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Bledisloe III at Perth, 5/09/21 - 4pm AEST


Allen Oxlade (6)
What rubbish by the Wallabies. Kicks that just give the ball back to them in attacking positions, missed tackles, poor hands….and now an intercept try to the ABs
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David Wilson (68)
Nothing on and we just decide to rush out of the line and miss a tackle..... We play such dumb rugby


Billy Sheehan (19)
Put that one down to Valantini’s lazy defence, he was never in a position to tackle - either initially or in cover defence
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Last three missed tackles from brumbies players. Whoda thunk it


Michael Lynagh (62)
Oh dear...how many tackles miss with that AB try .... it is easier to watch this game if you accept we are just not a top 5 rugby nation...but please no record scores...