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Australian Schoolboys & National Championships 2016

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Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)

An exciting year beckons for the Class of 2016.

This is what we know so far.

Team Managers, Coaches, Selectors and Medical appointments will appointed by the ASRU Committee by Sunday 20th March 2016, with applications closing on 19 February 2016.

ASRU Championships are scheduled for 3 July - 9 July 2016 and will once again be held at St Ignatius College, (Riverview) in Sydney.

Division I teams assemble on Sunday 3 July and depart after the Australian Schools Teams (looks like there will be an Australian Schools Barbarians Team announced this year) are announced on Saturday 9 July.

Division II teams will assemble on 4 July, departing on Friday 8 July.

Combined States team will be announced at 8pm on Monday 27 June, and the players will go into camp at Riverview on 1 July.

Test Matches and Tours
The inbound Tourists will be Tonga Schools, and there will be a tour to Samoa and NZ for the Australian Schoolboys.

Tonga Schools are planned to play the following fixtures: Note: Tonga Tour details updated based on ASRU May Newsletter)
8 September Tour Match vs CCC at St Pats Blacktown
13 September Tour Match vs CHS at TBC, Newcastle
17 September Tonga Schools vs Australian Schools Barbarians @ Newington College Sydney (afternoon game)

Australian Schools Barbarians Camp will be held from September 14 to September 17 (probably in Sydney)

Australian Schoolboys Tour dates (Note: Tour details updated based on ASRU May Newsletter)
18 September - Assemble in Sydney
20 September - Depart for Samoa
24 September - Samoa Schools v Australian Schools in Apia (afternoon match - 3pm kick off)
29 September - Fiji Schools v Australian Schools in Hamilton
3 October - NZ Barbarians v Australian Schools in Auckland
8 October - NZ Schools v Australian Schools in Auckland

Australian Schools Luncheon 2016

The ASRU Foundation Luncheon (in conjunction with Classic Wallabies) is planned for April 8 from 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm at the 4 Seasons Hotel in Sydney. A Table of 10 will cost $1650, or $170 for individual entry. Interested? contact Andrew Elliot.
See this page for contact details for Andrew.
Note that the event will most likely not be held at the 4 Seasons Hotel in New Brunswick, NJ, USA, as is currently advertised on the calendar link above. Blame Google maps.:)

More info on the luncheon here:

Consider joining as an Associate Member to help crowd fund ASRU:
i. Individual Membership $100 per year
ii. Student Membership $50 per year for Full time Students
iii. Club / School Membership $500 per year
iv. Corporate Membership $1,000 per year
More detail: http://www.schoolsrugby.com.au/associate-members-2015/

Keep an eye on the new ASRU website for more news and updates.


Ward Prentice (10)


By Andrew on March 20, 2016 in News
John Rownes Knox Grammar School NSW
Pat Langtry St Edmund’s College ACT
Andrew Moloney ACGS – Churchie QLD
Jay Tregonning The Illawarra Grammar School NSW
John Guy Hunter Valley Grammar School NSW
Jon Rousettos* St Joseph’s Gregory Terrace QLD
Tom Lombardo NSW
*for 2016
James Turner St Joseph’s Gregory Terrace QLD
Carl Marshall Brisbane Grammar School QLD
Bradley Gill Newington College NSW
Kieran Smith Dubbo Secondary College – Senior Campus NSW
David Idstein The King’s School NSW
Hugo Engele Trinity Grammar School NSW
Brendan Wilson NSW
Adrian Thompson ARU
Pat Langtry St Edmund’s College
Glen Cronan

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Initial WA squad announced:


Interesting to see only 7 boys from PSA schools, evidencing the long term (relative) decline in that competition.

Aranmore's rugby programme and junior club rugby provide most of the raw material for RugbyWA's junior development programs these days.

Does PSA mean Public Schools Association (and therefore similar to CHS [Combined High Schools] in NSW)?

If so, is the the concentration of Rugby Talent in Private Schools in the East being mirrored in the West?


Ward Prentice (10)
Your eastern seaboard cousins are of the thinking selection two or so weeks prior the nationals is plenty.

In truth, WA needs to take preparation very seriously because we don't have the player depth or level of competition needed to compete with only a few weeks input.

I have not done my normal (obsessive/compulsive) analysis of the team but I would suspect you will find a number of the boys in the list will have come out of the JGC U17's and so will have been training and playing for some months now. Combined with the JGC U17's from last year, RugbyWA would be hoping for a competitive squad but we still have some way to go to get close to QLD and NSW. ACT and VIC seem to run similar programmes and put out similar teams to WA.

