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Force v Tahs, round 9 2014

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Chilla Wilson (44)
How good are the Force, been a massive Fan for years.

Tah's Crumbling, and now throwing Chekia Chat and getting Marched another 10.


Michael Lynagh (62)
Talking back to the ref now. AAC (Adam Ashley-Cooper) holding on, correct call, forward pass from Beale before as well.

Tahs have lost it in the top couple of inches.


Dick Tooth (41)
In fairness to the Tahs if that disallowed try had stood, it may have been different.

Great win to the Force, great to see a team play with such togetherness of spirit.


George Smith (75)
Staff member
Fitting end, Tahs cough up ball yet again and all over.
Force too good, Tahs too shite.
Force massive defence and breakdown work, took every opportunity, slim or otherwise for points. Tahs had plenty of chances to score tries, fucked nearly all of them up.
Cheika needs to scrub the whiteboard, and get some new plans for how to adapt when Plan A goes to shit.
Lot of problems for the Tahs now.
Force are resurgent.


Peter Sullivan (51)
Well done Force! A few injury concerns but I hope they keep it up I'm enjoying their games, lots of ticker.

Tahs had plenty of ball but did too many handling errors, was flat footed & doing a lot of one out stuff on attack but the Force defence & great work at the break down was massive.

Great game.


I love the smell of napalm in the morning. .....it smells like....like victory!


Peter Sullivan (51)

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