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G&GR Player of the Year - RWC SF 2: AUS v ARG (Twickenham) 25 Oct

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Hugh Jarse

Rocky Elsom (76)
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Since 2009, the GAGR community have proclaimed our own Wallaby Player of the Year. The winners have been as follows:

2009 - George Smith
2010 - David Pocock
2011 - Will Genia
2012 - Michael Hooper
2013 - Scott Fardy
2014 - James Slipper

To determine the final recipient a few things happen.

After every test you will see a thread started in the "Rugby Matches" sub-forum asking for 3-2-1's for that test match (if the thread hasn't been started post match, feel free to do so labelling it something like "Australia v Opponent atLocation: 3-2-1s").

From there give the top three performing Wallabies with the best getting 3 points, 2nd best getting 2 points and the third best getting 1 point.

Any "daylight 2nd" or "referee MOM" or "Hooper 3, 2 and 1" will be disregarded completely.

These threads are also not for commentary on the match nor other people's selections. Take that to the match thread.

So at the end of the match voting (it usually stops by about the Thursday following a weekend test) we accumulate the votes and come up with the three highest point getters. They are then assigned the 3-2-1 for that test and kept in a spreadsheet, which accumulates the points across the season.

Then come season end, sometime after the November tests, we name our winner of the largest fan-driven player award in Australian Rugby.


Tim Horan (67)
Staff member
3 Fardy
2 Pocock
1 AAC (Adam Ashley-Cooper)

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HJ Nelson

Trevor Allan (34)
Staff member
3. Pocock
2. Fardy
1. AAC (Adam Ashley-Cooper)

HM: Mitchell, Simmons, Douglas, Genia, Foley


Peter Fenwicke (45)
3. Scott Michael Fardy
2. Pocock*
1. Douglas

*Give him the WR (World Rugby) 2015 player of the year award already.
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