Does PSA mean Public Schools Association (and therefore similar to CHS [Combined High Schools] in NSW)?

If so, is the the concentration of Rugby Talent in Private Schools in the East being mirrored in the West?

You are correct that PSA means "Public Schools Association" but used in the English tradition; ie "Public Schools" actually means "Private Schools". Our PSA is equivalent to GPS or similar.

If you go back 10 or so years, WA teams used to be heavily populated by players from the PSA schools. However, the balance has shifted rapidly in the last decade or so away from the PSA system.

The CSC (Combined Schools Competition), made up of a mix of private colleges and state schools, runs its own competition.

So which is stronger, PSA or CSC? This is not an easy question to answer as there is little if any interaction between the 2 competitions. However, last year a combined PSA played a combined CSC team (this is not a usual event) and CSC won fairly comprehensively. From this it would be tempting to conclude CSC > PSA.

However, CSC is dominated by 1 school (Aranmore), which has a dedicated rugby scholarship program. It is probably fairer to say that Aranmore > PSA and CSC . Certainly WA rep teams are heavily populated by Aranmore players.

A key point of difference between the competitions is that PSA 10's, 2nd XV's and 1st XV's play on Saturdays and CSC plays mid week. As a result many of their players back up for club duty on Saturday mornings. This gives them a distinct advantage over their PSA counterparts (doubly so if they play for 1 of the junior clubs with good development programs).

Speaking of the junior clubs, I can see a large number of boys in the squad who don't play in either the PSA or CSC competitions. These boys are purely the product of their clubs.

There you go HJ ... that is the short version for you.

Lee Grant

John Eales (66)
The draw for the Sebel ASRU Championships (held at Riverview from 3rd - 9th July) is here:

We will be looking for writers for the Div I games - just 350 words per report; so it's not a lot of work. We need them especially for the morning of Thu 7th July because I will be working late putting the previous day's writing together and will no doubt have to sleep in.

Can anybody please help out with writing 350 words?

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
For all but the most dedicated of Trainspotters, attendance at Riverview in Sydney is dependent on getting some "good" news over the weekend (NSW I and II, and QLD I and II) or on Monday (Combined States).

When that good news arrives, @Lee Grant would like to know if you can assist paint the picture of a day in the life of the 2016 Schoolboy National Championships by contributing a match report, or a photograph or two, as Lee has indicated above.

We are particularly interested in anyone coming from WA, ACT or Vic (the 2nd Best U20 team in the country) to help with a non-local perspective on the games.


Send me and/or @Lee Grant a "conversation" if you are able to assist.

It is not particularly onerous, and your contributions will help those parents, friends and associates of the players who are unable to travel interstate, or get time off work, or work at a place where they have software that blocks incoming streams.


Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)

NSW Squads announced.

2016 NSW Schools 1st XV
1. David TIFA , Ashcroft HS, CHS
2. Jack ONGOSIA, St Augustine's College, ISA
3. Opeti HELU, Newington College, AAGPS
4. Nick BROWN, The King’s School, AAGPS
5. Nicholas FROST, Knox Grammar, CAS
6. Josh KEMENY, Cranbrook School, CAS
7. Dylan PIETSCH, The King’s School, AAGPS
8. Michael FENN, St Ignatius College, AAGPS
9. Will HASKINS, Shore, AAGPS
10. Adam DOUEIHI, St Patrick's College, ISA
11. Jackson MOHI, Waverley College, CAS
12. Nick WILKINSON, St Joseph’s College, Hunters Hill, AAGPS
13. Will TERRY, St Ignatius Colleg, AAGPS
14. Yirribi JAFFER-WILLIAMS, St Joseph’s College, Hunters Hill, AAGPS
15. Ryan LONGVILLE, Trinity Grammar School, CAS

16. Charlie JEAVONS-FELLOWS, Scots College, AAGPS
17. Connor GRINDAL, Knox Grammar, CAS
18. Cameron PRINCE, St Augustine's College, ISA
19. Hugh MARGIN, Knox Grammar, CAS
20. Nathan LAWSON, Newington College, AAGPS
21. Terry FANOLUA, Westfields SHS, CHS
22. Tyrone TAUKAMO, Newington College, AAGPS
23. Luke OSBORNE, The King’s School, AAGPS

Manager: John GUY, Hunter Valley Grammar School,
Coach : Brad GILL, Newington College
Assistant Coach : Luke BOWER, Cranbrook School
Physiotherapist : Narelle VEVERKA

