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England v Australia - Twickenham, 14 Nov, 4:30am AEDT


George Gregan (70)
Look away now @Lightblue @emuarse
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Brumby Runner

Jason Little (69)
I'm a bit with Lightblue and emuarse on this one. No issue at all with rivals having a drink and a laugh afterwards in the sheds, but on field immediately at the end of a test match is definitely offputting. Moreso given the smirk that appears whenever Beale makes a mistake on the ground.


George Smith (75)
Staff member
Ahh, I see elective surgery is back to full capacity Cyclo, you're obviously getting busy with the clippers again.
I suggest all my patients manscape themselves - my OCD does not extend to that level of detail on others' nads.


Arch Winning (36)
Stick JOC (James O'Connor) at 15 and give Noah a run at 10. Perese to 13, Kellaway 14 and Daugunu 11.
Looks like a good option.... only thing there is JOC (James O'Connor) hasn’t played fullback for ages...don’t think Rennie will do that much juggling... Noah should start .... and take it to the line....


Arch Winning (36)
Has anyone noticed Rennie’s idiosyncrasies and nervous ticks in post match interviews? They seem to be increasing.... he’s earning his money!