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Ewen McKenzie Resignation

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Alfred Walker (16)
I do not like to raise this issue but again we have to face the fact that the player group is again being made the scapegoat. Agenda wielding parents have clearly taken control. What is really infuriating is that they will continue, faceless in the background, to undermine the club administration without volunteering themselves.

Without sounding like a complete know it all I would point out that the coach has been with them in the U7 U8 and U9. Three years was up, an immutable law.


Alfred Walker (16)
No4918 said:
Richard Graham??

OK I give up. Like any new kid in class I have sat quietly until the answer just comes up.

Please tell me if your long running program of promoting RG is because you think he has under appreciated talents, or do you just want him out of Queensland?


Arch Winning (36)
While I can understand No4918s great gesture of sacrifice I really do feel McGahan is the better choice. And I feel it is right to make this sacrifice, the least we Victorians can do for allowing Beale and O'Connor to develop their brand.


Alfred Walker (16)
Don't play with me HJ :). Do tell.

I have to admit to being a long term under appreciator but would be quite prepared to listen to wisdom from north of the border.

Having said that, the last part of the sentence seems silly but am earnestly trying to curb my petty provincialism.


Alfred Walker (16)
I am a front rower. Didn't do the classics at school.

I have decided following No4918's response that meaningful dialogue is impossible. I have international experience too. But holidaying in Fiji failed to improve my handling and even after an extended visit to England am unable to kick a ball.

Mr Doug

Dick Tooth (41)
Having not read all the posts on this topic, has it been suggested that a 'Coach's mentor' be appointed to guide Michael Cheika through the next 12 months, given his SANZAR ban from April:
"The Judicial Officer has suspended Mr Cheika from involvement of any kind in all forms of Rugby at any level, for a period of six months, suspended until 31 August 2015; a ban that would be triggered by a subsequent proven breach of the applicable Code of Conduct"?!


George Gregan (70)


Rocky Elsom (76)
Staff member
happy with that. Link has resigned. New coach appointed. Issue resolved (somewhat).

Time to move on.
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