2016 NSW Schools 2nd XV
1. Darcy.BREEN, Scots College, AAGPS
2. Jacob BRISTOWE, Westfields SHS, CHS
3. Dan MATTHEW, Kariong Mtn HS, CHS
4. Liam RASCH, Trinity Grammar School, CAS
5. Rory SUTTOR, Shore, AAGPS
6. Charles RORKE, St Ignatius College, AAGPS
7. Mila HINGAO. St Augustine’s College, ISA
8. Ben GLEESON, NBSC Cromer, CHS
9. Tyzac JORDAN, Waverley College, CAS
10. Kieran HAYMAN, Hills SHS, CHS
11. Jack VEITCH, St Stanislaus’ College, ISA
12. Jordan MORRIS, Trinity Grammar School, CAS
13. James ARMSTRONG. Knox Grammar, CAS
14. Luke RIXON, Shore, AAGPS
15. Matthew McTAGGART, St Josephs College, Hunters Hill, AAGPS

16. Jack UPTON, Knox Grammar, CAS
17. Tom OSBORNE, St Ignatius College, AAGPS
18. Frank CUTLER, St Ignatius College, AAGPS
19. Tom SILK, St Ignatius College, AAGPS
20. Willy MANU, St Augustine’s College, ISA
21. Kyle BROWN, The King’s School AAGPS
22. William HARRISON, Marcellin College, CCC
23. Oliver SMEALLIE, St Ignatius College, AAGPS

Manager: Saxon BOWLES, Oakhill College
Coach: Lachlan WHITE, Trinity Grammar School
Assistant Coach: Dean HARGRAVES, Barker College
Physiotherapist: Kendall WALLACE

For the Train Spotters:
AAGPS 22 (12 NSW 1, 10 NSW 2)
St Ignatius College 7 (2 NSW 1, 5 NSW 2)​
The King’s School 4 (3 NSW 1, 1 NSW 2)​
Newington College 3 (3 NSW 1, 0 NSW 2)​
Shore 3 (1 NSW 1, 2 NSW 2)​
St Joseph’s College, Hunters Hill 3 (2 NSW 1, 1 NSW 2)​
Scots College 2 (1 NSW 1, 1 NSW 2)​

CAS 11 (6 NSW 1, 5 NSW 2)
Knox Grammar 5 (3 NSW 1, 2 NSW 2)​
Trinity Grammar School 3 (1 NSW 1, 2 NSW 2)​
Waverley College 2 (1 NSW 1, 1 NSW 2)​
Cranbrook School 1 (1 NSW 1, 0 NSW 2)​

ISA 6 (3 NSW 1, 3 NSW 2)
St Augustine's College 4 (2 NSW 1, 2 NSW 2)​
St Patrick's College 1 (1 NSW 1, 0 NSW 2)​
St Stanislaus’ College 1 (0 NSW 1, 1 NSW 2)​

CHS, 6 (2 NSW 1, 4 NSW 2)
Westfields SHS 2 (1 NSW 1, 1 NSW 2)​
Ashcroft HS 1 (1 NSW 1, 0 NSW 2)​
Kariong Mtn HS 1 (0 NSW 1, 1 NSW 2)​
NBSC Cromer 1 (0 NSW 1, 1 NSW 2)​
Hills SHS 1 (0 NSW 1, 1 NSW 2)​

CCC 1 (0 NSW 1, 1 NSW 2)
Marcellin College (0 NSW 1, 1 NSW 2)​

AICES 0 (0 NSW 1, 0 NSW 2)

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)

2016 Queensland Schools 1st XV
1. Lloyd GORMAN, Brisbane State High School
2. Sean FARRELL, Brisbane Boys’ College
3. Laurence TOMINIKO, Keebra Park SHS
4. Matt WILSHIRE, Toowoomba Grammar School
5. Victor TUALIMA, Brisbane State High School
6. Jeral SKELTON, St Patrick’s College
7. Fraser McREIGHT, Brisbane Grammar School
8. Justin SIKEMETI, St Patrick’s College
9. Tate McDERMOTT, Sunshine Coast Grammar School
10. Isaac LUCAS, St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace
11. Will EADIE, St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace
12. Quinton MAHINA, Brisbane State High School
13. Tristan STANGHORN, Anglican Church Grammar School
14. Willie MALALA, St Joseph’s Nudgee College
15 .Murray TAULAGI, Brisbane State High School

16. Eugene KOORTS, Ipswich Grammar School
17. Samuel DOBB, The Southport School
18. Blake SCHOUPP, St Joseph’s Nudgee College
19. Henry SHARP, Anglican Church Grammar School
20. Tipene MAVOA, The Southport School
21. Harry GREEN, Toowoomba Grammar School
22. Augustus RANGIHUNA, St Joseph’s Nudgee College
23. Matthew COLLINS, St Peter’s Lutheran College

