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CAS Rugby 2023


Frank Row (1)
Yeah the conditions last time out made for a slow kicking game and very low scoring outing. Hopefully an exciting, high scoring fast paced game this Friday.
Easts Rugby never disappoints. I'll bet the atmosphere and home ground for Cranbrook will give them the edge they need to beat Auggies. Have also heard injured players Noah Jackson and Kaleb Ah-colt may be returning for the brook this Friday. With key players like these two, Auggies must be on there A game.


Ward Prentice (10)
Expecting some big wins this week as Waverley are matching up against St Gregs, and Knox are playing St Pats. Barker should beat Stannies by a great affair, despite the trip out. Oakhill should be wanting to bounce back against Trinity after the big loss to Knox last week. Cranbrook vs Auggies should be an interesting game, Cranbrook are getting a few players back from injury so it could go either way... Kinross should beat Aloys comfortably.


Ward Prentice (10)
Didn't Scots beat Stannies by 80? That game could be a complete waste of time unfortunately. Waverley v St Gregs has the potential to be a good game. Gregs backline is pretty sharp but they have been playing a lot of 2nd XVs so it's hard to judge how they will hold up.
Barker should destroy them. I do think Waverley will have a dominant game as Gregs lost to Aloys earlier this season and only just beat Trinity two weeks ago.


Frank Nicholson (4)
Cranbrook v Auggies: Cranbrook 13+
Barker v Stannies: Barker 33+
Waverley v St Gregs: Waverley 17+
Knox v St Pats: Knox 21+
Trinity v Oakhill: Oakhill 15+
Aloys v Kinross: Kinross 7+

Should be a great final week of trials before CAS round 1 kicks off, I can see 4/6 CAS teams winning this weekend.
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Bob McCowan (2)
I do think Waverley will have a dominant game as Gregs lost to Aloys earlier this season
St Gregs beat Aloysius 45 - 7 last weekend, not much impact on my view on them coming into this week however, should be competitive and physical vs Waverly hopefully a tough matchup and test for the Waverly mob.


Bob McCowan (2)
My predictions for this week

Cranbrook v Auggies: could come down to the wire but Cranbrook 1-10
Barker v Stannies: Barker 45+
Waverley v St Gregs: Waverley - could see it being close in first half but Waverly should pull away 15+
Knox v St Pats: Knox should take care of business easily 25+
Trinity v Oakhill: full discrepancy not too familiar on either program but from reading this thread Oakhill 15+
Aloys v Kinross: Kinross 15+, Aloys too many injuries at the moment seemingly

Should be good for teams ie Barker and Waverly to get some kilometres in the legs and ball in hands, and keep building consistency into the start of the big dance next week !


Ward Prentice (10)
My official tips:

Barker vs Stannies: Barker 50+
Cranbrook vs Auggies: Cranbrook 5+
Waverley vs St Gregs: Waverley 20+
Knox vs St Pats: Knox 30+
Trinity vs Oakhill: Oakhill 25+
Aloys vs Kinross: Kinross 10+
My predictions,

Waverley - St Gregs: Waves to win 15-50 (mark my words!)
Brook - Auggies, major Brook loss by at least 20
Knox - St Pats, Knox to win by 25 at least
Oakhill - Trinity , not too sure, could see it going either way to be honest...
Aloys - Kinross, Ross winning by 15
Stannies - Barker, Barker will decimate 40+

Keen to see how this weekend's fixtures go, Go waves!
I am interested to see Cranbrook being backed in so heavily this week after only beating stannies by a couple of points.
Personally, I don't see the recent hype behind Cranbrook; quite a poor performance against Stannies first half (although I've heard whispers that the country ref was Stannies sixteenth man) and a very tight win against St Pats; Brook needs to step it up if they want a win this Friday. Will be a brilliant atmosphere at Easts club nonetheless.

Lachie Goon

Allen Oxlade (6)
Cranbrook taking on St Augustines under the lights of Easts rugby club this Friday, with the two schools playing each other some 4 weeks ago in a close affair with Cranbrook losing 12-7. Should be a very good game with hopefully many Cranbrook boys in attendance and I believe a few reunions occurring 2008/2013/2018 so a little bit of extra pressure to perform on the boys in white, Needing to gain a bit of confidence after a slight victory against Stannies, for the first round of CAS coming up against the College Of Knowledge in a star studded Eastern Suburbs derby.
looking forward to both of these matchups RL
I will be there on Friday (behind the posts if you wanna have a serious CAS chat during the game) and have already copped a lot of flack in the ISA forums for calling the mighty Brook +30. However, from what rugby I've caught in the mighty Hill this year, I'm confident the last result against St Augs was a flash in the pan. I leave you with a hilarious image that has been sent around our class of 85' old Cranbrookians chat.
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Frank Nicholson (4)
Seems you have Oakhill to have a field day!?
With Trinity loosing both St Gregory's and Kinross matchups they are looking very out of form. I would love these boys to get a win over the Oakhill boys, hopefully giving me some confidence that CAS will be close this year but I simply don't see it happening. So yes, should be a field day for Oakhill.