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Australian Schoolboys & National Championships 2017

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Bob McCowan (2)
I thought the bloke Law in number 20 from QLD II had a blinder both in his 2nd and 3rd game, turned over the ball at least 4 times in the second game, his pilfering skills are ridiculous and is a very solid runner. The kid isn't big but defiantly someone to watch in the game tomorrow.


Chris McKivat (8)

I will have a go and will put down a few boys for the same position as it is sohard to pick, good luck to the selectors.
I will though pick 1 boy who I think is a standout in a certain position.

I also think the feedback will be hard and I understand this as i, like no one, understands the ability of all the boys, we can also only go on what we have seen in this tournament, and I will strongly point out throughout the year, so it is more than just this tournament.

1. Angus Bell/ Bo Abra
2. Lachlan Loneregan/Will Johnson.
3. Finn Wright/Darcy Breen.
4.Harry Wilson6.Max Douglass.
5. Nick Frost/Trevor Hosea.
6. Luca Moretti.
7.Donny Freeman/Liam Cornish.
8. Charlie Rorke/Hunter Ward.
9. Marco Bell/Josh Vuta.
10.Ben Donaldson/Campbell Parata.
11. Albert Hopoate/Will Lloyd.
12. Brooklyn Hardaker/Ed Poolman.
13. Jordan Petaia.
14.Jangala Bennet/Tom Yassmin.
15. Brendan Jimenez/Mike Pavlakis.

I think many of these boys will be there, but I am now going on Holidays to duck from the feedback, all I can ask for is a clap for having the balls to spice up the approaching conversations.

My choices have also taken into account what it may take to beat the NZ school boys, so I haven't necessarily chosen a team that is classically structured as I believe this will NOT defeat an NZ team.
I have chosen a running rugby squad that could put more points on then a classical NZ team can chase down.

Let the war begin!
That's not one sided at all.


There will be a lot more, and some will shine today to put their heads above the rest, but the players I have noticed so far are:

ACT - Lachlan Lonergan; Lachlan Osborne; Seamus Smith; William Goddard; Brendan Jimenez
WA - Brody McAskill
CS - Emmitt Keepa; Michael Pavlakis; Harry Turner; Triston Reilly
NSW1 - Bo Abra; Max Douglas; Nick Frost; Luca Moretti; Donny Freeman; Charlie Rorke; Will Lloyd; Ben Donaldson; Albert Hopoate; Jeremy Williams
NSW2 - Angus Bell; Finn Wright; Liam Cornish; Hunter Ward; Marco Bell; Angus Bell; Matthew Stead
QLD1 - Harry Wilson; Phoenix Hunt; Campbell Parata; Jordan Pataia;
QLD2 - Ryan Gassman; Lachlan Connors; Josh Vuta; Vilami Lea; Brandon Laws
VIC - Oliver Barden; Alex Saága; Sione Tui

The four number 9s I predict are the 2 from Qld, ACT Seamus Smith and NSW2 Marco Bell
Number 10s - QLD1-Campbell Parata; NSW1-Ben Donaldson; ACT-William Goddard
Front row spots are up for grabs.

Good luck to all. It's been very entertaining rugby and well run by the organisers.

And a big thank you to Rich E for filling the big shoes of Lee Grant in providing match reports.

Prince Henry

Fred Wood (13)
Brayden Law (#20) in Qld 2 doesn't play in the GPS comp and in QLD that means it is very very difficult to get picked in the QLD team. But this boy scored 9 tries (yes 9) in the last two First XV games for Marist College Ashgrove's undefeated premiership team. So he should have been on the selectors radar.

He's the best 7 running around but because he was only selected as a reserve for QLD II, and has been forced to play a lot at 6.

Look at his games this week including 3 tries. He's a gun.

Connors too. That game v NSW I was very special. Unfortunately he also had the challenge of not playing in the GPS comp and was not selected in QLD I.

Good luck QLD II in the final. Motivation won't be an issue.

Big Mal

Allen Oxlade (6)
Cream always rises to the top (eventually). It shouldn't matter which school you go to or which association that school is in. Go QLD 1 and 2 today but congrats to all players, coaches, managers and physios on a great week. Well done to refs and organisers for another great championships especially the live stream with commentary (not the refs microphone like previous years).

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Chilla Wilson (44)
VIC - Oliver Barden; Alex Saága; Sione Tui

I agree. I thought the Vic #9 was decent too. Not Aus Schools standard, but maybe Baabaas.

I think the only one that was Aus Schools standard was Saagaa, but I think Tui has been injured.

As an aside, anyone know the scores from the Vic/WA game?

Inside Shoulder

Nathan Sharpe (72)
Despite certain pundits finding room for 10 NSW 1s and 7 Nsw 2's in their best players (ACT only getting 5) it is worth noting that the ACT has, as I understand it, a "merged" comp with schools and clubs playing in the same comp giving the opportunity for non-rugby school students to play in the same comp against the same opposition as the kids at rugby playing schools.
This is the model for oz rugby, IMO. It will, of course, never happen.
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