Manager: Gavin HOSKING, St Laurence's College
Coach: David COOKE, Cleveland District State High School
Assistant Coach: Mark MOXON, Ignatius Park College
Physiotherapist: Ian ASTBURY

2016 Queensland Schools 2nd XV
1. Dechlan DAY, The Southport School
2. Matthew FAESSLER, Toowoomba Grammar School
3. Joshua NASSER, St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace
4. Matthew MUNDAY, St Patrick’s College
5. Harry WILSON, St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace
6. Seamus TWEEDY, St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace
7. Joshua SHERIDAN, Ipswich Grammar School
8. Timote TAVALEA, John Paul College
9. Joshua VUTA, Somerset College
10. Matthew McCARTHY, Sunshine Coast Grammar School
11. Callum HICKS, Ipswich Grammar School
12. Harry McMAHON, Sunshine Coast Grammar School
13. Len IKIATAU, Brisbane Boys’ College
14. Ben SIMPSON, Brisbane Boys’ College
15. Semisi TUPOU, St Joseph’s Nudgee College

16. Harrison RAVEN, Sunshine Coast Grammar School
17. Ben KLAASSEN, Downlands College
18. Moses ALO-EMILE, Brisbane State High School
19. Patrick TAFA, Brisbane State High School
20. Allan WRATTEN, Marist College Ashgrove
21. Isaac TARABAY, Anglican Church Grammar School
22. Isaac De FLAVIS, Marist College Ashgrove
23. Nathanael CARSWELL, Brisbane Boys College

Manager: Brenton CATCHPOLE, Richlands East State High School
Coach: Jon FITZGERALD, Marist College Ashgrove
Assistant Coach: Ben CAMERON, Kingston State High School
Physiotherapist: Mark FYFFE

Big Mal

Allen Oxlade (6)
2016 Combined States
1. Dylan VALENI (Westfields Sports HS) - NSW
2. Jason TANI (Ipswich Grammar School) - QLD
3. Bo ABRA (St Stanislaus’ College) - NSW
4. Tom JEFFRIES (St Joseph’s Nudgee College) - QLD
5. Esei HAANGANA (St Paul’s Catholic College) - NSW
6. Edward FRY (NBSC Freshwater) - NSW
7. Ben O’SULLIVAN (Waverley College) - NSW
8. Tom SERHON (Newington College) - NSW
9. Dylan DOWLING (St Joseph’s College, Hunters Hill) - NSW
10. Nicholas SHANNON (The Scots College) - NSW
11. Lachlan DAY (St Joseph’s College, Hunters Hill) - NSW
12. Matthew ORPEN (The King’s School) - NSW
13. Jordan PETALA (Brisbane State High School) - QLD
14. Ratu NIUMATAIWALU (Ipswich Grammar School) - QLD
15. Patrick PELLEGRINI (Champagnat Catholic College) - NSW

16. James LYNCH (The King’s School) - NSW
17. Luke EDWARDS (Shore) - NSW
18. John YATES (St Joseph’s College, Hunters Hill) - NSW
19. Sonny AH SAN (Padua College) - QLD
20. Nathan MARSHALL (Iona College) - QLD
21. Jack MANN (St Edmund’s College) - ACT
22. Matthew TAYLOR (St Edmund’s College) - ACT
23. Ed GREGORY (Shore) - NSW

Named in the Squad but not the tournament Program
Hugh GREEN (The Scots College) - NSW

Manager: Kieran SMITH, Dubbo Secondary College – Senior Campus NSW
Coach: David IDSTEIN The King’s School NSW
Assistant Coach: Hugo ENGELE Trinity Grammar School NSW
Physiotherapist: Brendan WILSON, NSW

EDIT: OP edited to include jumper numbers and Team management from the Tournament Program.


If shadow players are called into the combined states team, does that mean extra shadows are called onto the list?

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Usually Combined States has roughly equal numbers from NSW & QLD.

This year has a predominance of NSW players.

This has to be a sign that the Final will be NSW I v NSW II because of the awesome depth of top notch footy players here. :)


Dark Shark

Alex Ross (28)
Usually Combined States has roughly equal numbers from NSW & QLD.

This year has a predominance of NSW players.

This has to be a sign that the Final will be NSW I v NSW II because of the awesome depth of top notch footy players here. :)


Hugh, unfortunately I think you are spot on the money with this prediction for the Schoolboys Champs for this year. I do not think Qld will have the strength in the forwards to challenge.
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