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CAS Rugby 2023

rod skellet

Bob Davidson (42)
41/19 after some very dubious offside by Knox. Knox are the better side but their points are coming from decisions that just don’t sit right.


Nev Cottrell (35)
Well done Waverley, an emphatic win today and a deserved unbeaten premiership. I think the order this year was exactly right - Waverley, Knox, Trinity, Barker, Cranbrook, Aloysius (although a few people up near Hornsby may think otherwise).

Waverley's muscle in the forwards made all the difference today. They were 30% bigger than their opponents, and we all know what a good big player does to a good small player. If Trinity had 10% of the possession I'd be surprised. Waverley might have won by more had they let the backs do their thing instead of cluttering up the back line with props, because the finishing in the backs was clinical and they had plenty of speed. I thought Waverley's best were the 8, 15 and the wingers - though the tight five as a whole set things up well by monopolising the ball, and the 9 (although he was given an armchair ride by his forwards) has a very nice pass that gets the ball wide, quickly.

For Trinity the best was 15 Mitchell, whose defence was tremendous and who ran well when given the rare chance. 8 Niulala was good, while 9 Hatton-Ward worked hard but had almost no ball to do anything with.

Tried to find you WLF, but no luck! Spent much of my afternoon next to a Waverley supporter who doesn't know that under current CAS rules a scrum can't "push em back over the dead ball line!!!"