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CAS Rugby 2023


Frank Row (1)
Some good chat.

The demographics of the families attending Barker, Knox etc....is changing.

1st generation Chinese and Indian Australians are starting to become a significant proportion of the student body. You'll never see any of these kids with a Gilbert in their hands. Football becomes the default sport for many of them making football team numbers significantly higher than rugby at Barker for 7 or 8 years now. From discussion with many Knox Dad mates it seems, subjectively, a similar circumstance.

A real estate agent mate told me Chinese migrants represent about 80% of the purchasers on the upper north shore of Sydney.

Don't expect rugby to do much other than decline further over the future as much as it saddens me.

Good luck to all teams today.

Eyes Up Footy

Allen Oxlade (6)
Report from Cranbrook - Trinity win 21 - 19

Trinity flew out to a 21 nil lead in the first half - Cranbrook were starved of the ball and not able to play their own game. As a Cranbrook supporter, there were a few dodgy calls but won’t use that as an excuse as Cranbrook had plenty of opportunities and were given plenty of penalties of their own. In the second half, Cranbrook finally got some ball and showed what they can do - laying on 3 nicely worked tries, however it was too little too late. Cranbrook fought hard but the 1st half let them down in the end.

I think Ah-Colt and Hatten-Ward both played themselves into CAS 1’s jerseys with their performances today - both were great. Trinity’s 8 and 15 were dangerous as well.

Looks like the Waverley-Knox game will be the decider.


Ward Prentice (10)
Trinity 21-19 Cranbrook
Game of 2 halves
Trinity solid - minimal errors and some pace out wide for 3 converted tries (including what would be the winning 2 pointer from the sideline!)
Cranbrook loose. Dropped balls, poor lineout and kicking away possessions for no gain. 21-0
Cranbrook with the ball in hand put together 3 well worked tries but again kicked it away too often and chose lineouts when they had the dominant scrum and a dodgy lineout.
Tactics and decisions proved the difference in what was a very even and hard fought matchup.


Arch Winning (36)
Well done Trinity. Always had a soft spot for them.
The Cranbrook glee club must be disappointed. Whilst its great they have a 6ths which demonstrates their depth (thats so good to see), they now have to likely beat knox and waverley to win the comp.


Ward Prentice (10)
I thought for Barker, Weaver was a really good player. Did some great lines from the base of the ruck, is he year 10?

MacDonald and Poynting too are really good in attack. Just genuine threats with pace and skill. They should both be in CAS 1sts for me.


Stan Wickham (3)


Ward Prentice (10)
From Watching today, and Cranbrook game.
I would pencil in the following players for CAS firsts:

3. Ah-Colt
8. Niulala
13. MacDonald
14. Poynton
15. Jonti M-F

those are the only players I would feel confident putting in without seeing Knox. Niulala is a future wallaby for me. The best player I have seen for a long time.