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CAS 2018

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Jimmy Flynn (14)
Knox’s season in tatters....now down 27-10....Cranbrook playing good footy. Knox out of ideas

J Dog Fenton

Peter Burge (5)
At knox, appears the referee in Knox vs Cranbrook has left his glasses at home. Number of offsides not called that have lead to cranbrook putting points on the board and knox penalised for everything with the cranbrook penalty count remains at 2


Nev Cottrell (35)
Barker 11 glides past and through some pretty dismal defence. 26-17 and that shuts it out I’d say. Conversion and it’s 28-17.


Nev Cottrell (35)
Barker 13 is having a blinder in the second half as is the whole pack. While defence has been tough on both sides there have been no penalties for illegal tackles rare these days.


Nev Cottrell (35)
Barker 12 runs through everyone, tries to be clever and drops the ball over the line. Deserved reward for showboating. And that’s it, 35-22.


Trinity has put all the other teams on notice for the next 3 games. Well done.


Nev Cottrell (35)
Still cannot seperate Molloy from Murphy ... in terms of who deserves the cas 1 jersey

Both so good ... Molloy provides more options for line out , Murphy got the edge in broken play

Having said that aloys backrow was good today ... who was 7?

And i thought Aloys were definitely stronger in the scrums

I wouldn't say it was the greatest game... lot of knock ons

Personally I rate the aloys 10

And aloys really played well today ... never giving up

Waverley need their inside centre back... altgh volkman played well

However currently backs are pretty much all under 175 cm, except the 13, so not exactly scary

Having said that Baldwin in particular plays so above his weight, and JT (back from injury)on other wing is good


Allen Oxlade (6)
Cranbrook 27 -17

Could've (should've?) been a bigger margin based on the way both teams played. Knox were awful. About the only players who could hold their heads up were the backrow of Grobler, Breden and Gratwicke as well as Cheal (who played lock). Backs in particular showed very little flair and the 10 just kept kicking the ball away. As usual this season they lacked ball control and patience.

For Cranbrook, their 15 was excellent - but then he did get kicked to in open space constantly!, the backrow was good at the breakdown, the 4 had some strong runs, and both props played well too. All up great commitment from all the team. You could tell they wanted it more.

On a side note, the refereeing was very ordinary and inconsistent - worst officiated game I've seen this season. Knox really copped it, not that I think it would have changed the result - Cranbrook were simply the better team - but it did affect momentum.

With the results from the other games today Knox will have to play out of their skins to win one this season...
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