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Cricket Summer of 2014/15

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Chilla Wilson (44)
I can't believe it. I presumed his recovery would take time but never considered to be realy in doubt. I am gutted and really feel for his famliy, his team mates (which is a very extended group) and Abbot. A random accident off the field would somehow be easier to accept.


Rod McCall (65)
Too early to speculate on the ramifications of this tragedy but Phil has undoubtedly left a legacy. Days like these serve as a reminder as to how precious life is, seems unfair that he's been taken right when the best years were ahead of him.

You'd have to assume the first test is in doubt despite the Indians desire to play, our blokes won't be mentally up to it. Hopefully some common sense prevails and a solution can be found. I think he would have wanted the test to go ahead but that is asking alot of the Aussie players.

Personally, I agree with an earlier poster, the best course of action is to dedicate the first test of the summer (alternatively, one of the days of the SCG test) to his memory.
To be really honest (out of PBs heart) the Aussie cricketers should really kick on and play. Pretty sure this is what Hughes would have expect them to do. The bowler also MUST plasy again. Shite happens and its not in our hands. His time is his time and car could have run him over. Thats is just how it pans out.


John Hipwell (52)
This still feels like a bad dream that I will wake up from. Amazing how much outpouring of public grief this has caused.
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Peter Johnson (47)
I have a great memory of listening on the radio to Phil Hughes get his first 100 in SA. He was always to golden child of Aus Cricket. Everyone wanted him to suceed and make it back to the top. He was one player i was always rooting for.

so gutted. RIP Phil. I'll never forget you


Peter Fenwicke (45)
Meanwhile over in the UAE the Kiwi's are making Pakistan look second rate.

Very weird game to watch, no celebration after wickets and McCullum brought up the ton and pretty much shrugged it off. Also has the initials 'P.H' written under the silver fern on his shirt, that's class.

Richardson on 63* and commentators bring up the significance of the number.

Chilling stuff.

Apparently this weekend Australian players have been asked to retire on 63 in the domestic competition as a mark of respect. I wonder if we will see similar tributes in the test series.

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Nathan Sharpe (72)
Seemed all the Kiwis had PH written on their shirts.
I think the retire on 63 thing applies to junior cricket where the usual score at which you have to retire is 50.
Never seen anything like the reaction Hughes' death has provoked around the world - front page NY Times, for instance.


Mark Ella (57)
"Peter FitzSimons' suggestion to go ahead with the first cricket Test and ensure that the proceeds of the match go to head trauma and brain injury-related charities is simply inspired ("No answers, but there is a way proud legacy can live on", November 28).
It would be a win-win for all parties. Brisbane gets its Test match, Queenslanders get to pay tribute to Phillip Hughes, the players can throw themselves into the challenge of the game, the Board of Control for Cricket in India and Cricket Australia will get their scheduled game and I think it would be reasonable to say that in the end, that is what Hughes would have wanted."
Ashwin Garg Strathfield


John Hipwell (52)
Tough one. Judging by Clarke's state this morning i think it should be rescheduled. At least 4 of the guys including the captain were there when it happened. They just won't be ready. The proceeds can still be donated.

Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
Bat has been placed on station out the front of Chez Jarse.

Meanwhile, NZL seem to be doing to Pakistan what we were unable to do in the UAE recently. How does that work?


Will Genia (78)
Staff member
The first test has been postponed. It's the only reasonable decision to make.

The funeral is on Wednesday in Macksville and the Test was due to start in Brisbane on Thursday. No way the team could be there and in the position to play a 5 day test.


Peter Fenwicke (45)
Meanwhile, NZL seem to be doing to Pakistan what we were unable to do in the UAE recently. How does that work?

They have batsmen who can sweep. I reckon the Kiwi top order is one of the best in the world, McCullum, Richardson and Taylor would all make our test side.

Outside of those three mentioned, they also have quality spin options. We dominate them in the pace department.

Currently 3-470 and hammering nails into the Pakistan coffin. Williamson 13 off a double ton to go with McCullum's.

They heavily rely on McCullum in limited over formats and they probably won't be a threat in the WC.

Sri Lanka on the other hand..

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Nathan Sharpe (72)
I'll never live up to it, but wouldn't the world be a better place if we all thought as much about things as we have thought about Phil Hughes' death?
The angels of our better nature and all that.....


John Eales (66)
The #putoutyourbats hashtag on Twitter is quite amazing. The sheer volume of contributions is incredible as are the ones from test teams including Pakistan, NZ and England.

Sure has been. My boy and I put our bats out yesterday to mark the occasion. It's been a great show of solidarity.
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