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CAS Rugby 2022

rod skellet

Bob Davidson (42)
With the 2021 CAS season meeting a sad but probably expected end, due to the impacts of the latest lockdown in the greater Sydney area, in a effort to look forwards with an optimistic attitude, I offer all interested parties the opportunity to express their thoughts on the 2022 season. Good luck everyone and to all students playing this wonderfull game.

Props are People too

Sydney Middleton (9)
Sadly the January Gen Blue camps have been postponed due to Omicron - now due to be held on Sundays in Q1. Here’s hoping the outbreak passes quickly and the boys can get a proper season in.

bring back rucking

Fred Wood (13)
Some familiar names announced in this under 20s side… including Archie Saunders who is still in year 12 at Knox…


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Tame Brumby

Stan Wickham (3)
It is so hard to tell after limited rugby last year. Barker had a couple of superstars in year 12 last year that have moved on, but they still have Katoa at flyhalf who looks the business (though I heard he has signed with an NRL club - another loss to the game) and I believe have some good new year 11s joining. The Knox pack looks great with an all Gen Blue front row as well as Archie Saunders out the back. Can't say I know much about Aloys but I didn't think Cranbrook or Trinity were that strong last year and I don't think their U16s did much either. But so little rugby played so who knows - seems a toss-up.

Lachie Goon

Allen Oxlade (6)
Agreed, with such limited footy last year it's hard to tell who was legit, especially in the 16As. as for the Aloys players, I don't know much but I have a nephew who goes there, and he's told me their 16As captain and hooker last year is a decent player, had a couple of NRL teams with an eye on him towards the end of the year, hopefully not another lost to them though!


Larry Dwyer (12)
Knox 16A last year were good. Did Trinity by 70 i think and only done at Death Valley after a yellow card in the dying minutes allowed a last minute try and sideline conversion from Waves (no complaints about the yellow). Did Barker by 40 the year before so will be interesting to see who these "good new year 11's" are Tame Brumby.
Loads of talent in this years 11 and 12, however, coaching will be the issue, Knox is not known for getting the ball wide and the coaching from u13 up has no cohesion, or game plan, or defensive structure or attacking structure or......


Nev Cottrell (35)
Any actual news? I assume Waverley has topped up its intake of junior Roosters? I assume most schools are still holding internal trials this week.


Allen Oxlade (6)
Any actual news? I assume Waverley has topped up its intake of junior Roosters? I assume most schools are still holding internal trials this week.
Knox vs Aloys trial match this pm (Thurs) at 4.

Anyone know what happened? Rain put me off.

Props are People too

Sydney Middleton (9)
Knox played Marist Ashgrove last night and won 54-0. Good tune up. I think Barker beat Knox the week before though in a very loose trial format.


Nev Cottrell (35)
So Trinity was up 19-0 when I had to leave about 10 minutes into the second half. Hard to draw too many conclusions given the scrappy nature of a trial and the heavy conditions. Trinity looks a solid side, maybe short of a game-breaking star. They were solid defensively against a willing St Pats side. The forwards are mobile and committed, and the backs look willing to run the ball. Scrums were uncontested for some reason, and Trinity's lineout looked rusty: the lack of a key middle jumper may cost them against stronger sides. 9 Orly Hatton-Ward was sparky, 10 Kian Edmed was calm and well-organised. Wingers 11 Askew (elusive) and 14 Timperi (bulldozing) were effective in their contrasting styles and 15 Malik Amine was lively in attack. 5 Sam Niulala got around like a back-rower.

Trinity has some beef in the forwards, but all the big guys (especially 8 Alisi Leao) run very upright: they all need to lower the body height or they'll be easy to take down, despite their bulk.

Anyway, assuming they didn't implode in the last quarter, Trinity would be quietly happy with a decent start. And the game had very strong support from both schools, which was good to see.
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Nev Cottrell (35)
By the way, the Trinity side, according to programme, was:

1 Tom Kosmas
2 Nick Keogh
3 Daniel Christodoulou
4 Paulo Tauililili-Pelesasa
5 Sam Niulala
6 Jake Varone
7 Riley Martin
8 Alisi Leao
9 Orly Hatton-Ward
10 Kian Edmed
11 Oliver Askew
12 Ashton Frazer
13 Dominic Feros
14 Jaiden Timperi
15 Malik Amine


Frank Nicholson (4)
St Aloysius went down at home 10-22 to Pius. The visitors were committed, tried hard and really breached the gain line close to the ruck and on their left edge all day. The 3 late tries in the second half against a fading home team did it for them.

Aloys forwards really lacked size and punch, although the Year 10 loose head was probably the best of them, with the returning Hill too, who seemed like the lone survivor from last year’s team. The scoreline was a greater deficit than in the same fixture last year, although both halves came off early, and it looks like things will be tough this season at Willoughby.

The Seconds got a tight win 24-19. The u16As have a few genuine stars at 8 and 15, and the 16s actually look like they have a bit of depth and will field three sides. Might only be one each in the u15s (who have a brilliant back rower) and the u14s (who were badly beaten but have class in the halves and 15). The 13s were good, structured and have power in the pack, but generally it will be a pretty tough season across the board for the Blue & Gold in 2022.
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Frank Nicholson (4)
Barker played Oakhill in Firsts and Seconds at Hornsby yesterday. Seconds 15 all draw. Firsts 26 - 19 win to Barker. Barker was up up 26 - 5 in the second half and Oak edged back into it. No Katoa for Barker. Barker fullback loves to run at full pace and put on huge side steps. Apparently no penalties are awarded for scrum dominance at school level as the Red scrum bulldozed Oakhill several times and the ref just ordered a reset. Could be a safety issue.


Nev Cottrell (35)
Surprisingly close result in Oakhill/Barker.

Anyone know how Trinity/Pats finished?