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Forum Upgrade

Teh Other Dave

Alan Cameron (40)
People couldn't follow the forum on their phones before? Are you honestly telling me that only my shitposts arise from waiting for drinks at the pub?

Dismal Pillock

Andrew Slack (58)
I approve the addition of another reaction emoji. The more the merrier.
Looking forward to this wee fella getting added:


Dismal Pillock

Andrew Slack (58)
OMFG. The upgrade includes...... the option to change our usernames.
Change username
If you decide to change your username now you will not be able to again until Oct 23, 2021.
I need to have a long sit down to contemplate the absolute monthly carnage I am about to wreak on my own Username field.

Dismal Pillock

Andrew Slack (58)
Tried to load up my new username but turns out there's a 25-character limit. Overshot it by a fair bit.
bugger, looks like most of my new potential usernames are too long to fit in.....

inappropriate toucher in the workplace

Email Address: bloodied_prison_bumcrack@gunston.com

Hobby: Midday Bus-Stop Shitting

Has world's largest dog-rooting VHS collection

Email Address: pneumatic_arse-bludgeon@gunston.com

New Variant Super Spreader

Last Edit: Today at 09:07:02 PM by Gagger» wish this fuckwit member would just piss off

Last Edit: Today at 05:57:02 PM by Gagger» so sick of this fuckwit

HIV Status: it's in both my nuts now.

will gargle nuts for more nuts

Phone Number: 083-9883-0029

Email Address: my_ankle_monitor_is_chafing@gunston.com
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Dismal Pillock

Andrew Slack (58)
To keep track of usernames rejected at the rim, and to prevent second reapplications of same names, might need a public register:

- GAGR Senior Moderator
- Pismal Dillock
- Gagger's 3rd Ex-Wife
- Cyclo's 4th Ex-Wife
- Firm But Fair Granddad