTON St Joseph’s College
Harry JOHNSON-HOLMES Merewether High School
Simon KENNEWELL Newington College
Jordan LENAC The Southport School
Sepesa LOGA-TAROGI Newington College
Ryan McAULAY The Scots College
Jack McGREGOR St Ignatius’ College
Will McRAE St Augustine’s College
Liam MOSLEY St Joseph’s College Nudgee
Jayden NGAMANU Brisbane Boys’ College
Dylan RILEY The Southport School
Geoffrey ROBERTSON Ipswich Grammar School
Cody WALKER Kinross Wolaroi School
Tevita WOLSKE Ipswich Grammar School

Manager John ROWNES Knox Grammar School
Coach Stephen PHILLPOTTS Brisbane Boys’ College
Asst Coach Mike WALLACE The Southport School
Asst Manager Noel GARDNER St Edmund’s College, Ipswich
S & C Andrew MOLONEY Anglican Church Grammar School

Angus ALLEN The Southport School
Tyler CAMPBELL The Southport School
Harry HOOPERT Toowoomba Grammar School
Len IKITAU Brisbane Boys’ College
Joel KUCHEL Anglican Church Grammar School
Viliami LATU Illawarra Sports High School
Robert LEOTA Thornbury High School
Ryan LONERGAN Trinity Christian School
Gavin LUKA St Joseph’s Nudgee College
Efi MA’AFU Ipswich Grammar School
Sama MALOLO Randwick Boys’ High
Kalala MENI St Joseph’s Nudgee
Jack NETTLETON St Augustine’s College
Charlie SMITH The Scots College
Hamish STEWART Toowoomba Grammar School
Theo STRANG The Scots College
Darcy SWAIN Brisbane Boys’ College
Lachlan SWINTON Knox Grammar School
Kris VEVERIS Brisbane Boys’ College
Sam WALLIS Anglican Church Grammar School
Tom WRIGHT St Josephs College

Manager James TURNER St Joseph’s Gregory Terrace
Coach Jay TREGONNING Illawarra Grammar School
Asst Coach Carl MARSHALL Brisbane Grammar School
Physio Joel McPHEE
S & C Jono ROUSSETOS St Joseph’s Gregory Terrace
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